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daily tactics guru-International Girls Day

Marriage Proposal or a Business Deal

On International, Girl Child Day Presenting a Beautiful Poem on Dowry Everything is going as we have planned; Shrina's mother informed her Dad, The crockery is new; the snacks are ready, The air freshner is ...
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daily tactics guru-Best Effective Ways to Ensure Good Health

Best Effective Ways to Ensure Good Health

Winter is approaching, carrying with it a number of flu and infections. And Cherry on the cake is the ongoing pandemic - COVID-19. We all have certain home remedies and tricks and tips given by ...
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daily tactics guru-One-Sided Love

The pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back!

One-Sided Love Like a Partridge,With a desire unfulfilled To be a part of the Moon's Serenity...I wander around it... In Thoughts... In Dreams..... Striving to embrace it in my arms... I struggle to comprehend... More ...
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daily tactics guru-Balancing Work, Family & Life During COVID-19 Pandemic

Balance Work, Family, & Life Amidst COVID-19?

Lately, with most part of the working population engraved in work from home, many people have started to feel an ache somewhere in their head due to prolonged periods of working from home. They are ...
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daily tactics guru-CORONA VIRUS DISEASE 2019


We are in the midst of the vigorously progressing pandemic of COVID-19. Everybody has suffered a long period of lockdown. And now when everything is opening slowly and gradually, many questions come to my mind ...
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daily tactics guru-Accessories to Compliment your Dress

Accessories to Complement your Dress

Flatter the world by your Looks Dress, How You Want to Be Addressed!  Yes! A few seconds! And there you are judged. But on what Basis? Your Looks? Your Confidence? Your Personality? Anything it can ...
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daily tactics guru-the statue of unity

Statue Of Unity (Pride of India)

Vadodara, Gujarat Hey! I hope you are all doing well. Daily Tactics Guru is here again. And with some ample information about the highest or the tallest Statue in the world, The Statue of Unity ...
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daily tactics guru-Best of South Indian Dishes

9 Best South Indian Dishes

INDIA, Daily Tactics Guru assumes that if anybody ever thinks about India ever, the first thought which comes to my mind is Food. The finger-licking delicious food. India is full of diverse cultures. And each ...
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daily tactics guru-CATCH YOUR HAPPINESS


Tips to Enhance the Feeling of Happiness Happiness can be simply defined as the state of mind which is feeling content or pleasure. It is a state of mind that is very contagious. It can ...
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