Want to Buy a Yamaha Pocket Bike? — First Know Cool Yamaha Facts

Are you planning to buy a new pocket bike? Well, you must be confused about all the different pocket bike brands available in the market. On the top, popular motorcycle manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, and many others have entered the pocket bike industry. 

So, there are too many choices leading to extreme confusion. Therefore, to clear your confusion to some extent, we are going to talk about Yamaha today. All the secrets and features of the Yamaha brand will be revealed in the post, so you can decide whether to buy a Yamaha pocket bike or not. 

Let’s know everything that goes behind the company, which sold 3,802 thousand units in 2020. 

Foundation of Yamaha Corporation 

All the awesome Yamaha motorcycles and bikes that you saw cruising on the road today were just an imagination in 1887. When Torakusu Yamaha founded a small piano and Reed organs manufacturing company in Hamamatsu in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan in 1887, he had never imagined it to become a multinational automobile corporation. In 1897, Yamaha became a registered company and started producing top-class motorcycles to meet users’ demands. That means if you get a Yamaha pocket bike today, you become part of an over-century-old legacy. 

Separate Identity in 1955

The actual Yamaha motorcycle production didn’t start before 1955. Yamaha produces a wide range of products, so they decided to separate Yamaha Motor Company in 1955. This company is still an important part of Yamaha corporation as it is a major shareholder in the company. But they made a separate motorcycle company because they want to focus on creating something new and innovative. That’s why all Yamaha motorcycles are highly popular and powerful. Even a Yamaha pocket bike is a dream for riders. 

First International Sale in the US

Once Yamaha Motor Company was founded in 1955, they were only selling motorcycles in Japan. But within three years, they crossed international borders and sold their first bike in the US. In 1958, an independent distributor called Cooper Motors bought the model YD1 and MF-1 in the US. After that, in 1960, Yamaha started selling motorcycles in the US. Thanks to this step; otherwise, you won’t have been able to order a Yamaha pocket bike in the states. 

First President 

Genichi Kawakami was the first president of the Yamaha Motor Company. It was his vision to build the grand Yamaha corporation that we witness today. He was personally involved in the product development, branding, and other aspects of the successful Yamaha brand that we see right now. He had ranked from the junior level position in the company to become the vision behind the company. Unfortunately, Genichi Kawakami died in 2002, but his vision is still alive among all Yamaha products. 

Yamaha Bikes Are Old Airplane Propellers

Genichi Kawakami was a real innovator. He wanted to focus on repurposing the old parts of machines to make something new. Therefore, he did lots of research on different machines’ equipment and how they can be reused. During his research, he visited the US on different occasions, where he found a way to use old air propellers to build brand new motorcycles. Since then, Yamaha bikes are manufactured by recycling the old machine parts, which is both economical and good for the environment. 

First Trail Bike

The trail bike genre was first introduced by Yamaha in 1968. They visioned to create a bike that can be driven on as well as off-road. And they launched DT-1 Enduro in 1968 for adventurous bikers. This bike created a disturbance in the terrain vehicle industry and made the Yamaha market leader. Even today, the Yamaha pocket bike technology and advanced features are the talks of the town. 

Yamaha Won’t Only Produce Motorcycles

Despite being the leading motorcycles company, Yamaha won’t only manufacture motorcycles and bikes. Yamaha is an innovative company that aims to revolutionize the motor industry. Thus, they also manufacture a wide range of other products. They introduced the first snowmobile named the SL530 in 1968. In fact, it was the first snowmobile in the world with slide valve carburetors. Other cool Yamaha products include boats, watercraft, outboard motors, electrical generators, water pumps, go-kart engines, electric wheelchairs, golf carts, and more. In short, there’s no electrically moveable equipment that Yamaha won’t make. 

Yamaha Is The Best!

Yamaha is a reputable brand trusted by millions of people. Today, there’s no place in the world where you won’t find a Yamaha product. Moreover, Yamaha products are available under different price ranges so everyone can afford them. So, if you are set to buy your Yamaha pocket bike, visit the Belmont Ebikes store anytime and book the latest Yamaha ride for yourself today.

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