Three Untapped Sources For Dynamite Content Ideas

You, as a writer, ever daydreaming-ly stared at a blank wall for about a minute before getting your consciousness back?

I have, not a lot though.

Running out of ideas is almost impossible for me.

But if you are one of those who experience writer’s block from time to time, now is the right moment to find out how you can counter it.

Utilizing Other Sources

This is always the first and the most recommended method for finding content ideas.

Of course, what other sources? Blogs in your niche, but even somewhere off-topic, e.g. from the news, could spark up an innovative idea in your mind.

It needs no reminding that the sources you pick from should ideally be authoritative, not from unknown sources, just in case you pick up false information.

So you’re only checking out posts from the front pages?

Dig up the ancient archives!

It might not be the best idea to read from the past, since not all content is timeless, meaning, some information from the past if presented now may be out of date.

What you should do is look for timeless valuable posts, since they are still in effect and you can tweak some ideas into them and transform it into your version.

Teach As You Learn

Don’t tell me you have mastered everything in your topic, it’s common sense that you’re learning new things almost every day.

Then teach your audience your understanding.

Whatever you have learned recently, write a post about it, perhaps a summary. Absolutely not a bad idea, ayy?

This is really my personal favorite, and anyone can generate plentiful ideas using only this technique, but a word of advice is to teach what you only understand, truthfully. This is the reason why I never write posts about how to make money online, because I have not yet done that.

So, teach your readers what you know, with honesty.

Talk About Your Chair

Before you speak, I do know that a chair is completely irrelevant to finding ideas, I’m going to be a smarty pants here.

Just force something to make sense in your niche.

Example: If you blog about personal development, write a post called “What Chairs Can Teach You About Life”, it works and your headline grabs attention without paying much effort into the craftmanship.

So how can a chair teach anyone about life? It’s going to sound weird but make something up:

Structure. The structure of all typical chairs consists of four legs, and with four legs, it creates a balance that allows us to put our weight on the seat without causing harm.

What this teaches us. The structure of anything plays an important role in the main object, without the structure, which is the base, you cannot put anything on top of it, meaning before you start running you need to first learn how to walk.

Quality. The material used in all chairs must pass a quality check, and to ensure it does not cause any damage to people.

What this teaches us. Whatever you do, quality is always over quantity, try to focus on making a single good rather than making many of average.

And so on…

Whatever you can see from a chair, make something up that has meanings in your niche (in this case personal development), and that the information you give out has valuable information.

The ideas are countless with this trick, talk about whatever you see, it doesn’t have to be about chairs, it could be about airports, buses, handbags, oranges, or even ants.

Use your Own Imagination

The power of ideas derives from a person’s creativity, why not take the primitive ability into action?

Brainstorm ideas yourself, sometimes it’s better not to rely on other sources, but to speak your mind.

Anything in the world if added with a little bit of creativity juice can become potential content.

To me, ideas never seem to run out, there are as many as the stars in Andromeda.

If you ever tell me you ran out of something to say in your niche, first remind me that you’re out of your mind.


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