How to Prepare a Resume That Grabs Maximum Attention?

In today’s time, where everything is digitalized, there are many aspects that students need to learn during their academic span. Talking of this, preparing an effective resume is also a part of it. Besides, if you start with all the preparations to hunt for a job in advance, it can boost the chances of getting selected during your academic course, and you can join right after graduating. There are platforms like Face and LinkedIn, where sending resumes along with an online job application platform can be helpful. If you are in school and wondering whether taking resume writing services is needed, then the answer is certainly it will benefit you. 

For professionals, a LinkedIn Profile is said to be the primary source to present the details based on skills, experience, and accomplishments. Even if you have a limited experience in work, creating a good resume and sharing it on LinkedIn will help you a lot.

Why do you need an impactful profile?

Looking for a job in this competitive world can be challenging, but you will get it if you take the right measures. If you have an impactful resume published on social media like Linkedin, it lets you curate a professional identity on an online platform. You can even find and apply for the job much easier and faster and thus get connected with potential employers too. Developing a professional contact base also lets the student get a head start to get some crucial networking skills that are very much needed these days.

Information that you must add to your resume

Whether you are uploading your resume on a social media platform like LinkedIn or uploading it on the job application site, it is important to present a complete profile. Make sure all the details are true and accurate too. 

 It is also important to add professional experience, be it a summer job or the internship and volunteering activities you have done.

 If you don’t have any, then there is nothing to panic about. Anyhow you are going to apply as a fresher. So there will still be details to be filled up in this resume.

 You may even have to mention honors or awards if you have earned any. This is a good way to showcase how you can stand out as the best amongst the rest.

 Don’t forget to mention this to the skills list. Also, if you are uploading it on LinkedIn, you can select more options from it and make an impactful profile while filling up the details of your profile.

 Teachers’ and supervisors’ endorsements play an important role too. The more you present, the better impression it shows off your academic career.

 Also, if an employer likes your CV, they want to contact you. So, at the end or beginning of your resume, add all the important details such as your name, email address and mobile number. The information you put in needs to be all accurate; otherwise, it would create a wrong impression.

Connecting on Social media:

Once your resume is ready to be presented, you need to create a strong network where all the details will be accessible. Being a high school student with good social networking can be an advantage here. You can connect with others sharing the same interest or following some companies through your professional profile. The best paint to begin your networking is your friends and family. Connect with those you know and let your network grow. 

Adding counselors, teachers and coaches can also be a plus point for skills endorsement and better recommendations.


Once your resume is ready, you must review it well before uploading it. The tips shared above can give you a better boost during your academic span itself. So ensure that future employers can access the profile well if they want to consider you for the job openings. This way, spamming and oversharing can be avoided. In case there is someone you met online who thinks can be a great source to be added to the network, then create a note and send them. It should be more kike information about you that you wish to share and understand if they can accept your request.

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