How to Find Your Dream Wedding Venues Lafayette LA?

Wedding! It is a dream world that can give goosebumps to any bride-to-be. The moment your man goes on one knee — all those floral arrangement ideas and bridal dress designs that you have been saving for years start to come into your mind. 

Weddings are a big fat affair, no matter where you live. That’s why the global wedding industry size is projected to be $43.5 billion by 2022. Yep, weddings are an expensive business, especially wedding venues. Finding the perfect wedding venue on a particular date isn’t an easy task. 

Therefore, if you are getting married soon, you should consider the following ideas to find your dream wedding venues in Lafayette LA:

Make your guest list 

Before you go on wedding venues Lafayette LA hunting, you should first make your guest list. Once you know how many people are attending your wedding, you can book the wedding venue accordingly. That’s because if you book a small venue, your guests will bump into one another, and no one can enjoy your wedding. And, if you book a large venue for a handful of guests, it will unnecessarily put a burden on your pocket. 

Many wedding planners even suggest getting RSVPs before looking for wedding venues in Lafayette LA. 

Fix your budget 

Never go looking for wedding venues in Lafayette LA, before fixing your budget. Remember that you also have other wedding expenses to bear, so plan your wedding venue accordingly. It is a good idea if you and your fiancé sit together to fix the wedding venue budget. Usually, 50% of the entire wedding budget goes to booking venues, but you can decide better with your future husband. 

If your in-laws or your parents are pitching to your wedding, you should ask them prior. This way, you can increase your wedding venue budget and book your dream place without breaking your bank. 

Create an inspiration board

Today, you have digital wedding planners in your hand. You can follow popular wedding planners on social media, read their blogs and create inspiration boards with all your favorite ideas. Once you have a big collection of wedding venues on your phone or laptop, you and your wedding plan team, aka your best friend and mom, can sit together and make notes. This way, you can get an idea of what type of wedding venue you want to say I Do. 

Pick 2-3 wedding dates

Yes, you should not fix one wedding date because there’s a high chance that your favorite wedding venue might be already booked on your wedding date. Thus, you should round up at least 2-3 different wedding dates as per your availability so that you can easily find your dream wedding venue. 

Once you have picked your wedding dates, you should immediately contact the wedding venues near you and check their availability. If your favorite wedding venue is available on any of your picked dates, you should not waste a second and immediately book it. 

Select your wedding theme 

Your wedding theme plays a significant role in your wedding venue selection. For example, if you are having a princess-style wedding, the grand ballroom is your ideal wedding venue. But if you are a boho bride hoping for a rustic and cozy wedding venue, go for big outdoor garden-style venues. If possible, select your wedding venue before you book a venue because if your wedding location doesn’t have the right appeal to enhance your wedding theme, it will be a bummer. 

Finding your dream wedding venue could be challenging and stressful. Being a soon-to-be bride, you should stay away from stress as much as possible. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect wedding venue in Lafayette LA, you can check out the exquisite Le Pavillon venue to have your dream wedding. Contact us today to discuss your wedding reception details!

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