Kawasaki Ninja: The beast in Disguise

Back in 1984 when there weren’t many options available in the stylish and powerful bike segment, a name got introduced in the automobile market that completely swept away the monotony and introduced a new chapter of bike riding, altogether. Yes, we are talking about the Kawasaki Ninja. 

Ever since the arrival, these bikes have been a priority for all the riders out there and are still considered to be state-of-the-art automobile masterpieces. So, what makes these machines so unique in their segment? Why should one choose this bike over others? What are its key features? Let’s find out the answers to these questions and also about the place that would have the best quality Kawasaki Ninja for sale in Canada. 

Unique in its ways

Kawasaki Ninja is a super aggressively styled bike that is packed with some extra features than the other bikes that fall in the same segment. It’s aerodynamic styling, powerful engine, slipper clutch, etc. are some of the key factors that people consider before buying this bike. But first, let’s talk about some unique key features that it has to offer:

Super comfortable Riding posture

When it comes to seat comfort and the desired riding position, the Kawasaki Ninja leaves no stone unturned. With the help of those rear sets of foot-pegs that are uniquely positioned to complement the rider, the Ninja attains that sporty look which makes it so popular among the people. This also helps the rider to comfortably place the elbows in an aerodynamic position. In this position, the elbows and the palms remain stress-free and attain a firm grip on the bike. The knees also get an ample amount of space to stick around the fuel tank which gives comfort to the rider. 

Slipper clutch

The new version of Kawasaki Ninja also comes with the option of the slipper clutch. The slipper clutch comes into action when a rider suddenly shifts down several gears in the bike which often throws the wheel into a spin which sends the rider off-guard. This slipper clutch function helps the rider in multiple ways by providing the rider with a more comfortable control and in the process of changing the gears quickly. 


Ever since its arrival, the Ninja is popular among the youth because of its vibrant looks and features. The front fascia grabs the attention because of its sharp twin headlights and a V-shaped pointer visor with a hard-hued back mirror which gives it an energetic and sporty look. 

It also comes with dual lamp headlights with the Daytime running feature and multi-functional console. 

Powerful Engine

The Ninja nowadays comes with a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel twin 296cc, 8 valve engines with an advanced fuel-injection system. This powerful beast can produce 38.5 Bhp of maximum power at 11000 rpm with the maximum torque of 27 Nm at 10000 rpm. 


With the help of its extended wheelbase and suitable ground clearance, the Kawasaki Ninja provides better stability and turning abilities that comfort the rider in every way. The wheelbase and advanced suspension system keep it thoroughly grounded during highway rides. 

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