Tips to Collect Evidence After a Car Accident

Accidents are the most unfortunate events and they come all of a sudden, and let’s be honest they are considered to be the worst nightmare for all of us. Therefore, necessary precautions are mandatory to be followed in order to avoid it. Most of the time if you are extremely careful and take all the precautions, it might happen that you are successful in avoiding a life-threatening car accident. On the other hand, by not following the rules and regulations, you not only risk your life but also risk the lives of other people on the road.

If one comes face-to-face with an accident, he or she often finds out that car insurance is always helpful. Insurance companies bear the expenses for you and take care of the repairing of your car. Well, clearly we cannot stop emphasizing the importance of car insurance. However, to claim insurance, it is important to collect sufficient evidence. 

This article focuses on some tips for collecting evidence after a car accident, and also helps you find the best Car Insurance Lake Charles-based insurance firm.

Click pictures

It is very important to click pictures of the damage done to your car by another vehicle right after the accident has occurred. It will not only support your case but also prove that you are the party that is suffering. There are certain things to be kept in mind while clicking the pictures, which are as mentioned below:

  1. Make sure the pictures you are clicking are of good quality, mostly high definition because you do not want the judge to have second thoughts about it. Make sure they are not blurred or clearly focus on the damage.
  1. Keep in mind to click the pictures from different angles— not just from the front. Make sure to click some zoomed-in pictures, and from different angles such as from the side, from the top, low, and also a picture of where the whole car is in the frame. 
  1. Click some pictures of the accident scene as well, which means if there is glass shattered around take that picture as well. Emphasis on every dent, mark, or scratch born by your automobile. 

Videos can be a savior 

Videos will save you time when it comes to collecting evidence. Many cars nowadays come with the option of having a pre-installed camera in the dashboard area along with rear cameras. That works as a shred of expected evidence since it can capture the entire scene of the accident. 

It would be a plus point if any store nearby had captured it with their CCTV camera installed in their shops. You could politely ask the shop owner for the recording which would help you in your lawsuit. 

Talk to witnesses 

While you are looking for evidence to support your case, a strong witness could be a great medium to prove the accident that occurred. He or she could speak for you and dictate the accident to the judge. Witnesses can include shop owners, vendors, drivers of locally parked cars, or even passersby. 

As per research, it has been recorded that the performance of the witnesses plays the single most important role in the outcome of the case, especially in depositions and during the trial. Even the best Car insurance Lake Charles-based firms agree!


Most of the time accidents are manageable but many a time, it is necessary to take serious action to secure your financial condition. Car insurance Lake Charles-based firms focus on your well-being and take care of your loss. Accidents, as discussed earlier, can be avoided by following traffic rules and regulations. However, it has been seen that at times, a victim suffers because of another party’s fault which is not justified. 

If you do not wish to face such injustice, it is recommended to get in touch with Kelly Lee Insurance. We aim to take the initiative to make you feel safe by insuring your automobile. Our agents are available to understand your needs and requirements with their experience and knowledge.

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