How To Make Homework A Stress-free Experience For Your Kids?

Homework is an essential activity that enables the students to cope up with the taught syllabus and revise it on a routine basis to increase learning potential. It is a great approach to know what course of study they are done with, in their curriculum and review it to determine how well they understood it. This way it could positively affect a student’s mind and develop interpretation skills. However, some students fail to understand the sheer importance of homework and sometimes appraise it as a burden. Even though they are supposed to acquire the same knowledge in the classroom, it is imperative to keep them running throughout the day with a set of revision assessments. Homework assessments are a part of routine task learning that requires a clear understanding of concepts and they can be tough or easy, depending upon the educators. 

It is quite necessary to understand the homework and plan it along with the available resources to get an optimum result. It has been considered a stressful activity due to the perception of many students, but according to numerous studies, homework is a beneficial activity to engage an individual with a competitive mindset. Unarguably, any student would ponder it as a burden if the homework piles up for a few days, thus affecting the quality of work. 

In order to make the homework less stressful,  there are numerous things that a student can do, and to add to it, a parent has an important encouraging role as well. When the students come back from school, they no longer have direct access to their teachers or mentors who could help them with their queries. But, as parents, it is your sole responsibility to become their guru and show positive reinforcement towards their homework. You can help your little ones in managing their time and discussing the key areas where they struggle. Such practices encourage the students to make their homework a priority and develop self-confidence levels.

Parents have a crucial role in encouraging and stimulating a stress-free homework experience – 

  • Create An Agenda – The first thing a student should do is to come up with an agenda, a schedule for every class, and assessments. It is the primary thing to meet the goals of the homework, which is spending specified time on each topic and reviewing it by attempting Q&As. An agenda should include the following- a specified time-table for each topic/subject, asking for input like knowledge resources, evaluate assessment results, etc. An agenda is imperative for a student to comprehend and realize what he/she has to complete in terms of the school curriculum, where and how to begin with the programs, and what performance measures would be taken to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Organize The Materials – Once you are through with planning the homework schedule, the next step is to organize the process, which means that you need to classify important articles and subject information in line. 
  • Make notes, 
  • Particular folders for subjects
  • Highlight the important concepts or handwrite them into your words for a better understanding. 
  • Organizing your educational materials helps you remain efficient by categorizing the supplies and using interactive techniques for fun learning. You can make use of highlighters, color-code the topics, or use a pictorial representation of concepts to effectively organize the tasks. 
  • Help Your Kid Declutter Their Coursework – Decluttering the coursework refers to all those activities that help you become productive for the homework. Before beginning with the homework, it is important that a student should organize the place, be ready with the notes and writings, have a neat workplace, and keep an effective performance track. Further, it is also necessary to ensure that the workspace is distraction-free and you take minimal breaks to relax your mind. Decluttering boosts self-confidence levels in a student and reduces their anxiety against their academic curriculum as it makes the tasks easier and productive too.
  • Work With A Tutor – If a student requires external help or guidance in completing the homework, it is always a recommended option to consult a tutor for better comprehension. Nevertheless, a tutor acts as your guiding light, one who strives to clear your doubts, either in a traditional classroom way or one-on-one interaction. Such insightful attention aids the students to soak in the concepts and become independent learners. A tutor also develops a performance plan for the student and reinforces rigorously to stick to it to meet the academic challenges. 

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