6 Natural ways to keep your heart healthy

The heart is the most important part of our body and a support system for every other organ. On average, it beats around 2.5 billion times in the lifetime of a human. So as we know how important it is, keeping it healthy should be our foremost duty. As modernization and fast pace life have hit us, our lifestyle and food habits have been degrading ever since, but it is never too late. Let’s discuss some common ways that can keep our Cardiovascular health up to the mark naturally and what medical treatments are available in the market that can enhance your heart health. Later we’ll also discuss the best heart specialist in Dubai who can provide you with the best medical treatment.

  • Keep a look at your Body Weight: The first thing that brings all the diseases and health problems in the body is an unhealthy body weight. It affects all the vital organs of the body including the Heart and can be life-threatening. 
  • Adequate Sleep: A disturbed sleep cycle leads to a disturbed body and that is a major reason for almost all cardiovascular or other types of diseases. Your heart works tirelessly throughout the day and it needs some rest which it gets from a night of quality sleep. And if you hamper that, then there is a huge chance of catching a heart-related disease. 
  • Regular Exercise: A good exercise routine not only gives you a perfect body but is also extremely beneficial for your organs especially the heart. The way our beats at the time of doing an exercise, basically pumps blood with a rapid speed to cater to the pace of our exercise. It rejuvenates the entire system of the heart and keeps it healthy and going. 
  • Natural and Simple diet: Another important aspect of keeping your heart healthy is by consuming a healthy and simple diet. The food that you eat should be natural and should have all the important nutrients like protein, carbohydrates in it. You should cut back on all the foods that are calorie-dense and rather consume fresh-cut veggies that contain ample amounts of fiber that is supremely beneficial for your organs as well as your digestive system. 
  • Lower your Bad-cholesterol levels: LDL cholesterol (widely known as bad cholesterol) is very harmful to your heart and contributes to the plaque accumulation process of the arteries. Consuming starch-rich food along with regular exercise and yoga can significantly lower the LDL levels of the body and increase the HDL (good) cholesterol levels.
  • Sugar Intake should be monitored appropriately: Apart from treating your sweet tooth, sugar has no other benefits. Rather it harms the vital organs and also hampers the insulin receptors of the body. Avoiding processed sugar and eating fresh fruits and vegetables can significantly help the overall health of your heart. If you are diabetic, then regular heart checkups should be a part of your wellness regime. 

A healthy lifestyle and regular movement throughout the day are the keys to significantly improving overall heart health. But if you complement that with regular heart specialist visits then your heart will thank you in multiple ways. Stay Updated with us.

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