Tips To Enhance Your Self Esteem

The universe is extraordinarily beautiful and so is the creation of the Universe. Daily Tactics Guru brings you a piece of brief information on how you enhance your Self Esteem.

Men and Women are the most amazing creation of God or we may say Universe. But in these times of excessive competition for survival, the human beings have lost the sense of true beauty which resides inside of them. 

We have forgotten that God has given a purpose to our lives. And when we don’t understand the purpose of our lives or do not exceed in the tough competitions or may be due to some failures we face in our lives whether personal, professional or social, for any reason, we feel stressed and tend to lose our self-confidence or Self Esteem and happiness. 

But we must understand that to exceed in various aspects of our lives and to fulfill our purpose, we need to make ourselves stronger and happier from inside.

The two ingredients which are most essential for our growth and which can make us feel more beautiful from inside of us are High Self Esteem and the Feeling of Happiness. 

Daily Tactics Guru has already discussed the tips to enhance the feeling of Happiness and self-love in another article. 

Here, we will give you very useful tips on how to increase your Self Esteem. 

Keep a Compliment Journal to Enhance your Self Esteem

This task is very simple. You just have to keep a record of all the good things other people say to you. All the appreciation people give you or your work or anything you do in general. You can keep a diary for this or you can maintain notes on your phone. 

You can also mention the cause for the appreciation along with it. 

And if for some reason, nobody appreciates when you put in your best of your efforts in work or relationship, appreciate yourself. 

Compliment yourself and write them down. For writing enhances the manifestation of words. 

Write down one thing you like about yourself 

Each day, before sleeping, write down at least one good quality you possess. It need not be extra special, but anything that makes you feel happy from within. Maybe your eyes that speak words or maybe your aura that creates positive vibrance around or maybe the kindness you own in your heart. 

And if not a good quality, you can also write down any good thing you did that day for someone else. Anything which brought happiness to someone’s face. 

Celebrate small accomplishments 

Yes, the key to happiness and self-confidence is sharing. Celebrate your little achievements with your friends and family. It can be anything like you learned driving or completing a difficult task at work. 

If nobody is there to get along, celebrate alone but celebrate. Order a pizza and cold drink or anything you love to eat. Eat it while dancing to your favorite music. 

It literally helps in increasing your self esteem and self confidence. 

Challenge your inner Critic to Enhance your Self Esteem

It’s not the case that you do not have flaws. Everybody has some or the other. But do not make yourself feel down due to them. 

Before anyone else does, criticize yourself optimistically. Yes, here is the challenge.

Your inner critic criticizes you every now and then. But, now you have to make sure that the critic inside you does that in a positive manner. If some problem lies within you, find it out yourself, and try to work upon it. 

And if it is something that cannot be changed, then learn to accept you as you are, feel proud of how God has made you. And also, learn to shut up that inner critic sometimes for the sake of your happiness. 

Unfollow unhelpful and negative people both from life and social media 

Yes, you read it right. Anything which is disturbing your peace of mind, just remove it from your life. You are not obligated to anyone or anything for anything. If someone or something is not serving positively and instead demoralizing you for the little efforts you put in to improve the lives of others and yourself. Just stay away from such toxic people, both on social media platforms and in real life. 

If you liked the above-mentioned tips to enhance your self-esteem, kindly share them with your friends and family. Also do not forget to comment and share your opinion with us. We would feel highly obliged for your feedback. 

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Stay Happy and Stay Safe.. 

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