Google Word Coach – #1 Fun Game To Boost Your Vocabulary

Every time, we find or search for meaning for a word in English, a word game is suggested on the Google Homepage. Yes, the word coach google game is a quiz game – Google Word Coach play.  Google is introducing a fine number of games and services to make its users smarter than ever before. And Google Word Coach quiz is one of them.

Google Word Coach Overview?

Google Word Coach is one of the best quiz and word games that pops up in the search results. It is a fun game powered by Google which helps in expanding the vocabulary of the user in a fun way. 

If you are facing obstacles with your English vocabulary. Or if there is an inner urge to enhance your vocabulary. Google Word Coach is there to help you, just a few clicks away. There is no need for any fixed schedule to learn from Google Word Coach, whenever and wherever you want. The solution for you is there in your phone itself. Google has come up with a very unique and intriguing idea to help you improve your vocabulary. 

You can use Google Word Coach while traveling or walkin. And step into the world of spellings, synonyms, and antonyms. Google Word Coach is a fun and interesting way to learn many new words. It can take your vocabulary to higher levels. 

Word Coach game is like a boon to non-English speaking folks. It is also a great but productive leisure activity for those who have good English speaking skills. 

This feature is added under the Google dictionary or Google Translate boxes powered by Google, in the search results. 

You need to read the entire article to not miss any Frequently asked questions. 

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  • How do you add a coach to Google Docs?
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  • When was Google Word Coach Launched? 
  • What is Google Word Coach?
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  • Is there any Google Word Coach App? 
  • How many questions are asked in Google Word Coach? 
  • What kind of questions are asked in Google Word Coach Game? 
  • Is Google Word Coach Hindi available? 
  • Why is Google Word Coach not responding? 
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  • Is Word Coach free to play? 
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  • Is Word Coach a Quiz game? 
  • Can we play Google Word Coach on Mobile? 
  • Can we use Word Coach on Desktop or Laptop? 

When was the Google Word Coach game launched?

Google Word Coach quiz game was launched in February 2018 by Google in non-English speaking countries of the world. This game is only available in countries like India, where English is not their national language or their native language and often people search for meanings, Synonyms, antonyms, opposites, and translations of certain words. 

For English-speaking countries like the USA or UK, the Google search results do not suggest the Google Word Coach game.

What type of game is Google Word Coach? 

They can ask questions related to Antonyms, Synonyms, and meanings of different English words or phrases by Google Word Coach. You have two options for each of the questions. Certain points are rewarded for each correct answer given by you. You have to choose the correct answer amongst the given options. If you click on the right answer, the option turns green and points are awarded to you. The red color indicates a wrong answer and you get no points for it.

It is a good technique used by Google to seize the attention of its users. It plays a very significant role in keeping the user engaged in the Google search engine. Google Word Coach makes the search more fascinating and easier for users. 

Why did Google launch Google Word Coach? 

Google has always tried to make improvements in search results with additions like Google Translate, Google Dictionary, or Thesaurus. Google Word Coach is also one such game by Google to improve its search engine algorithm. 

Is Google Word Coach available on Mobile? 

The answer is ‘Yes’ if you are using an android or apple smartphone. Just open the Google or Chrome browser and type ‘Google Word Search’ or ‘Word Search’ or ‘Google Word Coach’ in the search bar of Google.

Is Google Word Coach Game available on a PC? 

The answer is ‘no’. This game is not supported on desktops or laptops. It is also not supported in tablets as well.

How to play Google Word Coach?

To play Google Word Coach, you need to only type ‘Google Word Coach’ in Google search. Once the game appears on the Google homepage, you can start playing. 

What kind of questions the Word Coach Game asks?

Google Word Coach Game generally asks :

  • Pictorial questions or Image questions 

 The question can be – Which image best fits the word? 


What is shown in the image? 

  • Word questions

This is itself of two types. Either Synonym based and Antonyms bases are asked under the word question category. 

For example – 

Which word is similar to Educator? 

 The options may be Instructor or Administrator. 

Which word is opposite to Dusk? 

The options may be Morning or Evening. 

In picture-based questions, two pictures are given side by side and two words are given as options. You need to choose the option or the word describing the picture most appropriately.

After the completion of the round, the correct answers and the usage of the words can be checked. You can also skip some options if you don’t want to attempt them. 

Are there levels in Google Word Coach? 

There are different levels in the Google word search game. Some are easy whereas others may be really tough. Google Word Coach levels are designed in such a way that it improves your vocabulary step-by-step. After some rounds, the level-up option appears and you can reach the next level. 

Each level contains five questions. The more correct answers you give, the tougher the levels of the Word Coach Game become. The levels in Google word coach are outlined in an order of increasing difficulty. From a beginner to an expert. The Google Word Game does not have any endpoint and you can continue to play till you wish to, as many times as you want. Google Word game gives ample motivation to the users by appreciating them at the end of each round with terms like’ Perfection ‘ or ‘ good effort ‘  or’ Well done ‘ or’ Almost perfect ‘etc. The scores of each round keep on adding to your previous score after every question. 

In the Google Word Quiz Game, the scoring points change according to the level and the difficulty of the questions asked. There is no negative marking scheme in the Google Word game and the game does not end after a wrong answer. You are still able to attempt the next question. The word game gives the whole explanation of the question asked in the quiz. If you find any question out of your reach, there is an option to skip at the bottom right side. At the end of each round, a scorecard showcases your score. 

Can we save the scores in the Google Word Coach game? 

If you have your Google account signed in, then only you can save your score. But if you have not signed in, your scores will get erased after you close the browser. You will have to start from the beginning or the first level when you reopen the browser and the Google Word Coach. 

Can we share the Scores of Google Word Coach? 

Yes, you can share your scores of word coaches by just clicking on the share option. The share option is available on the right side of the scorecard. Thus, you can share your score with your friends very easily. 

When you click on the share your score sign, Google gives you options on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. on which you can share your score. 

Can we download Google Word Coach? 

A simple answer is’ No.’ The users who find the Word Coach game interesting often ask if they can download it on their mobile phones as an application. But this is not possible. Google Word Coach can only be accessed on the Chrome browser. No application like the Google Word Coach app is available on the Play Store. But other similar applications are available on the Google Play store for users who want to download such vocabulary or quiz games.

Can we add the Google Word Coach game to Home Screen? 

Even if no Google Word Coach app is available, you can still add it to the home screen of your smartphone by a simple trick. If you sign in with your Gmail account on the browser, then after playing the Word coach game several times up to a higher level. You may get an option to add the game to your phone’s home screen. 

This feature can only be availed when the game is played directly in Google and not through any browser. 

Is Google word coach Hindi also available? 

Google introduced this quiz game only in English and as such Google Word Coach game is not available in Hindi. A huge part of the Indian population searches for Google Word Coach in Hindi but it is not available in any native languages. This word coach game does not support any other regional or vernacular languages. Google word coach quiz can only be used to improve English vocabulary only.

Is the Google Word Coach game free? 

 Yes, the word coach game is absolutely free to play.

Can we play Google Word Coach live? 

No, this coaching game is still not available live for everyone. 

Why is the Google word coach quiz & game significant?

In contemporary times of development, the relevance of the English language has increased multiple times. The English language has become an important part of communication. The English-speaking population is increasing day by day, globally. It has become a part and parcel of communication. English has become an international language in the contemporary world. It has become important to have a good English vocabulary and English grammar at your fingertips. It increases your chances of better communication and helps in avoidance of any kind of miscommunication in other countries.

Google word coach quiz has been created as a fun game along with being a vocabulary booster. The main motive of Google Word Quiz is to strengthen the vocabulary of the English language. As it is a fun game, you won’t get bored easily. Moreover, it gives you multiple chances to improve your score by repeating the question, somewhere later, which you answered wrongly in the previous round. In this way,  this Word Game keeps you engaged and never lets you get stressed out. This is such a game that will not let you feel stressed or feel pressurized in any way. Google Word game helps you to work on your vocabulary in a competitive but friendly manner. 

What to do if, Google Word Coach game is not working? 

If you are facing any problem while playing the game or the game is not responding, then you can visit the Google help Centre. 

Google Word Coach game is a great way to improve English speaking and communication skills through fun Activities. 

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