LimeTorrents Alternatives: 12 Stable Torrent Site To Visit in 2024

If you are looking for free movies, games series, software, or any anime then these days torrent sites are coming into the limelight and what’s the reason that they are being popular these days? The reason is the amazing service that they are providing to their users. Among these amazing torrent sites, there is one which has to stand out from the others, the lime torrents is a torrent site where you can download torrent files like movies, series, music, anime, tv shows, software, and games everything for free without paying for any subscription or membership.

Though it is a very recently introduced site, it has gained enormous popularity because of the services which come into attention as the searches are very fast and it is easy to use and even free.

12 Best Statble limetorrents Alternatives working when Pirate Bay proxy is down

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Here Daily Tactics Guru brings you an article, In which you can find out the RARBG alternatives and lime torrents alternatives are the details below;

Lime Torrents Official Domain Switch to Limetorrents.Pro

Official Lime Torrents Proxy URLs :

S NOLime Torrents Proxy Site Name Lime Torrents Sites URlsStatusSSL
1Limetorrents Pro
2Lmetorrents Asiahttps://www.limetorrents.asiaFastYes
3Lmetorrents Zonehttps://www.limetorrents.zoneFastYes
4Lmetorrents COhttps://www.limetorrents.coFastYes
6Lmetorrents CYOU
7Lmetorrents Online

Unofficial Lime torrents Proxy URLs:

S NOUnofficial Limetorrents Proxy URLsSSL

Limetorrents proxy/mirror list

Limetorrents mirrors are available in those countries where the lime torrents are not blocked yet. If you want to access it there are many ways like you can use a VPN, using VPN is very effective and it even hides your real identity if you are not able to use limetorrents through proxy and mirror sites.

S NOLimetorrents Proxy/Mirror Limetorrents Proxy URLsStatus
1Limetorrents pro
6Limetorrents In
7Btdigg in Limetorrents
8limetorrents unblocked proxy list verified
16limetorrents proxy UK

Also, check the complete list of lime torrent Mirror sites.

S NoLime Torrents Proxy/MirrorStatusSpeedSSL
1 FastYes
2 FastYes
3 FastYes
4 FastYes
7 FastNO
9 FastYes
21 FastYes
24 FastYes
30 FastYes
37LimeTorrents ProxyWorkingSlowYes
38LimeTorrents UnblockWorkingVery FastYes
39LimeTorrents Mirror SiteWorkingNormalYes
40Unblock LimeTorrentsWorkingFastYes
41LimeTorrents Proxy MirrorWorkingNormalYes
42LimeTorrents UK UnblockWorkingSlowYes
43LimeTorrents US UnblockWorkingVery FastYes
44Lime Torrents AlternativeWorkingSlowYes
45Access LimeTorrentsWorkingNormalYes
46Proxy of LimeTorrentsWorkingSlowYes
47LimeTorrents Unblock ProxyWorkingNormalYes

Torrent downloads lime torrent alternatives

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If you are a torrenteer you might have come across this site the torrent downloads. It is a very easy-to-use site with a very user-friendly interface that lets you navigate the page with ease. This site is free to use with a different category of torrent files available here and you can download any desired file of yours for free and need to search for various different sites for downloading as this site includes everything from music, games, movies, series, shows, and software.


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1337x is a very similar torrent site like the limetorrent, though 1337x is not available in many countries as they are blocked yet the service they provide is very good. This website provides magnetic files used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. 

Kickass Torrent Lime torrents Alternatives

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If you are looking for a site with all the updates on the latest torrent information then kickass torrent is very popular with all kinds of different directories of torrent files like tv shows, games, movies, series, and software available and magnet links using peer-to-peer file sharing through BitTorrent protocol. The torrent files that you find here all are free, you don’t have to pay any money for downloading the files and there are a few ads running on this site. Kickass torrent is the best-recommended alternative for limetorrents.


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If you enjoy movies, tv shows, and series in high quality then this is the one that provides movies in high-resolution 720p, 1080p, 4k, and even 3d is available. Download your desired torrent file in high quality and the file are low which makes it better than the others if you want to download any movie or show it lists you with many downloading links if one is not available you can try another.

RARBG Lime torrents Alternatives

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RARBG is a most-visited torrent site it offers free directory torrent files and magnet links. Being a free torrent site the search engine is also very fast. You can find all your favorite movies, games, software, music, and tv series very fast and you can even download them without any kind of trouble occurring. You may come across a problem that may not be available in your country. Then you can use proxy and mirror sites to unlock them or even use a VPN to access them.

Find the RARBG Proxy Mirrors Sites:

S NoRARBG ProxyRARBG Mirrors UrlsStatusSSL
1RARBG Proxy 1 FastYes
2RARBG Proxy 2 FastYes
3RARBG Proxy 3 FastNo
4RARBG Proxy 4 FastYes
5RARBG Proxy 5 FastNo
6RARBG Proxy 6
7RARBG Proxy 7
8RARBG Proxy 8
9RARBG Proxy 9http://rarbgmirror/Very FastNo
10RARBG Proxy 10http://rarbgto/Very FastNo

Also, here Daily Tactics Guru provides a most effective and updated 100% working list of RARBG Proxy, which is as follows.

S NoRARBG Proxy/MirrorSpeedSSLStatus
1Rarbg UnblockVery FastNoOnline
2Rarbg ProxyVery FastYesOnline
3Rarbg MirrorFastYesOnline
4Rarbg MirrorNormalYesOnline
5Rarbg UnblockVery FastNoOnline
6Rarbg UnblockFastYesOnline
7Rarbg UnblockedNormalYesOnline
8Rarbg Torrent Proxy/NormalNoOnline
9Rarbg ProxyVery FastNoOnline
10Rarbg UnblockVery FastNoOnline
11Rarbg ProxyFastYesOnline
12Rarbg UnblockFastYesOnline
13Rarbg proxyVery FastYesOnline
14RarbgVery FastYesOnline
15Rarbg unlockerNormalYesOnline
16Rarbg MirrorFastYesOnline
17Rarbg Fast UnblockNormalNoOnline
18Unlock RarbgVery FastYesOnline
19Rarbg UnblockedNormalYesOnline
20RARBG ProxySlowYesOnline
21RARBG Mirror SiteVery FastYesOnline
22RARBG Proxy MirrorSlowYesOnline
23RARBG UnblockerVery FastYesOnline
24Unblock RARBGSlowYesOnline
25RARBG Alternate SiteFastYesOnline
26RARBG US ProxySlowYesOnline
27RARBG UK ProxyVery FastYesOnline
28Mirror of RARBGSlowYesOnline
31 FastYesOnline
45 FastYesOnline
50 limetorrent alternative

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Torrentz2 is a limetorrent alternative metasearch engine for BitTorrent. It is a compilation of various torrent sites in one place from where you can select any one of them and look for torrent files that you have been trying to find. To use this site you do not need to register or sign up and the interface is very easy to use with one user menu and a search bar.

ExtraTorrents Lime torrents Alternatives

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You may find that ExtraTorrents are blocked in many countries but don’t worry you can unlock them very easily without using any VPN just use the proxy and mirror sites and you can unlock it very easily. These proxy sites direct you to the desired torrent from where you can enjoy your torrenting and downloading all the torrent files of your choice.

BTDigg Lime torrents Alternatives

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BTDigg is a DHT search engine engaged in the BitTorrent DHT network  BitTorrent lets you connect with magnet links and a few networks with the torrent sites from where you can use free torrenting like surfing information of all the things that you are looking for and even download movies, tv shows, series, games, music, and application all for free without paying for a subscription.


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Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker that helps people to watch good quality content. This site provides all types of online and offline games, good quality torrent links for Movies, Shows, Music, Software, and many more. It has become famous for its performance among users for its fast torrents. Demonoid also has a forum for file-sharing discussions. It has a simple interface and is a perfect alternative for LimeTorrents.


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Zooqle is another replacement for LimeTorrents and a torrent site where it collects torrents from different sites. It helps in downloading Movies, Games, Music, Apps, Software, etc. It shows only verified torrents where you can download anything of your choice without infecting your system with viruses. This website has no pop-ups and advertisements which can be a bonus point for the user. The interface of the website is decent and easy to use. You can also register here to get updates about the latest Movies, Games, Shows, etc.


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iDope is an ideal website that helps people in getting quality files at a fast downloading rate, getting free indie content, unlimited torrents.  It provides torrent links for a required file from sites. Its database is updated daily to provide the content. It does not track the user while searching anything which makes the website more secure. This website is easy to use and has a wide variety of content.


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TorrentFunk is the best alternative to the Pirate Bay proxy for mac or any other device. Torrent Funk is a fast downloading website, it has a wide range of movies, TV Shows, Games, Software which are updated daily in different file sizes. Users can get torrents for desired files and can download them with good quality and at fast downloading rates. This website ensures our downloaded files are safe and keeps our system away from malware. TorrentFunk is updated daily to provide quality content. 

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