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About 1337x 

In the modern era, who doesn’t know about downloading movies, songs, ebooks, software, etc with the power which the internet provides them? 

There are two types of people in today’s technical modern world. The first one is well-off people who can afford the expenses of various sites’ subscriptions.

The second type of people is those who love watching movies, tv-series and love a good book. But due to some financial crisis, they were unable to afford the expensive subscriptions. Don’t they deserve a little stress-free and fun-filled time in their lives? 

The copyright issues and being on the illegal side make it hard for them to find a website that provides free services where they can download their favorite content. On the Internet, various websites are running these free services and one of them is 1337x also known as 1337x Proxy. 

Particular aspects won’t let you have complete access to this website and will start creating many hurdles in your way to stop you. As I have mentioned above you don’t need to stress over such things since you can find other ways to make them easily accessible for you. You can take the help of a VPN server to give you clear access meanwhile hiding your identity or you can have access through proxy websites. 

Since the 1337x proxy website is using the directory as the 1337x. You are not only getting free and easy access but you also have access to all of your favorite movies and tv-series which 1337x was providing throughout this time. There won’t be a single feature that won’t be accessible to you as their user.

One must be living in the ancient period if one is not aware of the 1337x proxy website. But we are not aware of how it works and what types of problems it is facing and how much it makes every individual’s life easy by giving access to their amazing services? So today let us put on some of the light on this subject which is known as 1337x proxy. 

History of the 1337x Proxy

1337x originated back in 2007 but not many people were aware of this website because the website Kickass Torrent was all in the hype. In 2016 abrupt shutdown of the kickass torrent is when 1337x became popular among the audience and it became famous among the users. That is when the service provider of 1337x decided to redesign the entire site and started adding new amazing functions to it. 

Back in 2018, Out of three, one of the most prominent and used sites was a 1337x torrent website for people to download their favorite ebook, movie, tv-series, software. But in 2015 it was banned in numerous countries. But 1337x organization people found a way to provide their services to the users. The solution was to change the domain and give the visitors a new place to download stuff. Now in the places where 1337x is blocked people can use the new altered domain website 1337x Proxy and have a clear passage to download.

Why is it necessary for every individual to use a Proxy website of 1337x?

There are thousands of purposes for utilizing 1337x torrent proxy. But if you are here today to find out what are the primary reasons for using 1337x proxy then continue checking out this article and we will give it our best shot to shed some light on this particular subject. Since it occupies a meaningful position in our life in this technology era.

  • If you want to download a file and are tired of the prior slow pace of downloading? Waiting for hours to download a single file. Then it is time for you to change the way that you are downloading with the help of the 1337x proxies site. It is going to help you download anything with lightning speed without any hardship.
  • In the past whenever we used to download a file then we needed to stop the rest of the work that we were doing on our computer. Leaving us twiddling our thumbs while we used to wait for the file to download. The 1337x proxy finally solved our problem because now every user can work on their computer. During this period your file downloading process is running in the background.
  • If we think about our past life, was our life hard when it comes down to technology? Then the answer is yes it was pretty hard. But the 1337 x proxy site made it a little easier. Remember those days whenever you lose the Internet connection due to the weather or for some other reason. The file you used to put on download needed to start downloading from the beginning. But that’s not the case anymore 1337 x proxy site enables your computer to move forward with the downloading process wherever it was stopped. 

Do our readers know how 1337x Proxy works?

If we start looking for the 1337 proxy sites for a torrent then you are going to find out that there are many choices available on the internet. One of the undeniable truths about the use of proxy websites is to lessen the limit for the major websites. Nobody likes to spend money unnecessarily and they do give a shot to every possibility to avoid spending excessive amounts of money. You are going to discover that one doesn’t avoid an opportunity whenever they get the offer of free services to download their favorite stuff from the internet.

Everyone who is using a PC or laptop and have an internet connection then your laptop and computer have an Internet portal address also known as an IP address. Proxy is similar to an internet portal address and your computer is programmed to recognize it. Whenever a user sends a request to proxy to download a file. From there the whole procedure starts the website proxy server is the one who will receive it right away and right after that proxy website will make a web plea in your IP server place. When all the database is compiled in one place the server is now going to start working and you get the database that you were requesting on your computer website page. That’s how 1337x works and now the 1337x proxy website is following the same protocol to provide their users the requested database.

Top 5 1337x Alternative Torrent Sites

daily tactics guru-1337x unblock

Do you always have a tough time finding the 1337x mirror sites? Then worry not because we will help you choose the best website which is going to be suitable for you according to your requirements and easy to use. Without wasting much time do check out the top 5 1337x proxy sites down below:-

Kickass Torrents:

On the number one is a kickass torrent which is one of the nicest substitutes that you will be able to discover when it comes down to 1337x proxy sites. Do you want to know, why? The reason is simple since kickass torrent is operating a similar technique as the 1337x website. People from the various provinces are taking advantage of this website whenever they decide to download any sort of file.

The Pirate Bay Proxy

The second alternative which most individuals choose after the kickass torrent is the pirate bay to download their files and the good thing about this site is that it is identical to 1337 unblock proxy site. The pirate bay is banned in several countries, but still, there are numerous amazing proxies available for this website. From time to time users are going to face difficulty searching for this website. But once you come across it your downloading problem will be solved.


Are you trying to find some old content and have a hard time finding and downloading it? Then do not worry my friends since it’s Torrentz2’s job to provide you old content easily. It’s more like an index website that will assist the visitors in discovering the torrent content which they are looking for from the massive catalog. Do you want to know how that happens? Well, the index is the collection of various websites of the torrent. You will as the visitor get the option to scrutinize through the currently emerging websites and select the best one for yourself.


Due to the indictments about stealing some of the ETTV content visitors are going to discover that they are missing some of the stuff. Still, after all, the allegations this site is vigorously running, and visitors love using it because of all of the tremendous characteristic content they can find over here.


All of these amazing sites are out there, but still, you face difficulty finding a genuine torrent website. Your prayers are finally heard and are answered because LimeTorrent is the best alternative which is available out there which is legal. They always update their content and bring fresh content for the users and visitors. The best quality about this website is that there is this thing which is called a health meter. The privilege that you will get because of the health meter is that whenever you download an ebook, movie, tv-series it’s going to diminish the plausible dangers that are waiting out there for you and your computer and phone.  

Since we have already shared the top 5 1337x alternative torrents sites with our readers and after giving it some thought we came to this decision: why not share a bonus website for coping up with us this long. We would like to share a bonus torrent site with you. So that you have one more option to go through and choose from:- 


Do you hate and get frustrated whenever you come across a hoax torrent then Torlock is something you need to try out since it will help you to stay away from fake torrents. They have a massive directory of the content on their website and visitors can find it effortlessly. You can see that they also tried to provide their users with the Top 100 content which will be displayed based on the reports of the everyday market. Do you love collecting free money? Therefore Torlock website is going to be beneficial for you because they ensure that whoever is going to discover a fake link and report it to the administration. Afterward, they will give you one dollar as a reward.

There will be various alternative sites in the future and still exist in the present. But they will never be able to deliver the same services as proxy 1337x. The range of variety is vast and unimaginable for us as users. It is a god-given gift to you if you can’t afford expensive subscriptions to the internet world. Even the ban doesn’t stop the 1337x organization. Since they made it easily accessible for their users after changing the domain. The speed of the download and simple-to-use design makes the 1337x Proxy site special for users. 

Also, Check the top Piracy Sites list to Watch and Download Movies Online

S NOTorrent Sites NameTorrent and Piracy SitesSSL
5Movie Counterhttps://moviescounter.se/Yes
9Madras Rockershttp://www.madrasrockerss.vin/No
24Jio Rockershttp://www.jiorockerss.vin/No
31Kickass Proxyhttps://ww1.kickass.help/Yes
34The Pirate Bay Proxyhttps://www.tpbaysproxy.com/Yes

Is there a reason that the 1337x proxy might get blocked?

If we’re going to discuss the 1337x proxy it is pretty much straightforward yet a wholesome and incredible website and it got a personal organization group. There are hundreds of uploaders who are working day and night. So their casual visitors or even regular users have a direct and functional link to this website. The reason behind all of these efforts is simple and the answer is so that you can easily download any sort of stuff of your liking. It is safe to say to anyone who doesn’t want to spend money to watch their favorite tv series, films, video games, various software files, and electronic books this is the place that you come to get your favorite free content.

But still, because of various reasons, the 1337x torrent site is blocked in several regions, and also so many internet service suppliers blocked it. If your nation is one of those nations. Where due to the government rules or regulations or internet service provider companies, whose rules bind them to ban it permanently. Then it won’t be an easy task for you to access the 1337x proxy site. You might end up facing some charges if you still download any content from this website. The power that ISP has will play a massive part in blocking users from downloading anything and even still if you find a way to download. They will easily slow down the downloading procedure for you. It’s where 1337x proxy will surely be your saving grace. 

How can you Unblock 1337x Proxy List?

If the ban of the 1337x torrent site is the primary reason for your stress and irritation then you need to relax and calm yourself first and read this passage carefully. Since there are ways that we will tell you about so that you can have easy access to this website. 

The first solution to your problem is that you can turn on the VPN of your computer and phone. This way you will easily get access to the 1337x proxy site and download your favorite movie, e-book, songs, etc. You will be able to build a  connection when you decide to put the VPN server into working mode. Since the VPN servers have settings in numerous regions then you might have a free pass, if they start comparing this aspect to the copyright cases. Because of the VPN, a user can protect their IP from the ISP and download anything without the ISP acknowledgment. As you can see 1337x unblock process is much simpler due to the utilization of VPN.

The second solution to your problem is that if you are looking for an accessible version 1337x proxy website then you can go with the alternative of this site which we have mentioned above or you can do some research of your own on the internet and find out which website is providing the best services and is not blocked by ISP or government. You will be able to discover similar content on alternative websites. But there will be a small issue just of distinct addresses and varied servers.  This way ISP won’t be able to ruin your fun because of their restrictions and bans. On these alternative 1337x unblock proxy sites the downloading speed will be at a much faster pace if we start relating it to the VPN server use. 

1337x Proxy Sites List Updated July 2022

Here’s the list of updated 1337x proxy mirrors sites. Most of these 1337x Proxy sites working but if it doesn’t work then try another proxy site or different proxy site.

S No1337x Proxy ListWebsites URLStatusSSL
11337x Proxy 1https://siteget.net/1337x-proxy/ON
21337x Proxy 2https://sitenable.info/1337x-proxy/ON
31337x Proxy 3https://sitenable.co/1337x-proxy/ON
41337x.sthttps://1337x.st/ (USE VPN)ON
61337x Proxy 4https://freeproxy.io/1337x-proxy/ON
81337x.ishttps://1337x.is/ (USE VPN)ON
9x1337x.sehttps://x1337x.se/ (USE VPN)ON
101337x Proxy 5https://sitenable.ch/1337x-proxy/ON
111337x Proxy 6https://sitenable.top/1337x-proxy/ON
121337x Proxy 7https://sitenable.pw/1337x-proxy/ON
131337x Proxy 8https://freeanimesonline.com/1337x-proxy/ON
141337x Proxy 9https://filesdownloader.com/1337x-proxy/ON
151337xto.tohttps://1337xto.to/ (USE VPN)ON
161337x.twhttps://www.1337x.tw/ (USE VPN)ON
171337x.tohttps://1337x.to/ (USE VPN)ON
18x1337x.wshttps://x1337x.ws/ (USE VPN)ON
191337x.gdhttps://1337x.gd/ (USE VPN)ON
201377x.tohttps://www.1377x.to/ (USE VPN)ON
211377x.ishttps://www.1377x.is/ (USE VPN)ON
221337x.amhttps://www.1337x.am/ (USE VPN)ON
651337x Torrenthttps://sitenable.co/o.php?ON
661337 EE.UU. Espejohttps://filesdownloader.com/o.php?ON
671337 Reino Unido Desbloquearhttps://freeproxy.io/o.php?ON
68Proxy 1337xhttps://freeanimesonline.com/o.php?ON

Disclaimer: These 1337x Proxy Mirror sites mentioned above are just for educational or informational purposes. We do not support using them to download copyright-protected content.

How can one check if the 1337x is blocked or not? 

Not everyone is aware of the fact ban on the 1337x unlock and you may also not be familiar with the concept of using a 1337x torrent proxy. I’m certain there is always a time whenever we try to access a certain website and it continuously rejects your access request or even shows you this common phrase “error 404 not found”. 

This is all the proof that you need to realize that this particular website is banned in your country. But this is not time for you to outrage and show anger or get stressed. Your crisis can easily be solved with a snap of your fingers. You can easily shift towards the alternative 1337x proxy websites and you’re 1337x Unblocked voila now you don’t even have to take the VPN protection and the website is ready for you to use.

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