Kickass Proxy List | Top Best Kat Alternatives (updated 2024)

Have you ever heard of magnet links or torrent files? Well if you have, then kickass proxy sites are the best place for you to find online directories where you can always find your favorite movies online and download them. Have you ever heard of kickass tor unblocked, kickasstorrents unblocked site, kickass proxy unblocks, www.kickasstorrent.proxy. These online links lead to magnet files or torrents. The files usually are categorized on the basis of the protocol of the BitTorrent that is peer-to-peer file sharing.

So Kickass torrents started in 2008 but didn’t gain popularity until the end of 2018. Because the US decided to ban kickass torrent proxies and removed its servers from the internet. So now it is illegal to download files from kickass unblocked.

Kickass Proxy sites are a proxy that provides access to kickass torrents for users to download movies and other files from this website. Many countries block such sites as kickass torrent proxies because it is illegal to download stuff for free. Proxies work as VPN and play an important role in changing the IP address and your location on the internet. This in turn helps you gain access to kickass torrent (KAT).

Why is Kickass torrent blocked in some countries?

Well, different countries have different laws for copyrights and lawsuits against similar content. Besides these days the film and OTT industry wants all the premium content to be on their platforms. It’s really easy for the government to ban such sites through ISP engagement. So that your bandwidth doesn’t catch the website and it becomes super frustrating to find the site. You have to go all the way to find the IP address that matches and then get into the right server. kickasstorrent proxy list can be really helpful in these matters.

As I said earlier, this website is banned in many countries including India so it’s very hard to get into the website and download torrent files. Even using a VPN won’t help because using a VPN only changes your IP and doesn’t provide you a gateway for your downloads. Kickasstorrents proxy sites will help you with a clean and smooth download and you can always get back to the way you wanted it. 

Tor is also a way to get these torrents working. What tor does is that it focuses on the nodes of the internet and then helps you by connecting them. This way no one can spy on your activity and then you’re good to go. This is also a simple yet effective way to get your downloads in place. Although the easiest way would be using the mirror or proxy sites that will replicate the sites that you want and help you with just the content you want. And download your favorite movies or songs on the go with kickass torrents unlocked.

How does Kickass proxy site function?

Well, with the bans imposed on kickass torrent there is no other way to download movies or files from it. The owner tried many ways such as changing the domain name and then the extension until he got arrested. But here is an easy way to use the Kickass torrent proxy list. You don’t even have to log in and stuff to get into kickass torrent unlocked just you have to go to the website kickass proxy unblock kat and then you will get a mirror site that looks exactly like kickass unlocked.

Best Kickass Proxy Site Lists – (July Updated – 2022)

daily tactics guru-Best Kickass Proxy Sites List
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Using a proxy site is the only way that you can get through the mirage of not being able to find the kickass torrent unblock website. It’s really helpful to have a mirror site that enables us to view and download your favorite movies or files. You’re just one click away from being able to use the easiest method to use the torrent without moving from your place. The replication is so perfect that it feels that you’re using the kickass torrent yourself and not any mirror proxy site.

Some other proxy websites just like Kickass proxy Sites:

daily tactics guru-Best Alternatives of Kickass Torrent

Putlocker proxy:

Putlocker proxy is also a great mirror website that replicates any website you cannot access and get your work done in a matter of seconds.

Torrent9 Proxy 2022: 

Torrent9 is a great proxy with good speed and versatility. Its downloads are lightning-fast and it is very safe to use too.

Hunger games streaming: 

The Hunger Games streaming movie website is a great place to download all your favorite amazon prime movies and tv shows.


Rarbgprx comes under the top torrent sites to download large files. Rarbg Mirrors provides magnet links and direct links to the users. rarbgprx proxy is banned in 16 countries though.


1337x proxy is a kickass torrent proxy that’s available on the deep web. has great search functionality so it helps you to look for the exact video or movie you want.

Lime torrent: 

Lime torrent mirrors proxy website has over 10 million torrents ready for download. Limetorrent is very easy to use and gives a user-friendly interface.

The Pirate Bay Proxy: 

The Pirate Bay Proxy website is quite different from others as it has its own software and interface. This is the only place where you could find torrents for literally anything. The Pirate Bay Proxy website is also called digital heaven.


The main function of YTS.AM proxy site is to download movies in HD quality. However, its main server got shut down and now it only operates through mirror proxy sites like kickass proxy sites website.

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