3 Ways to Make Money at Young Age

Jobs for teenagers are few and far between but not impossible to find. Some states have a minimum working age of 14, but there are exceptions to that rule. Plus, there are other ways that youngsters can make a few quick money or bucks besides traditional employment.

When kids are young, they don’t need much money to start saving or investing. A few dollars can go a long way when you start with small amounts. Start your child’s savings account with a sum that seems significant to them but not so much that they won’t miss it if it gets spent on something else.

However, the internet has made it possible for children and teenagers to earn money in various ways, from selling goods or services to doing freelance work.

Here are some simple ways for youngsters to make money online and offline:

Create a YouTube Channel

Many teenagers dream of making it big by starting their own YouTube channel. But before you get your kid started on this path, there are a few things you should know. YouTube is a popular platform for young people who want to share their opinions or interests with other people. YouTube accounts can be opened only by users who are at least 13 years old or have a parent or guardian’s permission. A user has to be 18 years or older to make money via AdSense on their channel.

As with blogging, the primary benefit of launching a YouTube channel is that anyone can make money by talking about things they find interesting. Now while adults are able to make videos about the best Movies, movies review, actors biography, online casinos etc.

Sell Handmade Items

If your teen has a gift for designing jewellery or creating artwork, they could sell products to customers online. Selling one’s products can be a great creative outlet and an opportunity to earn extra money. However, if they are under 18, they cannot have their account, so their account would have to be owned by an adult.


Freelancing is an excellent way for teenagers to make money and build their portfolios each time they complete a project. Freelancers have flexible working hours and the freedom to set their rates. They can choose from a wide array of potential jobs, including writing blog posts, designing logos, editing a podcast or creating a website.

The age of your business doesn’t matter. What matters is your professionalism and commitment to success. Be ready to take on a lot of responsibility when creating a business at age. It’s a valuable lesson that you won’t forget easily.

However, if your teen has expressed an interest in earning money, taking that interest seriously and supporting them in their endeavours is essential. The best way to do this is by setting them up with appropriate tasks for their age, skill level and abilities.


Savings and investments can be hard to explain to kids. It’s hard for adults to understand too. But setting an excellent example of savings and investment is an essential lesson for everyone, young or old. If you set these lessons up early, it will pay off tenfold down the line.

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