How to Unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF Files With Best Tool

If the data is sensitive then we generally add some kind of technique to protect it so that unauthorized people can’t access it. Either we can add password or restrictions to secure PDF documents but what to do when we or someone needs to access a secured PDF file. Therefore, in such cases it is necessary to use a third-party solution that enables the user to access and unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF files. However, many times people are stuck in some situations when they want to access the protected PDF files. Therefore, in the next section, we have described user queries taken from the forums site.

User Queries

“A few days back I was searching for a tool that could help me to remove PDF security. As some of my PDF files are protected with restrictions due to which I am unable to insert comments. I need to send this file to my client for some important changes so I tried to highlight data and insert comments but this file does not allow me. Can anyone suggest any simple solution which can help me to resolve this issue? All leads are welcome”.

“My project partner sent me some important reports in PDF file format. It contains complete details about my project & he told me to take the printout of these files. When I went to take print of these reports it showed an error message and did not allow me to print it. Does anyone know why this report can’t be printed? Please suggest any solution as soon as possible”.

Know the Latest Tool to Remove PDF Security

Although securing PDF files is a good approach to keep it away from others, at times it is needed to delete security from PDF documents & for that SysTools PDF Unlocker can be used. This tool can easily batch remove PDF protection without any file formatting. Moreover, this application can be run on any Windows Operating Systems including 10. The tool does not require any supportive application to perform this task. It is an independent tool to unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Once the tool unprotect Adobe PDF file users can save the resultant document at any desired location.

What Happens When Users Unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

Once the user remove PDF security they can perform these certain tasks:

  • Copy PDF Text: Due to security applied on PDF document users can select the PDF data but they are unable to paste it into the text document. Thus, after removing the security, users can easily copy data from protected PDF documents.
  • Print Secured PDF: Restricted PDF file makes print option disable or greyed out due to which document can’t be printed. This condition leaves users in the troublesome situation where they definitely look out for some solution and for such users PDF Unlocker tool is very helpful. This application allows users to unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF files for printing purposes also.
  • Edit & Extract PDF: After removing security from the PDF document a user can edit and make changes in the resultant document. Moreover, any type of data can be extracted by the user after PDF unlocking.
  • Comment & Sign PDF: Most of the time due to security a user is unable to comment or sign a PDF document but after un-restricting the file a user can easily use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to insert comments or add the signature in the document.
  • Open PDF Without Password: When the file is protected with password security every time the user has to enter the password which is quite time-consuming. However, once the password is removed from PDF permanently users don’t have to enter the security password again & again. This can be easily done by using the professional tool described in this blog.

How Software Unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

1- Install and run SysTools PDF Unlocker tool to remove restrictions from PDF

2- Browse PDF document that has to be unsecured

3- Preview permissions and browse destination folder

4- Hit unlock PDF button to begin the process

5- View permissions in Before & After column

Availability of SysTools PDF Unlocker Software

This professional utility is available in two versions one is demo & other is the full version. In the demo version of the tool, users can freely download the software and unlock a single PDF document. But, the resultant file will contain the watermark. On the other hand with the full version of the software users can unlock multiple PDF files and save it without watermark.


Adobe Reader allows users to open, read and view documents but they won’t allow unlocking of PDF files. It is necessary to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro to carry out the process. But, for the normal users having full version is quite difficult thus, it is suggested to use third party tool i.e. SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool. It is one of the advanced solutions to unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Moreover, this tool can remove PDF security in just a few clicks.

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