iPhone Speaker Cleaner: Best Way to Clean iPhone Speaker

After using your iPhone for a couple of months, it may require some level of cleaning depending on the conditions under which the phone has been used. It doesn’t matter how carefully you handle the handle, over time dust particles and other forms of dirt gather in certain parts, and if you don’t deal with it in time, it may start interfering with the performance of your phone. Research by the University of Arizona among high school students discovered that their phones carried more bacteria compared to the toilet seat. Yes, you read it correctly, your phone may be dirtier than your toilet seat.

When your phone’s speaker suddenly stops working or starts distorting sound, you start to worry, especially if it hasn’t been hit or damaged by any external element. Your iPhone’s speaker can malfunction as a result of hardware defects or when the software crushes. Software-related issues can be fixed by simple troubleshooting techniques. Hardware-related problems may call for a professional technician. However, sometimes, your iPhone may malfunction because dust has gathered in the speaker.

Are you experiencing speaker malfunctions with your iPhone? don’t panic, the issue may be easily fixed by simply removing dust from the speaker. Although you can clean the phone’s speaker effortlessly, you must do it right otherwise you may damage it. Replacing the speaker of an iPhone can cost you $79.99 or more depending on where you are. It may be difficult to find replacement speakers in countries without authorized dealers. There are a couple of ways you can clean your phone’s speaker, but some techniques are complicated. This article will reveal to you some of the best ways of cleaning the iPhone speaker. Just sit back, relax, and let’s get clean iPhone speaker and working normally.

Before you rush to start cleaning the speaker, here are guidelines you should follow.

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Cleaning Your Phone

Don’t use water or any other liquid to clean your phone’s speaker. Although your phone may be water resistant, it is not waterproof. If water gets inside, it’ll damage it. I know it is common practice to clean the dust off devices using clothes soaked in water or isopropyl alcohol; don’t do this with your iPhone speaker.

Resist the temptation to use some of the elements you use for cleaning your laptop such as compressed air. It is true, compressed air cleans out dust in no time. However, it is not ideal for fragile devices. The air comes with a lot of force which can damage the speaker.

Even though there is a pile of dust particles in the speaker, resist the temptation to use sharp objects to poke out dirt. I have seen a couple of people who recommend using the edge of pointed objects. It’ll damage your phone’s speaker.

Method 1: Clean Your iPhone Speaker Using a Soft Brush

dailytacticsguru-Clean Your iPhone Speaker Using a Soft Brush

The best way to clean your phone’s speaker is by doing it as recommended by the manufacturer. Apple (manufacturer of iPhone) advises that you clean the speaker using a brush with soft bristles. Follow the steps below to clean your speaker:

  • Step 1: Before you can start, first take off anything covering the phone, for example, the phone case and the screen guard, as they may cover the speaker.
  • Step 2: Locate where the speaker is. iPhones contain two speakers, one on the front side (where you find the screen) and the other one right off the lighting port. Clean both speakers.
  • Step 3: You’ll need a flashlight to be able to see what you are cleaning. Direct the light towards the speaker. You may slunt the phone accordingly so that it is at an angle where you can see into the space where the speaker is located.
  • Step 4: Carefully place the soft bristle brush on the surface of the speaker casing and slide across. Brush tenderly making sure the brush bristles enter all corners of the opening. As you brush, slunt the phone a bit to remove dust.
  • Step 5: You should repeat this a couple of times until you are sure that there is no dust in the speaker.
  • Step 6: Now, try playing some music and see if the speaker works well

Method 2: Clean iPhone Speaker Using Painter’s Tape

dailytacticsguru-Clean iPhone Speaker Using Painter’s Tape

If you don’t know what the painter tape is, it is the tape they use for painting walls. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Step 1: Apply the tape onto your phone’s speaker
  • Step 2: The tape has pressure, which should be able to get dust particles gathered in your phone’s speaker.
  • Step 3: Check to be sure all dirt has been removed, if not, reap the same process until you get the desired result.
  • Step 4: Now, test and check to be sure the speaker works properly.

You May Also Try Cleaning the Speaker Using Cleaning Slime

If you try the above two cleaning methods without much success, you may try using cleaning slime instead. It is one of the best substances for removing dust and other forms of dust from surfaces and holes.

Please don’t try making your slime if you are not sure how to do it. You can always get one that is already made from any craft shop near you. To clean with slime, get a firm piece of slime and gently press it against the speaker. You may have to do this several times to remove all dust particles. Depending on the firmness of your slime, it may leave some slime deposits. If it happens, clean it out with a piece of clothing.

If the problem with the speaker persists after cleaning and updating the phone, then you have to contact with an Apple(iPhone) Store technician near you.


There are several ways to clean the speaker of your iPhone. However, some speaker cleaning methods you’ll find being suggested by people online may damage your phone. For example, you can’t use sharp objects to clean the speaker; it is delicate and can therefore be easily damaged. Apple recommends using a soft bristle brush for cleaning your iPhone speaker. This is one of the safest ways of getting rid of dust from the phone’s speaker. Stay tune for more such interesting blogs.

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