How to Advertise on YouTube – YouTube Advertising in 2024

In the present Era, Everyone uses YouTube out of 1/4th of the world’s population. This means that you have around two billion users that you can reach every month! It’s a lot of potential, right?

It’s easy to reach your target audience’s attention by using YouTube videos for ads. Although they’re a great way to communicate your message to your viewers (and obtain a buy-in), YouTube ads can appear difficult to grasp and understand.

We’ve created this complete guide to show you precisely how to promote your business on YouTube and begin your first advertising campaign.

Types of YouTube Ads in 2022

Before you can plan for your YouTube advertisements marketing strategy, it is essential to first know the kinds of advertisements you will be able to run on YouTube.

1. Display ads

dailytacticsguru-Display Ads

Display ads are an animated image that clicks and appears on the right side of the featured video on the case of the desktop. It’s on top of the list of suggestions for videos. Here’s an example of this:

This kind of advertisement requires 300 x 250 or 60 pixels. Animations can last up to 30 minutes (although there’s no sound to not interfere with the video’s main content). The maximum file size permitted is 150KB. The supported file formats include GIF, JPG, PNG, and HTML5.

2. Skippable Video Advertisements

dailytacticsguru-Skippable video ads

A skippable video advertisement is played in the video player before, during, or after the primary video is played. They could range between 12 seconds and six minutes long, and viewers have the option of skipping the commercial after five seconds. Here’s an illustration

The advertisements must be uploaded to YouTube in MP4 format. However, they may not be listed when you intend to use the video for promotional reasons. Therefore, the requirements are the same for any YouTube video, but 1080p is the preferred format. It is also possible to upload 720p.

The main benefit of skippable video advertisements is that they can be displayed on any device: TV, mobile, desktop, and even game consoles.

3. Non-Skippable Video Advertisements

dailytacticsguru-Non-Skippable video ads

The non-skippable video advertisement must be watched for the viewer to watch the main video. As with the previous example ads, these advertisements can be displayed before, during, and after the video. Here’s an example of this:

The requirements and maximum size of the file are identical to skippable videos. However, the length of the advertisement differs.

Non-skippable ads are limited to up to 20 minutes (in certain regions, the limit is only 15 minutes). Therefore, you’ll need to convey your message quickly.

The greatest benefit of an ad that isn’t skippable is that you’re certain that the viewer will pay attention to your message, and with YouTube’s amazing capability to target users, you’re almost certain that the person viewing your ad will fit the characteristics of your targeted viewers.

4. Overlay ads

dailytacticsguru-Overlay Ads

An overlay advertising is a semi-transparent, transparent banner displayed in the lower portion of a movie. It’s a clickable picture or text box that is only accessible to desktop users. Here’s an example of it:

The specifications for this kind of advertisement are 468x 60 or 728 x The max file size for this type of ad is 150KB. The supported file formats are GIF, PNG, and JPG.

5. Bumper ads

dailytacticsguru-Bumper ads

A bumper ad can be described as a non-skippable video advertisement with a maximum duration of 6 seconds. They are viewable on both mobile and desktop. Here’s an example of this:

The maximum size of a file is 1GB. The most commonly used formats for file storage are AVI, ASF, Quicktime MP4, or MPEG.

If you thought that traditional non-skippable advertisements were a bit restricted, now, with bumper ads, there’s a shorter time to put your message to the right audience!

6. Card Sponsorship

dailytacticsguru-Sponsored cards

A sponsored card shows information pertinent to the video, for instance, products featured in the video. Similar to overlay ads, they are only visible for a brief period. If viewers want to know more about the subject, they can click the icon on the upper left-hand side of the movie. Here’s an example of this:

The cards of sponsors can be found in videos viewed on desktop and mobile devices, and the following formats of files are acceptable: JPG, GIF, and PNG. The aspect ratio for cards must be 1:1 and the maximum size of 5MB.

Clickable images are ideal for advertising your services or products in your personal YouTube videos, but they’re not the best choice if you’re planning to distribute ads across all of YouTube.

Youtube Advertising: 5 Tips to Make it More Effective

It’s one thing to understand how to market on YouTube; however, it’s another to master the art of doing it effectively. YouTube is among the most competitive platforms on the internet, and you must do everything you can to improve your YouTube ads. Below are our top five suggestions to use for YouTube advertising.

1. Create a Compelling ad

The first thing to do is require a persuasive ad. You could target all relevant keywords and determine the most effective budget for the day; however, if your advertisement does not impress, nobody will click it.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your advertisement is of the ideal size and resolution. Then begin to think about the larger photo.

2. Know Your Audience

How are you aware of your clients? You might be aware of their age, their location, and the amount of money they earn. Do you know the reason you’re seeing them on YouTube? Are you aware of what they’re most likely to be watching?

Consider the purpose of your viewers on YouTube and attempt to make it clear in your advertisements. Create an engaging ad if your users are on YouTube to entertain themselves. If they’re using YouTube to get informed, create an informative ad. Tip Mixing the two could be better than the ad we designed to Be Natural: You must take advantage of YouTube’s sophisticated targeting capabilities to get your message in front of the potential buyers of your product or service.

3. Make Yourself a Double Threat

It’s probably obvious, however, don’t limit your advertising to a single kind. The more ads you place in the marketplace, the more potential customers will be exposed to your brand, product, or service. Have a look at this image: is using the display ad and the skippable video advertisement simultaneously, doubling their chance of getting people to interact.

4. Do your Keyword Study

It’s not enough to know what keywords your potential customers are searching for. You must be aware of the cost and how competitive these keywords are. Here’s a formula to remember:

High Volume and Low Competition = an excellent keyword

5. Conduct Tests

In the realm of advertising, when it comes to advertising, you should never stand still. There’s always something you could tweak or improve to increase your marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Try different ads and various calls to action to find out what appeals to your customers the most. Keep an eye on your analytics to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

There isn’t an either-or neither here. If you are constantly working on your campaigns, you will be able to constantly improve them to get the most effective results from your YouTube advertisements.

Final Thoughts

Advertising is often viewed as having a negative reputation. If you’ve learned how to market your campaign via YouTube and the most effective types of ads to use for your campaign, you’ll be prepared to make 2022 the most successful year ever for your video marketing objectives. Learn more Digital Marketing Blogs here.

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