KOREAN BBQ LONDON: 7 Best Korean BBQ In London

Our love for exploring various cultural cuisines has increased in the past few decades. We are always looking for something new to savor and how can we resist an amazing dish like Korean BBQ LONDON? Korean food is in the hype right now and always will be due to its amazing taste and how tempting it looks. Now, if you are living in a place like London it kind of becomes a task to find good Korean BBQ Restaurants. 

Well, you shouldn’t worry yourself over such a mundane task because today Daily Tactics Guru is here to help you out to find the Best Korean BBQ in London. It looks like you don’t have to go through hundreds of articles to look for the best Korean BBQ since we have already researched it for you and made a list of the Top 7 Restaurants in London to enjoy Korean BBQ. Without any further delay let us take you to all these amazing places we are desperately waiting to share with you.

Top 7 Restaurants in London to Enjoy Korean BBQ

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For Sharing Bibigo, Soho, and Angel- Best Korean BBQ in London 

At Bibigo you can easily find fresh Korean BBQ and the prices are pocket-friendly. Even a student with a low budget can afford amazing meals over here. Would you like to know what Bibim stands for, it means “Culture of Sharing” and that Bibigo is sharing their amazing cultural Korean BBQ with people from other countries.

To be honest, only their restaurant name tempted me to give their food a shot and I wasn’t wrong about them. Some of the things that you must try whenever you are visiting Bibigo are their noodles served with the soup in a bowl, hot stone bibimbap or also known as bi bim bop is a special Korean dish in which you will get rice mixed with meat and an assortment of veggies not only it looks pleasant but the taste is also out of the world. 

The Best Korean BBQ Restaurant Bibigo has a special section in their menu referred to as “Barbecue and Grills”. This is a section that attracts most of their customers. Every single meat dish is prepared on charcoal so that meat will be enriched with a smoky taste and aroma. Every single variety of the meat is marinated in unique varieties of Korean BBQ sauces. You can even try out their calamari and pig meat bulgogi which is one of the best sellers. Otherwise, you can go with the spicy chili pepper which is seasoned with green beans and mushrooms. It will be your best decision so far to try such a remarkable Korean Barbecue Restaurant in London.

Cah Chi, Earlsfield- Best Korean BBQ Restaurant in London

This is not your regular fine dining restaurant where you can take your date or celebrate every special occasion. No, that’s not the reason why Cah Chi which is the Best Korean BBQ Restaurant in London to open up. Their main purpose for opening up is to serve their customers fulfilling lunches and dinner and you can drop by here when you are in a rush and grab a quick bite and trust me you won’t leave disappointed. Don’t let the interior and setup of the restaurant stop you from trying out their amazing Korean BBQ.

The best part about this restaurant is that they traditionally serve BBQ. You will get a specially designed table to make your own barbecue. Their beef-kalbi or beef-galbi which is a beef-based dish as the name suggests and the beef will be seasoned with the help of their special in-house prepared Korean sauces. There are other special dishes which are also worth trying out like their duck breast which is also prepared with their amazing sauces and seasoned chicken fillets. Maybe it’s time for you to visit Cah Chi and savor their Korean BBQ dishes.

Location:-  348 Garrett Lane, London, SW18 4HP

Ceena, Blackfriars- Best Korean Barbecue in London

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If you hate cooking regularly and mostly live on Takeaways then Ceena the Best Korean BBQ Restaurant in London is ready to serve you. Because they are the king of takeaways. During lunchtime, you can see office employees all over this place. Since they prepare their food while their customers are sitting right across them Sa. Ceena healthy and fresh food is the main attraction for their customers who love to eat a healthy diet.

You can go with your eyes closed and go with their sizzling bibimbap. It might be a common and popular Korean BBQ dish to which they give their own personal touch to make it more special. Now, who doesn’t love perfectly barbecued meat and an assortment of veggies which is finished with a healthy sufficient quantity of rice bowl? All of this combined makes bibimbap a fulfilling and healthy meal. During their breakfast hours, you can go with their much healthier options like green salad and a variety of soups and wraps. Doesn’t all of this sound like a heavenly place for health freaks.

Location:-  13 St Bride Street, City of London, EC4A 4AS

Gogi Korean Bar & Grill, Little Venice- Best Korean Barbecue in London

 If you love a modern setting in a restaurant while eating your favorite Korean BBQ then Gogi Korean Bar & Grill is the perfect place for you. Not only is their Korean BBQ Restaurant based on a modern theme but traditional Korean food has a modern touch to it. They are mostly famous for their live cooking. If you love to spend some quality time with your family and friends while enjoying Korean BBQ then you need to visit this Korean restaurant London. Since they have specially designed, priorly installed BBQ grills on tables and while enjoying time with your family you can grill your vegetables and meat and eat them fresh.

Gogi in Korean stands for a variety of animal meat and Gogi’s are known for their meat and how well cooked it is. Whenever you decide to visit Gogi’s you can order a variety of meat and barbecue it on the grill. Their chicken marinated and seasoned in soy sauce and smoky chicken are to die for and even if you love to have seafood there you can without any doubt go with the fish-based dish named Salmon Gui. In this dish, you will get barbecued salmon served with broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, asparagus, and Korean-style kecap manis will be laid down underneath the veggies and meat.

Location:-  451 Edgware Road, Little Venice, London W2 1TH

Jin Go Gae, New Malden- Best Korean BBQ Restaurant in London

This might not be a place that is near to you. But whenever you are in New Malden make sure that you pay Jin Go Gae Best Korean Barbecue Restaurant a visit. If you don’t like to experiment with your food and prefer different cultural cuisine prepared traditionally then you are in the right place. Jin Go Gae uses traditional Korean techniques to prepare their meals. 

You can start your meal by ordering their specialty Kimchi pancakes which is a savory dish and arrives with a variety of stuffing. You can grill your own meat, scallops, various clamps, and prawns over the BBQ grill installed in the personal tables for their customers. You can choose your favorite meat from their menu: short rib steak, finely chopped marble beef, pig meat rib. You don’t have to worry about leaving this Korean BBQ Restaurant hungry because they are more than generous with the food serving sizes. With all of this amazing Korean BBQ, you can order a drink Soju which is Korean traditional rice-based vodka. 

Location:- 272 Burlington Rd, New Malden, KT3 4NL

SuperStar BBQ, Tottenham Court Road- Korean Grill in London

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The name of the restaurant is a little confusing since it sounds like a cookery show name instead of an incredible Korean BBQ restaurant. Their entire culinary team came up with these incredible Korean dishes to put on their menu.

Since you are grilling your meat and veggies everything tastes so good leaving no room for disappointment. If you like to go with our recommendation then we would suggest you can order an assortment of mushrooms, chili chicken, belly pork cooked in wine. If you are a fan of side dishes then you can go with the tofu kimchi and chili squid. An excellent team of chefs and mouth-watering numerous Korean BBQ dishes gives it a new meaning of fine dining if we talk about Korean food.

Location:-  4 Central St Giles Piazza London WC2H 8AB

Yijo, Finchley Centra- Best Korean BBQ London

Yijo Chef is Korean that’s why he always ensured that customers get to try real Korean BBQ dishes instead of some fusion Korean food. Their bibimbap is mouth-watering. If you are a die-hard fan of noodles then go for a Yijo noodle bowl, hotpot sizes are big enough to share between friends and family.

Having Built-in BBQ tables, you guys can grill your own selection of meat like rib eyepieces inside their homemade kalbi sauce, variety of seafood, pork neck, and even ox tongue. It’s like you will get endless options to choose from for your Korean BBQ in London’s finest restaurant like Yijo.

Location:-  1 Station Road, London, N3 2SB


Wouldn’t you love to visit all of these Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in London and taste their BBQ delicacies? Our experience was out of this world whenever we choose to visit every single of these Korean BBQ restaurants and definitely encourage our readers not to miss out on these amazing traditional Korean dishes.

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