8 Hacks on How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Do you like to learn about the secret of how to view private Instagram? If your answer is yes, then today Daily Tactics Guru is going to reveal 8 hacks on how to view private Instagram profiles? Read this article till the end to find all the secrets we would like to share with you. 

In the past how easy our social media life was, whenever we wanted to see someone’s profile on Instagram or Facebook it was just one click away. But that’s not the case anymore since the company launched this new feature in which users can choose to turn their Instagram account into a private account. 

Nobody can open your profile unless you accept their permission to follow. But now, we as users are trying to find a way on how to view private Instagram profiles? Without following that person whose profile that we are trying to see. 

But it is so annoying and infuriating that you want to pull your hair out because of the suspense. It doesn’t matter now, why they decided to choose to launch such a ridiculous feature. Since it already exists and we can’t do anything about it. But what can we do? Try all of these hacks to see a private Instagram account of the person you are crushing on for so long. 

Read carefully how to see private Instagram Profiles by these tricks

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Send a request to follow to view private Instagram:- 

Right of the bet, you don’t have to act like a crazy person. First, follow up the same process which a normal person follows. 

Send the profile you would like to see a request to be included in the following list. Like most cases, that person to gain more followers will accept your request and you will be able to view the private Instagram of your fascination. 

Most of the time, when you are sending the following request that person might be online and will approve your request to follow right away. But if that person rarely uses Instagram and is not online then the waiting game starts. If you have an abundance of patience then good for you? 

But if you are too eager to see their private account on Instagram, then you should skip this step altogether. Still, you must follow the right path first. If it’s not working then don’t worry, we still have seven hacks left to share with you on how to view private Instagram profiles?

Time to ask for Google assistance on how to view private Instagram?:-

Since you already gave the first hack a shot, let’s assume your attempt failed. Now the time has finally come that you ask Google for assistance on how to see someone’s private Instagram? 

The first thing you need to do is go to your Browser or Chrome and write down that person’s user identity inscription into the inquiry engine whose profile that you want to see. Since the private feature is new and if that person was on Instagram before that, then you are in luck. Because Google library collects their old pictures before they turned their profile into a private account.

As soon as your search engine loads the page. You will be given the options like pictures, Newsflash section, Videos.”  Tap on the Image now you will get to see that person’s old pictures which were public. See how easy it is to see private Instagram old posts and pictures.

Investigate through various social media platforms to view private Instagram:-  

If your curiosity about that person doesn’t end even after seeing their pictures and you would like to find out more about them? Therefore, it’s time to investigate through different social media platforms like Fb account, Twitter accounts, Tik-Tok accounts, Snapchat accounts, and Pinterest. 

One thing that might cause you difficulty is if you don’t know their last name and what name they are using in their profile. But you can search for their last or complete name in that person’s Instagram memoir. All of these platforms might be able to provide what you were looking for like their numerous photos, videos, posts, and other necessary details. It’s one of the best options to view private Instagram posts without following their Instagram profile.

Your Friends can help you out to see private Instagram:-  

Most of the time we don’t even know and our friend is already following that person or is friends with the person. You can ask your friend for a favor to let you view private Instagram posts and pictures from their phone. 

Try IGmods.com to see private Instagram:-  

This app is known as one of the exclusive distinct third-person apps which you use to view private Instagram profiles. Continue to follow these instructions below the sequential process to See private Instagram.

iPhone users can follow these steps:

  • First, open up your iPhone’s “setting”. After that, go to the “general”.
  • When you enter it, search for the Application in the background refresh tab and confirm if it’s ON. 
  • Now, There is a “Battery” option in your phone and you have to ensure that battery saving mode is shut off.
  • Now You have to enter the application google play Store and turn On the automatic downloading mode.
  • In the fifth step, you have to go to the IG mods. com.
  • In the sixth step, you will be given several options on your phone screen. You have to tap on the “See Private Account”.
  • In this step, your researched page will be downloaded and displayed on your screen. There will be a box where you can see the term which tells you to write down the user’s Instagram identity name. Now you have to write that person’s name over there.
  • Press the Connect button after this you need to relax and give the website some time to answer.
  • Right after that, they will send you a message. So that you will have to verify the account. Over here you will get two chances to ensure the user identity name which you put in. When you are done verifying the name then you can press the Confirm button.
  • The next step is all about the web research subject to be processing. It will take some time to process the entire data of that person. Based on how many pictures they have posted on Instagram.
  • Once the processing is done they will send you a message confirming that now you can see the private Instagram of that person since it is unlocked.
  • In the final step, all you have to do is go to your Instagram and type that person’s user identity name. Congratulations, your wish has been granted to view the private Instagram of your crush.

How can an Android phone and Personal computer user be able to see private Instagram accounts?

The best part about being an Android phone owner. The entire process is much more effortless than it is for iPhone users. No need for you to make any drastic changes in your Android phone setting. All you have to do is search for IGmods.com web and pay them a visit and the entire process is the same that we mentioned above for the iPhone users.

Give InjectBox.com a shot to view private Instagram profiles:- 

The most remarkable thing about InjectBox.com is that both Android phone owners and iPhone owners have to follow a similar process to unlock the private Instagram account. 

Here are the following steps to see private Instagram:-

  • Make sure you have that person’s Instagram user-id name.
  • Second, pay a visit to the InjectBox.com website and start scrolling through the website until you can discover this phrase which says “See private Instagram.”
  • Tap on that phrase and type that person’s Instagram user id name.
  • Next press on the “see private Instagram profile.”
  • When the website network will acknowledge, there will be a list of how many followers they have and how many people they are following will be displayed on your screen from that profile. You can ensure if it’s the correct one or not, by checking it twice and comparing it to the real profile.
  • In this step, you have to tap on the phrase stating certify the user-id name” box.
  • Now the website network is going to inquire what would you like to choose out of these three things?
  1. View private Instagram account picture? If you choose this option? Then you can only see pictures from that account.
  2. See private Instagram account followers? If you choose this option then you can only see their followers list.
  3. Unlock a private Instagram profile? After choosing this option you will have access to their entire account.
  • Once you are done selecting the “Unlock user account ” option. The website system is going to plead with you to put in the info which CAPTCHA is asking for.
  • In the final step go to your Instagram app and put that Instagram account page on refreshing mode. Now you will be able to view private Instagram profiles since it is unlocked therefore it is made public for you.

Use Instagram++ extension to view private instagram profile 

   iPhone users can follow these steps:-

  • First, if your phone is in auto-rotation mode then turn it off.
  • In the second step go to your phone “Settings” tap the “General”, after this, you can switch on the refresh the applications running in the background.
  • It’s time to pay your browser a visit and next enter the HXTweaks.com 
  • To go to your homepage, you have to scroll now and locate the search engine. Now you have to write “Instagram” in the search engine.
  • You will be able to discover that an Insta application with an identical title of “Instagram ++” is displayed on your screen.
  • You can now download Instagram ++ and add this extension to your original Instagram app.
  • In the next process, there is going to be a new page and now you can follow some of these easy directions.
  • After this, you need to give it some time so the directions can be switched on, it’s time for you to go back to your Instagram.
  • Now it doesn’t matter who made their account private. Since you have access to every profile and can see private Instagram accounts.

Android users can follow these steps:-

If you are an Android phone user you don’t have to face many conflicts. All you have to do is switch off the auto-rotation mode, once you are done with it. Search for the HXTweaks.com site and follow the same instructions that we have given for the iPhone users and then you can see a private Instagram profile.

Try the UnlockPrivate application to view private Instagram:-  

All the options that we have given you above on how to view Instagram profiles were website-related. Now we are going to tell you about this app which is going to help you unlock any person’s private Instagram account.

The process to download the UnlockPrivate application on your Apple iPhone:-

  • On the first step go to your phone “Settings” tap the “General”, after this, you can switch on the Refresh the Application running in the background.
  • In the Second open your settings find the “Battery” option. Now you can ensure that the phone is not on the battery-saving mode setting.
  • In the third step visit your browser or chrome and start searching for XTweak.com.
  • When the search page is uploaded by the system. You can look for this phrase that says ” Private Instagram Viewer.”
  • Now the downloading option for that app will appear on your phone and you can download it on your iPhone.

The process to download the UnlockPrivate application on your Android Phone:-

  • Go to your phone “Settings”.
  • Now you have to switch off the battery conservation mode if it’s on.
  • Also, switch off the auto-rotation mode.
  • Now search for XTweak.co in your browser and follow the same procedure as the iPhone user to install the application.

How to see private profiles with the help of the UnlockPrivate application.

  • First, open your Instagram app and go to that person’s profile whose account you would like to unlock.
  • Keep this page open, close the unnecessary pages and decrease your phone use, it’s time for you to go to the UnlockPrivate application.
  • When you enter the app, write down that person’s user-id name into the search engine.
  • Press on the ” Show account or view profile” tab.
  • Have some patience and give the app some time to download the info. Once the info is loaded, it’s time for you to head back to your phone Insta application and you can put a private profile page on refresh mode.
  • Congratulations, now you can see the Instagram private account of your crush.

You can give any of these hacks a try which fits your criteria on How to view a private Instagram account? So in the future no more getting frustrated because of this stupid private account feature. Since you now literally have tricks up your sleeves to unlock these private profiles. 

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