Top Five Restaurants Serving Vegan in the U.K

Being Vegan is in vogue. Some people are allergic to dairy, and some passionately turn vegan. In both cases, customers prefer having restaurants that are trustworthy with their food quality and the ingredients they use. Being a Vegan restaurant is challenging as it might reduce the plethora of variety in menus. The count of vegan restaurants is increasing at breakneck speed due to the increased vogue of Vegan in customers. Favorite table understands the bewildering situation of choosing an authentic vegan good restaurant near me.

Here is the list of top five restaurants serving vegan in the U.K. ; 


Ethos is an authentic vegan restaurant in east castle street near oxford circus. The place has a lot to offer, including gluten-free, vegan, meat-free cuisines. Ethos is famous in the streets of the U.K. as it gives the best vegan food in the town. To flabbergast your taste buds with fresh and authentic vegan cuisines, visit or order online.  

222 Veggie Vegan 

222 veggie vegan is a restaurant meant for vegan enthusiasts. The place has a specialty in low-fat, low-salt, organic, and non-deep-fried food. The restaurant claims to use the best organic and fresh ingredients to prepare meals, and the chefs prepare food at order. And they do not serve preserved food to the customers. 222 veggie vegan has the perfect vibe to enjoy the meals.  


Greens is a AA Rosette award-winning vegetarian restaurant. The place has a perfect vibe to enjoy your meal; Greens’ kitchen has fresh ingredients meant to prepare vegetarian meals. Greens is famous for the purity and hygienic food it serves its customers. The restaurant is highly recommendable for a fine-dining experience. Greens are enlisted in the favorite table on purpose.  

River Green Café 

River Green cafe is famous across the U.K. for the variety of vegan food it serves, accompanied by organic wines, ciders, and local beers. The vibe of the place matches the perfect reunion with friends. The restaurant offers lunch, dinner and evening, on Sunday you can enjoy a fine-dining menu designed by the head chef. The food served at tables is fresh. River Green Cafe is most preferred among the youth.  

Bistro 1847-Manchester 

Bistro 1847 – Manchester has a history connected to its name that can be traced back to establishing a vegetarian society in 1847. The classic account is proof of the authenticity of vegetarian cuisines assorted from different corners of the world. The place is British vegetarian food accompanied by a wide range of exotic cocktails, spirits, wines, and beers. The restaurant offers the best dine-in options with the most flavorful vegetarian food on its menu.  

Vegan restaurants are entirely vegetarian and do not serve dishes containing meat. Vegan restaurants are a priority for people who crave meat-free dishes. The enlisted restaurants serve authentic vegetarian food and provide the best services. favorite table ensures the customers’ preferences and thus enlist the best restaurants to filter your search from restaurants across the U.K.

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