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You know, being a weeb, how hard it is to keep yourself updated with the anime world and also how hard it is to find a perfect website where you will get all kinds of manga to read in English. Manga is nothing but the anime comics which are released before an actual show of the anime is to be released. A manga reader just needs that every genre of comics should be available on one site so that he/she doesn’t have to go look for them on the other sites. In that case, if you’re a big weeb then manga stream is the best and even mangapanda alternatives where you get all kinds of manga like action, comedy, shounen, high-school, love, dark fantasy, supernatural fiction, and magic.

Most of the manga readers are into action, shounen, high school, dark fantasy, and magic, and in manga panda and manga stream you will get a collection of these kinds of comics.

Everything is good about this site, manga panda. You can search any Kissanime manga very easily as they are arranged alphabetically but a disadvantage is that a lot of annoying ads are displayed on the screen which you should be aware of.

Top 10 alternative sites of MangaPanda like Free Manga panda Stream 

daily tactics guru-manga panda


daily tactics guru-managpanda

If you are looking for a site with every latest manga available the mangatown is the best having more than 15000+ collections in its library with old and the latest ones. The interface is also very interesting with all the latest manga available on the homepage.

So if you are a manga reader looking for the latest anime manga then mangatown is the best alternative you can use for manga panda.


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Looking for a website that can replace manga stream and mangapanda the kissmanga alternative is the best that you should be using as they have a huge collection of anime with different genres and categories with daily updates on a manga which is being needed the most for a manga reader the manga are daily updated with high quality which makes a nice impression on the reader reading it.


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Problem with reading Japanese manga and looking for a site that can give you English-translated manga. Mangareborn is the best with top-rated anime available on this website to be read. This site suits best for the alternative of manga panda if you are looking for a site that provides English-translated manga.

It is a very trustworthy site as it is being supported by many publishers and artists themselves, so go for it without giving it a second thought as it is free and trustable.


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MangaFox is a free manga reading website where you get the latest anime manga to read you can even download the manga in high quality. If you are searching for a website which is available in mobile also it is the best as it is available in mobile version also now the experience of reading on your phone.

It is also very good for manga translation.


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Mobile users and tablet users would be after knowing about this as it is available in mobile apps with everyday updates of new manga added to the collection. If you are looking for an alternative manga reading site apart from mangapanda I would suggest you go for the manga reader website as you can read and even download having no limits to it and all for free.


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Mangastream is a good manga panda website that shows you the trending manga which is being read the most and also keeps you updated with all the new releases of the anime.

It keeps its manga in a very arranged way with categories. If you are looking for an action manga just go to the genre and select the action and you will get a list of action manga it also lets you keep track of the anime manga that you are reading as it has a bookmark feature in it.


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Comixology is a subscription-based comic reading site with more than 75000 comics available and 7000 free comics with publishers such as dc, marvel, IDW, etc.

It is available on every platform and it has a huge audience as it provides free comics tonit’s, mobile users, its main aim is to make the readers read digital comics as much as possible.

Best manga website with a simple interface and no annoying pop-up ads to interrupt you.


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If you are obsessed with high-quality colored manga then this site is heaven for manga readers as it provides free manga and that also from the leading publishers. If you register for this site you will be able to enjoy extra features of this site. Or if you open this site then the first thing that you are going to see is that it provides all the top-rated manga which should be on the list of an otaku.

Viz Media

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Love action and shounen jump genre anime this site provides all the action manga comics and all for free if you are a hardcore weeb then you would have watched naruto anyhow then this site is the best as it mainly provides manga of shounen categories.

The interface is very colorful and catchy and I am sure you would fall in love with it and on top of that, it has some good collections of top series like the Dragonball super, boruto: naruto next generation, one-piece, etc. this site is free from ads to go sign up make your library and enjoy reading.

One of the best alternatives if you are looking for mangapanda.


daily tactics guru-mangapanda com

Simple to use manga reading website with all the new releases available on this site all the manga are free to read with high quality making your experience of reading manga a good one. This site is good but the only thing that you should be aware of is the ads that are being displayed on MangaFreak.  

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