How To Increase Height? Easy

Height increase?

Increase height?

Height plays a significant role in your daily life. A tall height person does far better than a short height person. Height not only affects your physical appearance but also improves your mental status, as a tall person feels optimistic and always stays positive. While a short-height person always feels discomfort. 

Scientists have answered the questions like  “how to increase height naturally?” or “how to increase height after 18? ” or before 18? 

Many of you suffer from a short height and want to grow tall or want exercises to grow tall. We are here to help you and provide you with the most effective ways to increase height.

Your height is 70% depending on your genetics and the rest of the 30% on various factors like exercise, diet, sleep, environment and you need to target that 30% some of the ways are given below:

Ways To Increase Height?

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There are several ways to increase your height these are as under:

#1 Exercise

Exercises to get taller?

Exercises to grow taller?

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If you wanted to increase your height you need to work hard, need to take off your comforts, and engage in extreme physical workouts, it may be stretching or cardio

Following are the most effective exercises to increase height:

⬛ Running

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Running is the most effective and most important exercise that helps to stimulate your height because when you run your body will stretch at its full efficiency and it leads to the secretion of “HGH” Human growth hormone, which is responsible for your height growth.

⬛ Swimming

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Our earth is covered with 75% of water and even our body contains 70% of water. so the method of increasing your height is hidden in the water I.e. swimming. When you swim you stretch your spine and all muscles engaged in it. This will also help to height increase. Swimming is also useful for losing weight and act as a hard workout. 

⬛ Cycling

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If you’re a school going student or office going employee then this is for you, purchase a cycle now, and use it for going to school or office as it stretches your legs and causes a great impact on Thai muscles, It will improve your posture which increases your height in a day. It will also make your legs tall Cycling is best exercise for height.

⬛ Stretching

Stretching exercises to increase height?

Stretches to get taller?

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The best exercise to increase height is stretching everyday mornings quickly after waking up, stretching your body for 15- 20 minutes a day. If implemented twice a day it works more efficiently.

Some of the stretching exercises, stretches that make you taller or grow taller stretching and stretches to grow taller are:

◾Leg Touching   

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Stand straight in an attended position and keep your arms up, then try to touch your feet. Perform this pause 10-15 times and Leg Touching is the best growing taller excercises it will surely increases your height.


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Find a strong hanging pole in the nearest park to your home, hang for at least 5 min. And a daily passive hang affects your height and makes you tall. Hanging exercise is also the best  stretch to increase height.


daily tactics guru-height increase exercise

A passive jump stretches all your body muscles and bones ligament. Jump as much as you can and try to improve height each time.


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Rope skipping is one of the most effective exercises to increase your height as it stimulates all body muscles to their maximum potential.

◾Front kick

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Kick front from both legs making your body and backbone stretch to their full potential allows you to increase your spine’s length.


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Back stretches are of two types: front stretch and backstretch, you need to perform them both one by one. Take your arms back and try to touch the ground, then on your front side try to touch the ground.

⬛ Yoga

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Indian tradition is full of various valuable and effective techniques one of them is yoga some of the yoga poses for increasing height are:

◾ Tadasana

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 It supports correcting your posture and develops your balance. It helps in increasing the flexibility which is less to increase in your height if you are in puberty.

◾ Bhujangasana

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Bhujangasana is another most iconic yoga posture suggested by doctors, it enhances your HGH growth and increases height fastly. 

◾ Gomukhasana

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Cow pause, also known as Gomukhasana, is one of the oldest pauses of Indian yoga culture. It also supports your bad posture and improves it in the way to increase your height. 

◾ Vajrasana

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Vajrasana, also known as the mountain pose, is believed to help in improving your posture as a mountain. So keep practising it for better results.

◾ Sukhasana

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Sukhasana is also known as sitting in the position of pleasure or rest. It provides peace to mind and body cause to stimulate hormones.

◾ Surya Asana

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Suryasana or Surya namaskar is a combination of 12 different poses which stimulates your growth hormones and improves your posture.

⬛ Sprint

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Better than running if you are an adult try sprinting for 100m and perform 3 to 4 sets, after 1 month you will find results. Just run as fast as you can, also take the example of “Usain Bolt” according to him, he sprints around 10 km daily which’s why he is 6’5″ feet now.

⬛ Games 

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Try to engage yourself in games especially games that include running, jumping, and climbing like basketball, volleyball, football, high jump. You can also take an example of basketball players who are tall around 6 feet

because they jump more than 1000 times every day during practice. 

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#2  Diet To Increase Height

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Diet matters 60% more than exercise. It works as fuel or engine oil for your body and stimulates its growth. If you follow a proper diet and routinely exercise, you will surely increase your height within a month.

Some most important nutrients you should add to your food are:

 ◾ Protein

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Helps in heal or repair damaged tissue or building up to growth tissues

Its main sources are eggs, pulses, nuts, fish, chicken, flash, etc

 ◾ Calcium

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Our bones are made up of Calcium so we need a lot of calcium for new bone tissue formation.

Its main sources are milk, ghee, egg, nuts, curd, and all milk products


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Minerals act like digestive enzymes for our body which helps in digesting all other nutrients. 

Its main sources are leafy vegetables 


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Vitamins protect our body from foreign bacteria and support its continuous growth.

Its main sources are fruits, vegetables, milk products, eggs etc

 #3 Sleeping is Good for Health

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Another most important factor is to stun your body growth especially your height. When you sleep your body releases various hormones which build new tissues and repair damage. On average, an adult needs 8 to 10 hours of daily sleep for proper growth. 

If you miss your sleep a day your body will not grow.

What Affects Height? 

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Several factors act as a barrier in increasing your height: 

#1 Genetics

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The traits given to a baby or received by an infant from his ancestors is called genetics

Your height is dependent almost 70% on your parent’s genetics so if you have good genetics your height is automatically tall but if your parents are small in height your height varies around your parent’s height.

#2 Environment

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If you are living in a good, pure, pollution-free environment it will automatically affect your height because you consume more oxygen in such an environment and fresh air is available for you.

#3 Weight lifting

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Sorry my friend if you are engaged in any activity or game in which you need to lift weights you are probably not able to increase height because it compresses your body tissues and bones ligaments and cause stunning of your height

# Gravity

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The people living on poles have more height than those who live on the equator because gravity is more on the equator than poles because of our earth shape I.e. spherical shape.


If you follow the suggested ways you will find a difference In your height but note that the increase in height is a long-term process. It does not increase in a week or a day, it takes several months or years in some cases, so keep doing and wait for results.

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