Top 14 Character Maker Online Free Sites to Create Your Own Avatar

Have you heard of this new trend of making your own character creator online? There are several character maker sites where you can create your own avatar for free which can be used in your social media which will make you look cooler than others.

Cartoon avatar maker creates a cartoon of yourself or from the photo which you have uploaded on the site, after getting your avatar done you can post it on your social media platforms or use it as a display picture or even use it in your gaming accounts as a profile picture. 

You can find many online websites where you can create a character online, it is easy and free to use. Anyone can create an avatar free online without using any kind of vector designing software or photoshop or even need to hire a graphic designer for it. You can do it for yourself without any trouble.

Top 14 Character creator online free sites to create your own character Maker Online

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In this article, Daily Tactics Guru will be provided with a number of free online avatar creator websites using which you can create your own character without learning any kind of photoshop or adobe illustrator. And make your own cartoons, and art of the photo you are desiring for. Character maker lets you design your own kind of cartoons and sketches which you can use on your social media platforms.


Avatar maker is an amazing free character creator where you can make your own avatars of your choice. It is a handy and simple to use site also for beginners who are trying to make a character for the first time. After visiting this site it asks for a gender selection and then you will find a number of options to design your character provided with all the required detailing effects like nose, ear, mouth, eyebrows, etc.


Anichara is an online character designer where you can create your own character of your choice even you can explore a lot here as it has a lot of amazing features and elements using which you can create an avatar which once uploaded on your social platform will immediately grab the attention of others or you can use it as a gaming profile picture. Using this site you can create anime manga, anime boys or girls, cartoon faces, a babyface cartoon, and many more which you desire.


Want to create your own character but you’re afraid that you do not have any graphic designing skills, you do not need to worry Kartunix is a realistic avatar creator or you can say it is a character maker from which you can make amazing designs, characters, portraits, even make 3d characters. The site is very easy to use. All you have to do is either make your own avatars or upload a photo or a selfie that you want to create and the site will automatically create a cartoon character of yours in no time and download it and enjoy a cool avatar of yours. 

Avataaars Generator

Avataaars Generator is a free avatar maker from where you can make different kinds of personnel choice characters of your choice, here you will get a number of options to choose how you want to design a character like the hairs, outfit, face, eyes, nose, etc. even without having a zero knowledge of graphic designing or illustration you can make an avatar by yourself without any problem as it is very easy to use. You can download the character you have made in PNG and SVG format.

Mango Animate Character Maker

Mango animate character maker is an amazing character maker site where you get customizations that you can’t even imagine. It is a full body avatar creator free where you can design your character’s outfit with various backgrounds, even you can set the pose for your character. The best part about this site is that here you get ready-made characters from where you can choose the one you like and can even give animations to your character. You can make them move with the help of pre-motions that are available here. To unlock more amazing features you can also go for the premium version.


If you also are stuck with this cool trend or cartooning your photo, A cartoon is the best cartoon avatar generator where you can convert your photos into cartoons with a single click, you need no graphic designing or need any kind of heavy software like photoshop to create it. This is free and registering is optional. It’s up to you whether you want to do it or not.


If you want a logo or a supercool superhero avatar for your profile picture then Superherotar is the best free avatar maker where you can customize your own superhero character on your own, it is free and it has various amazing features using which you can make an awesome cool character which will make stand out from others and you will be different from them.

Doll Divine

If you are an otaku and a big fashion enthusiast and want to create an avatar for yourself then you should surely visit doll divine. It has very interesting features with a lot of various stylish outfits from which you can choose and create your own character. You can make your own anime character whether a boy or a girl depends on you and you can also make manga characters and make your own short story if you want.


Freepik is one of the most popular graphics designing online sites where you can 100’s of designs, vectors, illustrations all for free. Here you will get characters that are already made so no need to get yourself worried about making one. All you need is to find the perfect character you are looking for, download it and make the most use of it in any way you want.

Face Your Manga

Face your manga has over 14M avatars created on its website it is a very good website to design a character online. You can cartoonize your photos to make them look like a cartoon which really looks very awesome and cool. If you want that your social media looks the coolest among your friends then you should try making your own character here.


Marvel has a very huge fan base all across the globe. If you are also a marvel fan and want to create a marvel character of your own then you can visit marvel HQ where you can design your favorite marvel character and enjoy the work that you have made.

Character Creator

The character creator is one of the best character maker where you can make 3d characters with very easy and simple steps, it also provides you with tutorials to make you understand better. It is a full body avatar maker where you can design all sorts of movements and body parts for your character. You can have a lot of customizing elements that will not make you bored as you will have numerous choices to explore and create and show your creativity.


Kusocartoon is a free avatar maker which basically acts as a filter to your photos but in an effective way all you gotta do is upload the photo you are wanting to cartoonize and wait for the photo to be done and results will not make you regret sure.


Befunky is an avatar creator with all sorts of amazing features that you want in a website in order to make a cool cartoonized image of yours. Apart from cartooning your photo you can even crop and resize it according to your needs and even add photo effects, remove background, touch up, etc.

Some of FAQ: Character Maker Online

What is an avatar in social media?

Avatar is something that identifies yourself in the social media and using which you can be a person on the social media without any problem.  Using a character is also very useful if it does not reveal your real identity.

What are avatars used for?

Avatars are used mainly to hide your real identity without revealing your original one, an avatar also helps you to find a person’s social media or any other kind of profile or accounts. Using avatar creation many crimes are also solved by making a 2D or 3D image of that suspected person which makes it easy for them to find.

How do I create an avatar for myself?

Creating an avatar is very easy as there are many free sites that provide this feature of creating free characters of your choice but many sites provide ready-made characters which you can use, you do not need any kind of graphic designing skills for these as they are very simple and easy to use.

Why are avatars popular?

Avatars have become so popular because of the constant need of social media users and gamers, as they look very cool and also somewhat hides your real identity from others but also helps them to find you online. It is mostly used in cartoons and the gaming industry to make characters.

What is the best avatar creator?

In the article above which is provided to you here, you will find the best avatar creators recommended for you which are easy to use and free, and also you need no photoshop or illustration skills to design them. 

How can I create my own character online?

You can create your own character online from the suggested applications and websites that we have provided. Sites like a divine doll, cartoonize, marvel HQ, etc are the best-recommended sites to create your own character.

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