Why custom printed roller blinds?

8 reasons why custom printed roller blinds are becoming a new sensation among homeowners

The custom printed roller blinds are an ideal choice for homeowners for multiple reasons. Whether it is plantation shutters in Beverly Hills or custom printed roller blinds, both suit the dynamics of a modern-day home. Roller blinds are a great choice for many reasons. 

The custom printed roller blinds add depth and provide a minimalist finish to any home. It is space-saving and adds elegance. 

What are custom printed roller blinds?

A roller blind is a shade for any home’s window that rolls up all the way to the top of the window. It is ideal for all window types and can be custom-designed according to the taste of the homeowner. 

The roller blind is made using an uninterrupted piece of cloth or fabric that is framed according to the size of the window. It can be installed both inside or outside the window. However, homeowners mostly opt for a chain roll mechanism that is connected to the casing of the blind. 

One major benefit of installing a custom printed roller blind is that it can fit around any window frame size and type. Even if the window is wide, large, small, or narrow, you can get a roller blind custom-made. In fact, even for the window-sized from floor to ceiling, you will find a roller blind. 

And since the roller blinds close near to the window, they provide a near finish and an elegant look to the entire interior. They also help retain the heat inside during windows and do not let the cool air come in during winters. 

You may choose from a variety of fabric kinds to limit the amount of light that enters the room. However, experts recommend that any custom printed roller blind should let at least 50% of light pass through. But certain homeowners do want a complete blackout.

So, when you go out to browse the market, you will come across multiple options for the roller blinds ranging from insulation types to complete privacy options. There are even motor-operated roller blinds available. Here are all the reasons why you should opt for custom printed roller blinds in Beverly Hills CA

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1. Enjoy the much-needed privacy 

You can get custom-made roller blinds to offer complete blackout during the daylight hours so you can enjoy an interrupted sleep over the weekends without the sun peeking in. 

It can also block the streetlights during the night-time horse allowing heat to retain inside. Besides, whenever you wish for light to enter, all you have to do is simply roll up the blinds and let light pass through. You can even partially open the roller blinds suiting to your mood. 

2. Suits all window types and sizes

You can get custom printed roller blinds made for all types of windows even large-sized windows. The roller blinds operate using a bracket system and hence can easily fit a large-sized window frame. You can only find this bracket system with a roller blind and no other type. This helps achieve maximum privacy in a room from the outside world. 

3. Enjoy noise-free surroundings; roller blinds block all types of noises

Roller blinds are ideal at blocking even the most ear-piercing of noises from the outside. So, they make a perfect fit for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, in fact, any room that you wish to make noise-free. 

4. The maintenance of roller blinds is simple and easy

It is very easy and convenient to remove any accumulated dirt and debris from the roller blinds. You can use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean these blinds. Any sort of wet stains from dirt can also be removed using a clean cloth. 

5. Roller blinds keep the scorching sun out 

If you have a bedroom facing the sun, it is hard to sleep even on the weekends because of the glaring sun. 

Or in your living room where the sun constantly glares as soon as noon hits. Or your dining room where it is hard to eat during the summers because of the constant sunlight passing through. One solution to the glaring sun problem is custom printed roller blinds.

6. The amount of light that enters a room can be controlled.

The roller blinds allow you to control the amount of light entering a room. You can completely shut them for a blackout effect or partially open them to allow some light to pass through. 

7. Get your custom prints printed on the blinds

With the custom printing options available in the market, you can easily design your own roller blinds with your desired prints or pictures. Get one made from a credible blinds expert in a theme that matches your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

8. Maintains the temperature inside; reducing your energy bills

With roller blinds, you can easily control the temperature of any room inside. Roller blinds have the ability to retain the heat inside during the winter and keep the cold air outside. 

Your appliances will have to work for less to maintain the temperature. This will help reduce your energy bills. Without a doubt, roller blinds are an energy-efficient option for any home or office.  


All in all, custom roller blinds are a great option for any home, office, or room that requires a modern, elegant, and affordable window solution. They can block the sunlight and keep the surrounding noises outside.

Furthermore, with roller blinds, the warmth will remain inside the room and cool air will remain outside during the winters. 

All in all, roller blinds are a win-win situation for your home. 

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