CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis and Other Mobility Problems

CBD oil is among the topmost preferred drug for both humans and pets. You will find it in almost all local drug stores or pet boutiques. 

If your dog suffers from arthritis or any other mobility disorders, you may want to give it a try. Of course, you may be wondering if it will work or are there any negative side effects. The truth is that several scientific studies support the effectiveness of cannabidiol use. 

This supplement has proven beneficial in the treatment of multiple disorders including inflammations, chronic pain, joint pain among others. 

Daily Tactics Guru will give you an insight into how you can use this supplement to improve your dog’s mobility disorders. You can try out holistapet CBD oil for dogs and get your pet some help.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Arthritis is a common mobility disorder in most pets. The main signs and symptoms of arthritis include limping, tiredness, yelping when touched, reluctance to walk, irritability among others. 

If you notice these signs in your dog, you may want to visit your vet immediately. It is also important to understand that there are various prescription drugs available for treating arthritis. 

However prolonged use of these drugs can cause nasty side effects to your hound. This is why experts recommend a more natural and safer remedy like cannabis-based products. 

Clinical trials done on dogs showed that CBD oil was so effective at mitigating inflammations and pain for pets suffering from joint pains. 

Another case study provides that the interaction between Cannabidiol and the GPR55 receptor seemed to slow down the progression of arthritic inflammation. 

CBD Oil for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia 

Hip dysplasia is closely related to arthritis and is a common issue affecting most elderly hounds. The disease is linked to the irregular formation of the hip socket, and it may cause severe pain and lameness. 

You will know your pet suffers from hip dysplasia if you notice grating of the joint, a decrease in the muscle mass, lameness in the hind legs, decreased mobility to name a few. 

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Although medicinal marijuana cannot be used to clear the condition completely, it can help to eliminate specific symptoms. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol can help reduce joint pain and provide your pooch with improved mobility, a better quality of life, and more comfort.

Benefits of CBD oils to dogs with arthritis and mobility disorders

As we all know, CBD oil may have a positive influence on your canine’s overall health. Particularly, when your dog suffers from mobility issues and persistent pains associated with hip dysplasia and arthritis. Let’s dig deeper into this science. See this link for more benefits https://www.newsweek.com/amplify/what-are-benefits-cbd-oil-dogs-where-buy-it-online 

Pain Management

Pain management is vital in senior canines who suffer from arthritis, IVDD, or hip dysplasia. These disorders are associated with excruciating pain, enough to incapacitate your furry friend. 

The pain can also result from surgery or injury. For your hound to lead a better-quality life, reducing their pain is important. 

While most veterinarians will recommend prescriptions drugs like opioids to reduce the pain, they may come with serious side effects including liver damage, or fatal overdose. 

CBD oil on the other hand is safer to use and has no known side effects. It has also been proven to be an effective pain reliever.

Improve Mobility

When your pooch is in pain, it may not be as active as before. Especially when they grow old, they no longer enjoy swimming in the pond, playing fetch, or daily walks. 

Watching your pet deteriorate can be so distressing. We all want to enjoy our pet’s company as much as we can.

If pain is the main reason for inactiveness, then you will need a good pain reliever that has zero side effects. The cannabis-based supplement can enhance your dog’s mobility by eliminating joint pains.


Inflammation is a major symptom experienced by most pets suffering from mobility disorders. This condition can be treated with prescription drugs like NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). 

Unfortunately, there have been safety concerns regarding the use of these drugs particularly for aging and immune-compromised hounds. These drugs are believed to cause gastrointestinal tract problems, renal failure, and even death if used for long. 

Report from various studies supports cannabidiol anti-inflammatory benefits. One study provided that CBD oil has the potential to slow down Osteoarthritic progression by averting nerve damage triggered by inflammation. Plus, it has a safer profile, unlike NSAID drugs.

Reduce Pain Medications

Cannabidiol is known to boost the effectiveness of most anti-inflammatory drugs including NSAIDS and opioids. 

This means it is capable of reducing the nasty side effects of these prescriptions drugs without interfering with their activity. This is very beneficial to most canines especially the old ones whose immune system has been compromised. 

Dog owners can also rest easy knowing that their pets are safe from serious complications that may result from prolonged use of these medications. 

However, if your dog has been using these medications, have a conversation with your vet before giving it any cannabis-based product. Click here to read more insights.


The use of cannabis products grows popular by the day. This is mainly because of their effectiveness and multiple uses. Cannabidiol acts as an immune booster and can be used to enhance other forms of treatment as well. Nothing hurts a pet lover more than seeing their furry friends suffer in pain. At this point, you will do anything to make sure they are okay. Luckily, cannabidiol oil provides a safe remedy for pain and inflammations. Still, don’t forget to consult with your vet before giving this supplement to your hound.

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