10 Best Foods That Can Reduce the Risk of Cancer

The best nutritionist in Bangalore says, cancer is a lethal illness, and almost everyone is terrified of it. As we live in a highly contaminated world, the prevalence of cancer is growing for most people today. Besides the danger of succumbing to this awful sickness is regularly expanded by different factors like surrounding radiation openness (UV beams by daylight), smoking, infections, quality transformations, disease-causing synthetic substances (cancer-causing agents), weight, and unfortunate eating routine.

This disorder however does not arise unexpectedly overnight. Over a time of years, it develops and it is thusly essential to deal with your wellbeing for the duration of your life. Different food types provide nutrients that can help you improve the cancer protection system of your body. This is the reason it very well may be simply everything thing you can manage for yourself to be aware of what you eat and the manner in which you set up your eating routine. 

The various food items you can remember for your eating regimen are the following:


Turmeric, not only because of its distinct flavor, is a perfect spice, but it also provides many health benefits. One of these medical advantages is that the danger of creating malignancy might be decreased. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that by controlling numerous phone flagging pathways, slaughters tumor cells. Research performed with patients with cancerous colon lesions found that when patients were given measured doses of turmeric, the lesions decreased by 40 percent. Another study found that this spice could delay prostate, lung, and breast cancer growth and progression.


Another form of spice that contains anti-tumor properties is cinnamon. It works by inhibiting the development of tumor blood vessels and reducing the supply of oxygen to cancer cells. This causes the passing of tumor cells. As per the best nutritionist in Bangalore, one investigation tracked down that fundamental cinnamon oil1 can assist with diminishing the size of dangerous tumors. Phenylpropanoids, for example, Eugenol that applies harmful impacts on various sorts of malignant growth cells are likewise found in Cinnamon. By making cinnamon nectar tea, banana cinnamon oats, and a natural product plate of mixed greens sprinkled with cinnamon powder, you can add cinnamon to your eating routine.


Garlic contains an allicin-like organosulfur compound shaped when garlic is hacked or squashed. It has cell reinforcement properties and upgrades the invulnerability of the body to battle disease. Allicin helps to decrease cancer growth, according to different reports. It can help reduce the cause of cancer by simply adding garlic to your everyday diet.


Broccoli contains flavonoids, which in nature are anti-cancerous. This flavonoid is referred to as sulforaphane and is thought to be very effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer. This is because close to 97 percent of these flavonoids are lost when you cook them in a microwave!

Citrus Fruit:

Citrus fruits are rich in compounds known as flavonoids that have antioxidant and cancer-fighting effects. As per the best nutritionist in Bangalore, Vitamin C helps to fight the body against free radicals, which is another antioxidant found in citrus fruits. One study notes that these fruits will help to minimize by 28 percent the risk of stomach cancer. Another research shows that they also assist against gastrointestinal, pancreatic, and respiratory cancers3.

Brazil Nuts:

There are good concentrations of selenium in Brazilian nuts. Research performed by Harvard University found that individuals with high levels of selenium in their blood had a 48 percent reduced cancer risk. Another Cornell University study showed that individuals found a 68 percent reduction in prostate tumor incidence, a 58 percent reduction in colorectal cancer, a 46 percent reduction in lung malignancies, and even a 38 percent reduction in total deaths by only getting 200 mg of this mineral a day. By putting sprinkling on a salad, you can eat these every day or can only eat them as a snack from a bowl!


Tomatoes provide a pigment known as Lycopene from a plant. Not only does this compound give it a red hue, but it also has anti-cancer properties. The danger of certain tumors, for example, lung and prostate malignant growth might be diminished by tomatoes. The best nutritionist in Bangalore says you can have tomatoes sprinkled with salt, dark pepper, and lemon juice as soup, sauce, chutney, and vegetable plates of mixed greens.


Berries are perfect for lowering the risk of some cancer forms, such as cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Different studies have shown that the use of berries in many patients decreases the progression and spread of oral cancer. To ensure a perfect morning and the rest of the day, you can have a good amount of berries for breakfast.


Kiwi fruits have large quantities of antioxidants that fight against the body’s free radicals and helps in reducing cancer risk. It also contains sufficient amounts of carotenoids such as lutein, which interferes with many cell signaling pathways to prevent the growth of some cancer cells.


Ginger contains numerous mixtures that give scent and flavor to it, for example, shogaols, gingerols, and zingerone. In the battle against cancer, these compounds are helpful as they inhibit tumor cell division and development. A study found that shogaols prevent the development of spheroids in breast cancer cells and also cause the death of cancer cells. To the chutney, curries, and some drinks, you may also add ginger.

As new research continues to surface, it has become more and more apparent that your diet can have a huge effect on your cancer risk.

The best nutritionist in India says it’s a safe bet that a diet rich in whole foods can improve many aspects of your health, combined with a balanced lifestyle.

To understand how these foods can directly influence the development of cancer in humans, consulting a nutritionist is needed. At Qua Nutrition, we look at this matter with utmost significance and specialization.

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