Top signs of your fire protection system failing

Maintaining and upgrading a building’s fire protection system is as important as installing a fire protection system in buildings. You need to look out for the following ways a fire protection system can fail you:

Air diffusers that are too close to smoke detectors

Look out for air diffusers that are too close to smoke detectors because they can result in false alarms. This mainly happens when the original location of the diffusers changes after an HVAC renovation. Such air diffusers result in contaminating the detector because they began blowing dirt and dust right onto the detector, hence, resulting in false alarms.

Duct smoke detectors in air handlers

Smoke detectors are required in the duct system of big air handling units. They detect smoke from filters, fans, and motors. It’s necessary to maintain the duct system and change the filters properly. Because if not, dirt and dust can easily contaminate these devices. 

Dead batteries

Ontario fire protection system suppliers pay a lot of heeds to replace the dead batteries. Moreover, a fire protection system also needs a power backup in case of power out.

Blocked pull stations

In emergencies, manual alarm pull stations are of great importance. But unfortunately, it’s seen that people tend to block them even without realizing that they are blocking these stations. For example, they place planters right in front of them. 

Not testing generators and pumps well enough

Generators and pumps need to be maintained and tested regularly. It’s typical for many owners to assume that generators and pumps are in good condition simply because they start and run successfully in a few minutes.

Only part of the fire protection system is inspected

Owners should make sure that the fire protection system in their buildings goes through a proper inspection. They need to hire such vendors who do a proper inspection from sprinkler systems to detection and alarm systems. So that if there’s anything that’s not performing well could be changed accordingly. It’s another thing Ontario fire protection system suppliers give importance to.

Blocked exits

A fire protection system isn’t only for protecting the building but also for people’s safety. You might have seen chairs and tables in front of the exit doors in some restaurants. Owners shouldn’t compromise with people’s safety. Exits should be cleared so that they could be useful in emergencies.

Overtaxed electrical equipment

The use of daisy-chain power strips is very common. But, people shouldn’t overlook the risk of fire breakout these power strips have. Because overheating electrical outlets can easily cause a fire.

Neglected exit signs

You might have seen such exit signs in buildings that perform dual functions, which are lighting the sign as well as lighting the exit path. It’s easy for people to ignore such exit signs. An exit sign should only be an exit sign lighting itself up in such bright colors that could gain people’s attention.

Compromising fire doors

If owners want to install fire doors in their buildings, they should install them away from people’s reach. Because fire doors function to stop the fire from spreading further in other parts of the buildings by closing the doors. And if a fire door gets closed when people are in there, it will be very devastating.

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