Top Five Online Dentist Consultation Platforms

The mouth is an essential organ of our body, and it should be taken care of properly. The tooth is another body part that should be taken care of. You must have seen people taking oral health for granted and further facing problems like plaque, cavity, toothache, etc. It is always essential to prevent any oral diseases because it is directly related to other issues. Still, if you could not prevent it at the right time and look for a cure, you should immediately consult a dentist.

Learn about How to maintain straightened teeth after Invisalign or braces?. If you have faced oral health issues during the unforeseen lockdown and even post-COVID situation, if you are afraid to consult a dentist, you must go for online doctor consultation platforms that offer the best services. Some of the top five online dentist consultation platforms are; 

Docterz -Online Dentist Consultation Platform

Docterz is an online platform that is in the limelight for its services. It is an all-in-one Portal where you can find every specialist in the doctor panel. Docterz is well equipped with services like online consultation, a waiting room, a record of follow-up appointments, and several other benefits. You can consult a dentist online, on the Portal of Docterz. Several practitioners in the doctor panel make it easy for the patients to filter searches according to their issues, fees, etc. You can use the services of Docterz in the app available in androids and IOS or at the web portal.

Care fit- Online Dentist Consultation Platform

Care fit is a platform that renders excellent services to people looking for an online dentistry consultation. The Portal claims to have the best doctor panel. Patients have online appointments, and they choose from doctor panels according to the services they want. Care fit renders services on web portals and apps on androids and IOS.

Lybrate- Online Dentist Consultation Platform

Lybrate is a platform for the world’s best practitioners. One of the valuable services they offer is collecting samples of patients and providing the report online as soon as possible. Lybrate offers a different range of doctors from which the patients can choose wisely. Lybrate has the best dentistry practitioners. If you have oral health issues, you must consult a dentist online through a web portal and app of lybrate. 

Dental chat- Dentist Consultation Platform

Dentistry is a unique sphere in the doctor panel, and thus it requires a superior platform for the to consult an online dentist. Dental chat s one such platform that is eccentric to dentistry. This Portal has a lot to offer to people suffering from oral health issues and claims to have the best dentists available on video conferencing and chats. Patients can quickly get in contact with their dentist according to the appointment times. The Portal gives service of follow-up appointments. Their services are available on web portals and apps on androids and IOS.

Doc online- Dentist Consultation Platform

Doc online is an all-in-one platform for online consultation, on-call consultation, lab tests, ordering medicines, etc. Patients can avail all the services, from booking appointments to ordering medications, within a few minutes. The Portal is best if you want an urgent consultant f your oral health issues. Their services are available on web portals and apps on androids and IOS.


Every other person is encountering oral health issues, and during the COVID-19 situations, it got challenging to reach doctors. Some people developed these web portals to reach patients without going the extra mile. Docterz is considered the best online dentistry platform because of the best doctor panel. 

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