Top Features Look in your Lab Blender

If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer and looking for a way to increase your productivity, you should invest in simple yet effective equipment — a lab blender. 

Today, when the global pharmaceutical equipment market is projected to reach $51300 million by 2025, with just one lab blender, you can grow your business. However, you need a highly functional and powerful laboratory mixer to boost your production scale. 

If you have no clue how to buy the right lab mixer, you can consult the Meto Systems team to guide you. Moreover, to assist you, we have evaluated the common features that lab mixers must have. 

Top Lab Blender Features 

If you are planning to buy a new lab mixer, you should look for the following features:

High Efficiency 

This is a very common feature that you should look at in your lab blender. High efficiency increases your ROI and improves production capacities. To check the efficiency level of your machine, you should ask the following questions:

  • What is the blending speed of the machine?
  • Does anything lose during the blending process?
  • How much power does blender consume?

Always consider all these parameters to buy a highly efficient blender. Just remember, blenders’ efficiency is directly related to your ROI. 

Check Safety Feature 

Safety is one of the crucial features of a lab blender. If your blender isn’t safe to use, no lab technician will take the risk of using it. Importantly, it will be morally and ethically wrong to force lab attendants to use a risky blender. 

Therefore, you should precisely check all the safety features in the blenders. For your reference, we have created a list of common safety features that you can’t miss:

  • All the rotating parts should be tight and secure. 
  • Blender should have appropriate sensors. 
  • Electric cut out to prevent equipment in case of power failure. 
  • Emergency stop switches to stop equipment during an emergency. 
  • Eliminates the possibility of air pollution with the dust-free blender. 
  • Auto-locking system that can automatically lock the bin after loading so nothing can fly out. 

Durability and Longevity 

Lab mixer equipment needs to be durable and long-lasting. If you don’t want to often deal with blender repairs, you should highly focus on this factor. 

With a durable blender, you need to be less careful and can even ask your junior lab technician to work with it. Additionally, a durable and long-lasting blender can save you precious time and money. 

cGMP and CE Compliant

Usually, laboratory blenders are used to blend powders or granules. These types of blenders are used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Therefore, the blender should meet cGMP and CE standard compliance. 

The FDI team regularly inspects pharmaceutical equipment to ensure that they are following all the safety and hygiene standards. If they find non-compliance with any of these standards, they will first issue a warning, and then, they can fully shut down your production. Therefore, always buy the blender based on the latest food and drugs department guidelines. 

New Technologies 

Make sure that your blender contains all the latest features and technologies. With the technically rich blender, you can boost your ROI and production scale. Additionally, if you are today buying a new blender, you definitely don’t want to replace it any time soon. So, you can keep your new technologies-studded blender for a long time. 

You should always buy a lab blender after full feature analysis, as it’s a matter of your business. However, if you don’t have adequate skills to find the best lab mixer, you can consult the Meto Systems team. We will understand your business requirements and then offer the right solution. Contact us today to get the right pharmaceutical equipment. 

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