The Future of eCommerce- 4 trends to watch out for in 2022

2020 will leave a huge effect on commercialization. But the eCommerce segment is increasing and evolving day by day. More and more retailers are joining their hands to the eCommerce platforms and a lot of eCommerce ventures are booming these days. It is estimated that worldwide retail eCommerce sales will hit up to $4.9 trillion. That’s a big number!

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We know that the trends of eCommerce platforms are changing on a daily basis. With such a changing diameter, it becomes difficult for anyone to walk hand-in-hand with the eCommerce trends of the market. And hence, here we are with some of the major eCommerce trends that are bound to take you to the top!

Here are some of the major eCommerce trends

Voice eCommerce might boom

All of us are adding a new member to our family. We are talking about Alexa/ Google Assistant here. And with Google and Amazon adopting regional languages now, the demand for voice assistance is continuously rising. 

Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep this trend in mind while you optimize your content. What can you do?

You can start by attracting or engaging your customers by forming a conversion path. You can add answers to the queries that are most common for your product. You can even offer voice-based navigation to your website or on the app. But you will have to ensure that the purchase process is simple. 

Make the most of this digital trend and beat the bush!

A variety of Payment options 

Honestly, you tend to lose customers if you don’t give the customers their preferred payment method. Make sure customers can access all of the following methods of payment:

  • Digital Wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • And the most general ones: Debit and Credit Cards

Payment to be done in installments is the new trend that giants are following. Recently, Etsy has diversified its payment options for its customers. 

“Klarna will enable shoppers to buy on Etsy with greater financial control and convenience, without additional fees for sellers. We believe this flexible solution will be particularly valuable during the peak holiday shopping period when many shoppers are buying special items for their loved ones,”  said Kruti Patel Goyal, Etsy’s chief product officer on rolling out Klarna flexible technology. 

This is just the beginning. In 2022, we might end up transacting with the help of cryptocurrencies as well!

Mobile eCommerce will fly higher!

The most comfortable way for anyone to shop is through their mobile device. It is expected that the contribution of mCommerce or mobile commerce can rise up to 72.9% by 2022. 

So start preparing your website for mobile devices and make it mobile responsive. 

Use a progressive web app for your online site or your online store. You can even use accelerated mobile pages for those who visit your site through mobile devices. 

online store

Also, check your site by manually scrolling through your phone. Remember, if you don’t make your online store mobile-friendly you will have a good chunk of the audience. So hold your gadget and immediately start. 

Visuals are getting away with all the highlights!

In order to engage and convert their audience into leads, many websites have started using imagery not only for their product page but for the entire online store. 

Puma’s website

Have a look at Puma’s website. Puma has smartly used visuals to influence their customers. They not only have used product images on their homepage but have added shortcuts to these products as well which makes it easy for the customers to navigate. 

What can you include?

  • 360-degree images
  • User-Generated Content
  • Visual ads

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These trends will not only keep you in limelight but keep you in touch with the latest changes. Although these trends are a mere prediction these trends are bound to make an important role in the upcoming years.

The year has already taught us to remain prepared for the unexpected. By incorporating these strategies, you are making a step towards the needs of your audience. Stay in touch with these trends and you will have an impactful strategy that keeps your audience in the center. Use these trends and have an opportunity of getting into the limelight. 

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