Pros and Cons, A Guide to Buying Instant Geysers!

Are you someone who has a family with kids?

Are you tired of the conventional modes of water heating? Do you have plans to buy an Instant geyser this season?

Let us help you in making your decision!

Since winters are here in Lahore in full swing, just the thought of getting a cold shower sends a shiver down the spine. Right? Brr!! Why suffer when you have just the right geyser installation service to save you from the cold! Be it for bathing, or different washing purposes in the household, a geyser saves the day for everyone in winters!

But first before going out and making your purchase, make sure you are well equipped with the information about geysers! As some are specific varieties available in the market. From instant water geysers, gas geysers, dual facility, and electric, every geyser comes with its pros and cons. Once you weigh the options, then you can very well shop and call geyser installation Lahore to get this beauty in your home! So, let’s get down to it. Nowadays more and more people are going towards instant geysers. Let us tell you why!

Instant Geysers – Benefits

Space for Walls

As compared to the large storage geysers, an instant geyser acquires less space as it’s smaller in size. Due to this, it requires a small wall mounting space. Apart from this less space consumption, the instant geysers are constructed in a way that provides an appeal to the room it is installed. Be it your washroom, kitchen, or bathroom when you get the instant geyser installation in a facility, it doesn’t look bad!

Time Duration

As compared to the large water heaters and geysers, an instant geyser takes only a few seconds until the hot water comes out of the tap, unlike the gas storage geysers, where you have to wait for more than 5 minutes for hot water. With instant geysers, it’s easier to get hot water quickly. 

Electricity Consumption

Since hot water from the instant geysers comes out quickly, it consumes less electricity. Whereas the gas geysers consume more electricity as a little bit more time is needed to heat the water. 

Heat Loss due to Stand By

The walls of the gas geysers are made of insulating material therefore there is a chance of heat loss. However, the instant geysers due to their ability to heat the water instantaneously eliminate the chances of heat loss. In so doing, saving money and electricity.


As compared to gas geysers, the geysers much more competent. For instance, if your family needs 30 gallons of water daily, the instant geysers can save up to 30% of the energy costs. This is one of the crucial points on why people prefer instant geyser installation over gas and storage geysers.

Restricts Overheating

A smart instant geyser restricts the power supply when it senses that the required temperature is attained. It all happens due to the presence of a thermostat that is present inside the instant geyser. In addition to that, the instant geysers come with a high-pressure valve that restricts the hot water to drain out of the geyser while lowering the pressure inside the geyser. Nevertheless, enhanced pressure in the geyser may result in the formation of dangerous steam and god forbid, a blast.

Life Duration

Since the geysers come with a small water storage tank, the lifespan for instant geysers are a little bit more than that of the gas geysers that ranges up to 6-15 years easily!

Greenhouse Effect

Gases that are dangerous like greenhouse gases are not emitted by Instant Geysers therefore they are beneficial to the environment. Whereas gas geysers do the opposite.

So, before you go out and make the purchase for geysers, keep the above-mentioned points in mind, we hope that your geyser shopping spree goes successful. Once done, the geyser installation service Lahore may help you with the installation so you can have peaceful winters ahead. 

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