One-Sided Love-The pain of Loving

One-Sided Love

Do you love someone? Does that person love you back? Here Daily Tactics Guru shares the experience of One-Sided Love, The pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Pain of unrequited love and the desires of the heart when in love.

Like a Partridge,
With a desire unfulfilled 
To be a part of the Moon’s Serenity…
I wander around it… 
In Thoughts… In Dreams….. 
Striving to embrace it in my arms… 
I struggle to comprehend… 
More puzzled I become… 
Closer I move… To caress… To decipher. 
More unattainable it seems… 
Sometimes worn out I feel… 
To endeavor… And then to break… 
Oh! I wish to be the Ocean, 
With a heart so profound… 
Into which the River flows… 
Dissipating itself… Utterly….. 
Intensifying the Intimacy… 
The two souls meet… |
Never to apart… One forever… 
A bond so adamantine… 
Oh! I wish to be the Ocean… For the River. 
No more a Partridge… To the Moon!!!! 

The most vulnerable place to be at, is in love with someone. You pour out everything you have, to that person and in return, what you expect, is the reciprocation of that love. 

But unfortunately, Life is not a Romantic Movie or a Fairy tale where it ends with the Union of the Prince Charming and the Beautiful Princess. Love isn’t always requited and may not end in Happily ever After.

The Journey of Love

One-Sided Love is not something that is forced upon, it just happens. You do not get the time to ponder whether it will work out or not. It just clicks in your heart to give your whole soul to a particular person. You do not seek any reason or purpose for this. 

Spending time with the other person becomes your priority overall. You expose yourself to, whom so ever, that person is. All the past experiences,  future aspirations, likes and dislikes, desires and dreams, flaws, and deepest secrets of his or her Heart. And in return, you disclose your concealed secrets and desires. Your person knows,  what it takes to make you feel happy and extra special. All beautiful moments are shared together and new memories are built to be cherished later. And you are in love before you even get to know it. Loving someone involves giving parts of your soul,  part of yourself which you mask from the rest of the world. 

A whole new dimension of trust and intimacy is developed between you two. You start looking at that person all the way differently. The most intricate details of the appearance, his or her behavior, are noticed. You start understanding things or words, even before they say it. Your heart even start loving their flaws as you accept them more. 

You start realizing how much you admire each and everything about that person and how much you adore them. Your Heart starts skipping a beat when you hear their voice. You can feel their presence around you when they are not even there. Your body starts palpitating and shaking when they are in front of you. You just cannot ignore them, how much you try to divert yourself. 

But now comes the Scariest part – The Declaration.

There are only two choices, either you Reveal everything inside your heart to that person or Die in misery to retain the relationship you have.

It can be an agonising experience for you. The moment, the other person tells you that he or she does not feel the same way. For whatever reasons, you are torn. But all the reasons are irrelevant as you feel drowned. Everything and anything just racks your brain. 

Rejection is not easy. Neither, it is worth it. It is hurtful and brings a full package of tears, heartache, and self-hatred. You start feeling worthless. And start searching for the reasons why you are not enough or apt for that person. You start feeling sick inside of you. It becomes impossible to put your concentration back. You just cannot focus on anything else. Your fantasy world just falls apart. You become immobilized and just cannot pick your broken pieces back in place. 

The next step is to deal with “Staying Friends” or “The last GoodBye” thing. 

Because now it becomes awkward. You look up to that person with feelings and that person just cannot reciprocate them for you. And the fun part is, it’s not their fault. So you can’t even blame them for it. It is almost like a break up but you are the only one breaking here. 

The most depressing phase is when you mourn their absence in your life. You crave to talk to them but wonder if he or she is also up to this thought or not. The thought of he or his getting involved with someone else and you becoming all emotional, scatters your wholeness. You start feeling sorry for yourself.

One-sided love is just Torture. It does not love at all. This love is wasting time on something which is never coming your way. The other person is never going to notice you the same as you want. It’s showing them so much fervor and getting indifference in response. 

This unrequited love is like a Battle front. You are fighting with your own emotions and your own feelings. Your soul is fighting the truth, the reality. You are battling with everything. And losing yourself again and again in a war which will eventually destroy you. 

One sided love is a sort of Self Destruction. It amplifies every minor flaw of yours to multiple dimensions. This leads to the lowering of your self-esteem and self-worth. 

And When you are trying to gather everything, some triggers may make the pain bleed out of your heart through the wounds you are trying to put tape on. You try to drag your life through everything. But you fear that you will not be able to be the same person again. You will never be able to Love someone else with the same passion. Or maybe you are not made to be loved. Or you don’t deserve the love you give to others. 

But hey! 

Give yourself some space. Take some time. After this time of grieving, you will eventually get over it. Mark my words. It will not hurt you so much. Sooner or later, your heart will accept the reality.

And, the Sun will shine over the dark clouds one day. The moment of faith will flourish. And hope will blossom in your heart again. Everything will make sense and you will get better. 

That person may never understand. He or she will never be able to see the world through your lenses. It is indeed painful. But you have to understand, that is not worth it. Anything which leads to destroying yourself is just not worth it. Good things will come over and make you feel loved in the way you deserve to be. Just believe in the good omens. And forgive yourself and that person too. Just move on… 

Love yourself so much, so much that nobody can destroy your happiness.

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Stay safe and Stay happy…

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