Marriage Proposal or a Business Deal

On International, Girl Child Day Presenting a Beautiful Poem on Dowry

Everything is going as we have planned;

Shrina’s mother informed her Dad, 

The crockery is new; the snacks are ready, 

The air freshner is scooshed already, 

The fixtures are polished; the room is cleansed, 

Must be here in a few minutes; they just  called. 

Clad in a traditional dress; with tinche of makeup, 

Look elegant, Behave rightly; the girl was told. 

Yours is a Beautiful Mansion; oh! A lovely Garden, 

Classic Interior; Very prosperous, you must be. 

Your Daughter seems very Sombre and cultured too, 

We think it’s a perfect match for our Son who is well to do. 

A huge salary package with other perks, he gets, 

She would be obliged to get a husband like him. 

His Looks of a stud; hers persona highly charming 

Your daughter appears to be the girl of his dream. 

All the things were going fine, meeting was a fruitful one. 

Ours is a Lucky child; Thought the parents of the girl. 

Suddenly, the Boy interrupted; I think you should give Financial Support. 

Yes! We know she is a working professional with a established firm;

But In these times of Inflation and recession; I have a doubt, 

If this will be enough, what we can together earn. 

A benefaction is needed for a new house for the girl to live;

A sports bike or splendid car, must be showered as a gift. 

My Daughter is Only I have; spent all my savings on her education, 

There is Nothing else I can Give, but I will do my best for the Wedding day celebration. 

The family of the groom looked at each other making ugly faces, 

Their intentions were cruel; they wanted Dowry ; the girl could trace it. 

“We can negotiate” said her father, 

For he desired best for her daughter. 

I can transfer some money in Cash; and some digitally, 

Some in gold; to your name, if you agree. 

This brutish family discussed something 

and agreed desperately, 

But the girl standing nearby was infuriated 

At this gravely. 

She was devastated to see her Father’s distress. 

He could not afford a wedding so grand, 

For her little princess, he was so much in stress. 

He Would do anything to make her future pleasant. 

In between of this conversation, she punctuated, 

I can’t marry such, ravenous person; I hate it. 

She stood up for herself; she stood up for her dignity. 

I’m not a piece of thing; I’m not just a mere product, 

For which you are making a massive deal, 

I want a person who need not money but someone ethical at heart. 

You all can get up; the door is this way… 

Looks, salary;  all remain at stay, 

Unless the people transform their mindset, 

The Predators will always search for Prey!

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