Long Island Fishing Report: Where to Go Fishing in Long Island?

Are you a true fisherman? Do your most precious childhood memories include you being fishing with your dad in the wide water space the whole summer. If yes, you definitely want to try different fishing spots around the world or at least in the states.  There are various gorgeous fishing spots present in the US. But if you want to experience shallow water and deep water fishing simultaneously, you should take a trip to Long Island. According to a Long Island fishing report, you can find a variety of fish species and waterfronts to go fishing there. 

All around the year, you can catch various seasonal fishes in Long Island like Sea Bass, Tuna, Cod, Sharks, Dolphins, and many more. On the top of Long Island, a fishing report states that there are plenty of different ways to go fishing in Long Island. In short, Long Island is every fisherman’s dream location to catch some rare fish species in different water bodies. 

Long Island Fishing Report: Different Ways to Fish 

Let’s pack your fishing utensils and the latest Long Island fishing report in your backpack and be ready to fish in:

Surf Fishing

There’s a slim chance that you will find fish lying around the surface. But when you are in Long Island, you should try surface fishing for sure. In Long Island, so many serene surf fishing spots are available that you can’t miss out on, like beaches, grassy flats, creeks, etc. There are even some structures sticking out into the water calling your name to catch exotic fish.

When you are fishing to relax your mind or want to teach your fishing tricks to your kids, laid-back surface fishing spots are the best. You can find plenty of shore fishing action on the north side of the island, allowing you to experience fishing a bit closer. Also, you can take a trip to the south side to find the best shallow creeks. Don’t forget to go fishing in Captree State Park, a dedicated fishing location just on the outskirts of Long Island. 

Pier Fishing

All inshore fishing destinations provide the perfect salty surroundings to attract fish. When you are on Long Island, you are closer to numerous fishing piers to catch some rare fish. The fishing piers offer a magnificent view of your target and leverage to strategically catch your prey. The pier structure helps you in absorbing your target’s activities, so you can plan your trap fish accordingly. 

Captree State Park is again a hot pier fishing spot with its four pier structure. If you live in New York City, you have a beautiful pier structure in Long Beach. On the south side, you have Babylon and Fire Island for some pier fishing. In the north, you can visit Cedar Beach, Stony Brook, or Port Washington. For east-side fishermen, Long Island also has perfect pier fishing locations, including Shinnecock Canal, Sag Harbor, and Navy Beach. 

Party Boat Fishing 

If pier fishing is an old thing, you can book a party boat to fish. Along the East Coast’s bay, party boat fishing is the new recreational treat for businessmen and fishing captains. Party boats slowly cruise around, which gives you a perfect opportunity to catch fish while parting with your friends. 

Charter Fishing 

If booking a party boat is too expensive for you, charter fishing is the next best option for you. You can go fishing with other expert fishermen and share your fishing knowledge while exploring different fishing spots on Long Island. 

You can book the best charter fishing trips in Long Island at Celtic Quest Fishing. We use the latest Long Island fishing report to plan a safe and fun charter fishing trip for experienced as well as amateur fishermen. For a fun fishing trip to Long Island, let’s connect with us today!

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