Long Island Fishing Report: Right Way to Do Fishing in Long Island

Long Island is one of the largest islands in the United States. With a total length of 120 miles and maximum width of 23 miles, Long Islands is spread across 1,400 square miles. 

This beautiful island is famous for its laid-back attitude and fishing culture. People here always keep a weekly Long Island fishing report handy with them, and whenever they find the right opportunity, they won’t hesitate to go fishing. 

From family bonding time to bachelor trips, Long Island fishing trips are for everyone. If you are new to the fishing business, we have created a comprehensive Long Islands fishing report to guide you. 

What Types of Fishes Found in Long Island?

Long Island is the prime fishing spot because you will find both northern and southern fish species there. In the spring, you can catch fine quality Atlantic cod, winter flounder, mackerel, or bluefish. On the contrary, fall fishing trips will help you find summer flounder and Spanish mackerel. Some other species of fish found in the Long Islands are blackfish, porgies, fluke, shark, tuna, and abundant striped bass.

Right Season to Go Fishing in Long Island 

According to the Long Island fishing report, you can fish all around the year in Long Island. Throughout the year, you will find numerous different fish species in the pristine clean Long Islands beaches, lakes, and other water bodies. The common inshore and offshore fish species catching seasons are:

Inshore Species 

  • From May through November, you will find striped Bass and Bluefish
  • The Black Sea Bass can be found from May till December
  • The Blackfish has a tight season only from October through December
  • The Weakfish can be found from May to August
  • Flounder can be found for a short period between April and May

Offshore Species 

In Long Island, you will find many rare offshore fish species like dolphins, whale sharks, sea turtles, and even manta rays. Other common offshore fish species found in Long Island in the following seasons:

  • Mako Sharks and Blue Sharks can be found throughout the period between June and October
  • Bluefin Tuna, on the other hand, can be found all year between June and December
  • Longfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo can be found between July and October
  • White Marlin and Cod is found July through September

Locations to Fish in Long Island 

In Long Islands, one can find many small and big streams to catch fish. But, according to the Celtic Quest Long Island fishing report, the prime spots for fishing are:  

Surface Fishing 

Now, you might not find fishes lying on the surface anywhere else easily, but Long Island is famous for its surface fishing. Long Island is fully gifted in the department of fishing, so you can easily fish near beaches, creeks, or small water bodies. Especially if you are an amateur fisherman and learning the ropes of offshoring fishing, taking these small inshore fishing trips would be great for you. 

The bays on the north side are amazing joints to catch some good quality inshore fishes. For relaxed inshore fishing, you should try southern bays, where you will find many shallow creeks. 

Party Boat Fishing

If you want to go fishing and to party together, you can hire a full boat and have a fishing party. From family get-togethers to party with your pals, you can make some great memories on a fishing party boat. 

Charter Fishing 

Do you want to spend a day with professional fishermen and enthusiasts? Then, you can book a charter and spend a day learning new fishing tricks and practicing new fishing methods. 

Freshwater Fishing 

If you want to fish in the freshwater of Long Island and catch some offshore fishes, you can do that anytime. 

After reading this Long Island fishing report, you now know when what and where to fish in Long Island. So, why are you still sitting here? Go to the Celtic Quest website and book a Long Island fishing trip now! Stay Updated with Us

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