Livestock Record Keeping Software: How to Use it for Farms

Livestock is an industry that raises farm animals such as goats, cows, sheep, camels, buffaloes, and many others. It does not include fish and poultry. This huge industry serves us with meat, milk, butter, cheese, leather, and wool. Farmers raise animals in an agricultural environment, it is considered their way of life for centuries.

Through livestock farming, farmers are benefitted in terms of earning bread for their living, and also they are providing us daily essentials such as meat and milk. Livestock farming also assures the quality of products as it is maintained by the farmers.

In earlier times farmers did not have the facility of keeping records of their animals and the products they produced. They used to depend on their memory and memories cannot be reliable but thanks to the technology of the new era that introduced them with livestock record-keeping software, now they can maintain the livestock record automatically without memorizing.

Why They Need Livestock Record Keeping Software?

By the time, the farming industry grew and so does the number of livestock. It was difficult for farmers to manage and maintain their operations. Maintaining records became necessary in order to grow their farming business in order to maintain good farm management they needed to set farm records. Thus, they took benefit of livestock record-keeping software, where they entered the data in the system. The data is reached automatically in the arrays of each field. They were amazed to see benefits after they started using the record-keeping software. It saved their time due to which they were able to focus more on the animals and their production.

Why Livestock Software Helpful for Farmers?

The livestock record keeping software turned out to be very helpful for the farmers to grow their business and identify new methods on how they can work to improve the methods of farming. The software helps to keep basic records of animals, their health, and the products produced by them. It also helps to maintain the records of cost, profit, and loss. It can also tell how a farm is managing its operations up to the standards as compared to other farms as there is huge competition in this industry. There are many types of livestock records. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Animal identification record: to keep the record of animals’ identification numbers, date of birth, weight, health, and breed.
  • Daily milk yields: to keep the record of daily milk production from an individual animal and from the herd.
  • Calving record: to keep the record of calf identification numbers, date of birth, gender, and other information such as their mother and father.
  • Vaccination record: to keep the record of vaccinations and veterinary information.
  • Monitoring feed: to keep a record of the amount of feed given to the animals.
  • Breeding records: to keep a record of the breeding process.
  • Health records: to keep a record of the health history of animals, diseases, signs of diseases, treatments and vaccines information.
  • History of animals: to keep a record of every individual animal and its history.
  • Expense records: to keep a record of all the expenses.
  • Finance records: to keep records of sales, costs, feed profit, and loss.

Final Words

After using livestock record-keeping software, the farmers started to experience high-yielding results. The farm managers realized that how important it was to keep records of the operations in the farm to improve the management system and it also proved them a good source of earning revenue. Keeping records also helps to prevent any losses and make sound decisions.

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