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Hey! Happy Vacation people. I assume it must be your vacation time, if somehow you reached here, in search of Beautiful places to visit. Or just in case, you are here for any other purpose, still you can get to know about a wonderful place to see if you are planning to visit Lucknow, the Capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India. 

So, let’s come to the point now…. 


Location:  Vigyan Bhawan, 9,Nabiullah Road, Suraj Kund, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India 

While in Lucknow, It is a  must to visit famous and one of the biggest planetariums in Asia, the Indira Gandhi Planetarium or Indira Gandhi Nakshatralaya. The foundation of this beautiful building was laid in the year, 1988 by the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Mayawati. Named after the former and first female Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the building was opened for the public in year 2003. Located on the banks of River Gomti, the planetarium is constructed in the shape of the Sixth planet in our Solar system, the Saturn surrounded by its distinctive rings. This spherical building has a diameter of approximately 21 metres. Water surrounding the building all around and lights give it a floating image. The planetarium and the museum are well placed in the domed structure whereas the other integral offices of the building are located in the rings around. The planetarium is one of the best examples of aesthetically pleasing architectures around the world. 

This tourist friendly attraction presents some incredible aspects of astronomy through various exhibitions and intresting shows. The place is well supported with lift ramps, digital sounds, air conditioning, projecting system to make the visitors feel comfortable. Astronomical shows are organized on a regular intervals in the auditorium which is on the first floor of the building. 

The entry fee to this place is very economical, that is, 25 INR per person. 

The show duration is usually of 35-40 minutes. 

The place is open to the tourists from 10 am to 5 pm except on Monday

I think I  have provided you enough information regarding this tremendously beautiful piece of Art. In my opinion, this place is a must visit once in a lifetime. 

I hope you enjoy your visit! 

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