Know How to Convert Orphaned OST File to PST File With Ease

“I am using Outlook for the last few years and it was working perfectly. But, one day the Exchange Server crashed and it left my OST file in an inaccessible state. Now, I cannot access this file either with Outlook or any other utility. I guess my OST file got orphaned now and I don’t know what should I do to make that file accessible again. I am thinking to convert orphaned OST to PST so that I could use that OST file in Outlook again.”

The above scenario shows the user’s problem where he cannot access his OST file because it is orphaned. So, the best way to handle this situation is to convert OST file to PST format. This article describes the methods using which they can export orphaned OST files to PST files. But, before starting the process, let us first have a look at the reasons why the OST file gets separated from its parent server.

How OST File Becomes Orphaned?

There are multiple reasons due to which the OST file gets separated from its primary server. To clear this part in more detail, we can divide the reasons into two sections i.e. hardware reasons and software reasons.

Hardware Reasons: Whenever the hardware where the Exchange DB is stored gets crashed, it makes the OST file orphan. As the file become orphan, the users find out various possible techniques so that they can convert orphaned OST to PST file. It happens mainly due to three causes:

  • Sudden Power Failure – There occur some situations when suddenly the system power fails and in this case, the OST file gets separated. This causes damage to the database which in turn makes the OST file orphaned.
  • Failure in Data Storage Elements – If your hard drive has some defective sectors, you will not be able to read that part of the disk. Moreover, this shows an error message and makes the OST file orphaned.
  • Defect in Controller Card – Any sort of malfunction in the card which is used with the Exchange Server results in data loss or corruption. This obstructs the users from opening Offline Outlook folders resulting in inaccessibility. That is why the users look for a solution to transfer orphaned OST to PST.

Software Reasons

  • Unconscious Human Actions – Activities such as unsystematic OS management, sudden database deletion, improper partitioning of storage components, etc. can lead to the unavailability of the DB file.
  • Virus or Malware Presence – There are some attacks that might make your OST file inaccessible. To prevent such attacks, it is strongly recommended to install a quality antivirus on your system.
  • Restrict Access to Exchange Mailbox – If someone disables the parent Exchange Server of the OST file, then it will also make the OST file orphaned. So, you have to be careful while working on Exchange Server.

Convert Orphaned OST to PST Manually

There are 3 types of procedures using which the users can open their orphaned OST file by moving it to PST file format. But, these methods require Microsoft Outlook installed on the system.

Procedure 1: Microsoft Outlook Archive Feature

Users can try this method to migrate Microsoft Outlook orphaned OST file in a step-by-step procedure:

  • Run Microsoft Outlook on the system.
  • Click on the File tab and select the Archive option.
  • Now, a screen will be displayed where you have to choose a file or folder for archiving.
  • Set the storage path for the output PST file.
  • Finally, click the OK button to initiate the process.

Procedure 2: Microsoft Outlook Export Feature

Another method to convert orphaned OST file to PST is by using the Export feature of Outlook. Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform the conversion:

  • Launch MS Outlook.
  • Navigate to File and go to Export to a file option. Then, click on the Next button.
  • Select the PST option from the listed options and hit the Next button.
  • Select all the folders which you want to migrate and also enable the Include sub-folders option.
  • Browse the resultant PST file option and click on the Finish button.

Procedure 3: Create a New PST File

This method consists of the recovery of items from the OST file by creating a new PST file.

  • Run Microsoft Outlook on your machine.
  • Create a new PST file in your current Outlook profile.
  • Now, drag and drop all the folders which you want to move in PST format.

Expert Solution to Migrate Orphaned OST to PST

There are various obstacles that are faced by the end users while executing the above-mentioned procedures. The novice users might not be able to handle the orphaned OST file. So, the users can opt for an alternative method i.e. SysTools OST to PST Converter. It enables users to recover and convert orphaned OST file to PST format without Outlook. Moreover, if there is any sort of corruption in the OST file, then the software also removes corrosion and makes it accessible. Users can try this solution if they want to perform a secure and reliable migration.


There are various methods using which the users can easily convert orphaned OST to PST files. Three manual solutions for moving the OST file are discussed in this post. But, there are chances that the users will not be able to perform the migration using the free manual method. In that scenario, the users can go for the third-party application which will quickly transfer the OST file without using Outlook.

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