How Instagram stories can help you increase your engagement

Since its inception, Instagram has been a popular social media site around the globe. Many influencers, small businesses, and corporate organizations are building a vast online community on Instagram. Instagram offers several features like stories, IGTV videos, Instagram Live, etc. You can use these Instagram features to gain followers quickly.

In August 2016, Instagram launched the story feature which was a gamechanger. One could interact with their followers at frequent intervals with Instagram stories. More than 500 million Instagrammers publish stories daily. Continue reading to know how Instagram stories can boost engagement.

Stay relevant to your followers

If you want to grow on Instagram exponentially, stories can be the deal-breaker. One of the best ways to boost engagement is to stay relevant to your followers. There are more than a billion user profiles on Instagram and you need to stand out among them. Instagram stories help you in staying in touch with your followers.

Instagram stories appear on the top section of your followers’ feed. They may disappear automatically after 24 hours but are enough to catch the attention of the followers. Your followers will click on stories even before they browse posts from different accounts.

A red circle appears in front of your profile that indicates the followers about a new story. Users will immediately click on your profile image to view the new story. You will stay in the minds of your followers by posting Instagram stories.

Stories let you do something different

Instagram posts and IGTV videos can engage your followers. The question is, how many posts can you share in a day. Well, you can share as much as you want, but it is technically not possible. With stories, you can be a little casual and share numerous stories in a day.

Many times, Instagrammers don’t prefer to swipe down too much to view all the posts. However, stories appear on the topmost section and play automatically. When you click on a user story, subsequent stories from other users play automatically. Since stories are easy to consume, users prefer them on Instagram.

Don’t restrict yourselves to sharing feed posts and IGTV videos on Instagram. With stories, you can leverage the facilities provided by Instagram. When you try all types of content on Instagram, you have a chance to boost engagement.

Stories can also inform users about a new post of IGTV videos. If your followers have missed a recent post, they can know about it by watching your story. An Instagram story lets you use stickers and inform users about a new post and drive engagement. This can improve online business by increasing its organic reach.

Stories have a lot to offer

If you think you can only share 15-second videos or images in your story, you need to explore. Instagram has a huge music library that can be used in the background of your media file. Also, you can choose to display the lyrics of any song on your Instagram story. You can use any song you want on Instagram without any copyright hassles.

You can use the boomerang, hands-free, and multi-capture options on Instagram stories to make engaging content. Instagram stories also let you mention another user in your stories. You can make the best use of thousands of animated stickers offered by Instagram stories.

You can post a poll in your stories or do a Q&A session with your followers. Instagram also offers a quiz sticker and countdown sticker for user stories. Not to forget, you can use a link or a hashtag in your Instagram stories to drive engagement. You may not get so many options while sharing IGTV videos on Instagram. It is why you should leverage the power of engagement stickers provided by Instagram stories.

Stories are beneficial for business accounts

You can create a business account on Instagram and separate yourself from user accounts. Not to forget, you get access to Instagram Insights by creating a business account. Instagram stories are perfect for business accounts looking to drive engagement.

You should know that around 33% of most-viewed stories on Instagram are shared by business accounts. Around half of the business accounts on Instagram create at least a single story in a month. More and more businesses are planning to share multiple stories in a day to please their customers.

Instagram stories let you create a brand persona and connect with the customers. You can show ‘behind-the-scenes’ clips to your customers with Instagram stories. Not to forget, you can do a Q&A session with your customers via Instagram stories. In a nutshell, Instagram stories offer multiple ways to boost customer engagement.

Instagram stories are easy to create

Your Instagram posts need to be professional to drive engagement. However, you can be a little casual while posting Instagram stories. You can click a casual selfie and share it as a story without any editing effects. However, you can create appealing Instagram stories if you add some editing effects.

Many businesses use an online video editor, Flexclip is a powerful video maker tool to make eye-catching, Videos & stories with custom branding for followers. InVideo is a popular editing tool that offers pre-made templates to make eye-catching Instagram stories. If you don’t want to invest much in making professional Instagram stories, you can use the lifetime free version of the video.

Stories offer great insights

The best part of posting Instagram stories is that you get to know who has watched them. Within the 24-hour time frame, you can know who has viewed your story. You can check the engagement status any time after posting an Instagram story. Not only do business accounts but also regular accounts can check who has viewed their stories.

You can get to know the exact usernames of people that have viewed your story. You can know real-time insights by posting Instagram stories. Instagram will not charge anything extra for showing you story insights. It is beneficial for business accounts that want to check the performance of their social media marketing campaign in real-time.


Not only do you boost engagement but also attract more followers by sharing Instagram stories. If needed, you can use a video editor to create better stories. Start posting Instagram stories in 2022! 

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