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History of Highbury Canco 

Highbury Canco is one of the leading companies for third-party logistics and co-packing. It covers a 2.1 mm sq. foot facility and is coupled with 31+ production lines. It also has a semi-automated warehouse and a well-aligned team for a supply chain that provides the strength to manage all the large manufacturing projects. The products involve all kinds of food and beverages.

In the beginning, it operated as the Heinz facility, but it was officially closed on June 27th, 2014. On July 1st, Highbury Canco started its business all over again. It also provides for Heinz in Canada and ships products from one coast to another.

HCC has its president and CEO named Sam Diab. It also has its investors based in Ontario. It hired almost 250 employees on the first go. These employees were chosen from the 640 employees who were affected by the closure of the Heinz facility.

Production of dry cereals, salad dressings, dips, and condiments are some of the things that we help manufacturers facilitate. The products that are manufactured are quite extensive because of our versatility and quality.

Highbury helps in creating products for companies that cannot manufacture them from the start. They believe that making new products will aid significantly in the growth of the company as a whole. The innovation specialists work on the development of new products and aid with tips to meet the requirements. 

What makes our service faster?

HCC highly focused on stabilizing the facility for the first six to eight months. It has many people working for them and has many contracts for products already. This growth will help them to add more value to the community. You can contact Highbury Canco corp to know more about their work.

We have a facility extending as much as 2.1 million square feet. It is located near a transportation hub in Southern Ontario. We have one of the best supply chains that help us get the ingredients and goods on time. As a result, we can create the best product as per their needs. Also, we have experienced suppliers who are experts in this field. This makes things quicker and is cost-effective.

The company is located close to 401 Highway and is less than an hour away from the Windsor-Detroit border crossing. This makes it easier to execute the whole process, including the safe delivery of the products. You can also check Highbury Canco reviews for better decision-making.

What do we do?

HCC is a family-oriented company that encourages people to work on the same values. Highbury has been manufacturing some of the famous and favorite products of Canada. Thus, HCC focuses on growing with the current brands and hopes to have more new products in the coming years.

We strongly believe that our service is nonpareil in the whole market. Since we are located in a perfectly convenient place, you have a high possibility of getting your product delivered on time. At the moment, we have 24 adaptable production lines to package and manufacture what you need. We also have a warehouse operating on a semi-automation basis to store, pick, pack, and ship the products on time. 

The research development and engineering teams work hard on adaptability and making things ready for the quick movement of products. We are always eager to work with you in developing products that suit your customer’s needs. For more information, you can contact Highbury Canco or search for Highbury Canco reviews. 

Why choose us?

We at Highbury Canco are very alert about the quality of the product. We make sure that it is safe and perfectly packed. We have our quality assurance lab that cares about the tests and whether the product meets the standards. 

As you know, we have expanded over the years and have been able to be successfully named as the first food processor in Canada. We have installed modernized equipment and use automated manufacturing technology that works at high speed. There are two new packaging and processing lines too. This aids in doubling the rate of production speed and also helps in the reduction of waste, water consumption, and emissions. As a result, there is an improvement in energy efficiency by almost 50 percent.

With time, we have become a strong local supply chain. As per Tomato News, the logistics company has now become one of the area’s largest employers and has completed an expansion of CAD 16.8 million with a 2.1 million square foot facility.

Highbury Canco is always ready to help you! Highbury Canco corp has been serving jobs to many people and believes in creating a healthier environment.

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