Can You Consume Green Riau Kratom to Achieve Phasic Awareness?

Almost every one of us procrastinates and gets out of focus. Lack of attention is a problem that we have to confront daily. Phasic awareness is a term used for generating consciousness deficits in neglected patients. It involves how readily we can respond to stimuli. Kratom is ruling the market with its health benefiting properties for its users. Green Riau Kratom is one such potent Kratom strain, comparatively new to the market. It gives a sweet aroma and a vibrant tang, and people who know the existence of this Kratom strain love it for better potency than other Kratom strains. Users prefer Green Riau Kratom tea as the sweet aroma, and adding sugary elements such as honey becomes unnecessary. This article focuses on how green riau kratom helps achieve Phasic awareness.   

Green Riau Kratom is a Kratom strain known for its bold effects and distinctive alkaloid profile. Because of the unique dark green veins visible on its leaves, Green Riau Kratom is different from the rest of the variants. It is grown in a wet tropical climate with oppressive humidity on the Riau islands, western coast of Indonesia. 

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Green Riau Kratom is a pain reliever and works on the brain to relieve moderate pain. It has a balanced profile and does not overemphasize sedation. It is just perfect for people who hate the traditional flavors of the herb because Green Riau has a highly fragrant and sweet taste.

How Does Green Riau Help Achieve Phasic Awareness?

Phasic alertness depends on how effectively your brain can focus or concentrate on things. If you fail to focus, you may not deliver high-quality work for your success. Your brain will perform smoothly if you take good care of it, and Green Riau makes things easier. The alkaloid content in Kratom interacts with the cell receptors and acts as a stimulant in modest dosages. It is potent enough to increase human brain function by affecting people’s sympathetic nervous systems. 

Phasic alertness enables the person to select and process information crucial for behaving efficiently. Studies show that Kratom induces significant alterations in the brain and increases its cognitive tasks in both healthy patients and patients with psychiatric disorders. In addition, taking Green Kratom showed better brain activity and modulated resting limbic activity levels in patients.

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Kratom has anxiolytic properties, which reduce autonomic and emotional responses to stress. When you encounter stress and pressure, your dopamine and serotonin level declines. Serotonin, or the hormone responsible for generating feelings of happiness, makes the brain strenuous to work when low in level. Kratom acts as a pleasurable agent and encourages the brain to release more serotonin and dopamine. 

Kratom also boosts blood circulation, and hence, the rate of metabolism increases. It gives a perfect touch to your healthy lifestyle by helping you to increase your memory. If you suffer from dementia and brain trauma, Kratom is the best choice. It is a thriving supplement if you want to expand your consciousness skills and helps you make quick decisions. 

When you have a grip on the cognitive skills, such as remembering, reacting, paying attention, reading, and learning, your confidence increases to its fullest. However, not all Kratom strains may help you to achieve this effect. For example, green Riau Kratom may be potent enough for its users to accomplish phasic awareness.

How Can You Consume Green Riau Kratom?

You can enjoy Green Riau strain with an easy Kratom tea recipe. It is as simple as making tea generally. Do you think that boiling the leaves will damage the psychoactive alkaloids? Then, you may not be correct, as the alkaloids are stable in temperatures beyond what your water can reach. The toss n’ wash technique is also popular since it requires no prep time. Measure how much Kratom you want to take, toss it in your mouth and then drink water to wash it down. Count the number you want to take in and swallow them with water. If you don’t wish to taste the powder, you can also consume it in capsules. 

To conclude, Green Riau Kratom is a “magic” strain of Kratom that gives mental clarity and helps achieve phasic awareness. It helps reduce anxiety and calm down the nervous system when you feel anxious. It provides the user with a relaxing and tranquilizing effect. The dosages of the Kratom vary with each individual. Hence, it will not work the same for everyone. In addition, Kratom may come with a risk of tolerance and dependence. Thus, users must consult a physician before mixing Kratom with other medications to prevent unwanted side effects. You can drink this strain in the form of kratom smoothie.

Green Riau Kratom is a rare strain, and people are yet not aware of its medicinal properties. However, people who consume this strain commented that Green Riau Kratom is worth spending their money on for their betterment. Make sure you buy Kratom from reputable brands to enjoy a high-quality Kratom product.

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