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Read This! Before Buying Wedding Flowers

Weddings are an occasion of celebration and joy it is that time when you finally have decided to get married to the person you love most in this world to share your life ahead with them, well it’s once in a lifetime that we find our soul mate. and now that you have found one and getting married so many questions in your mind but one of the most important things when it comes to your marriage is not the expensive but the flowers because it’s the flowers at the end of the day that will bring light and shine fragrance and lots of gorgeousness to your wedding. Well, of course, I know that you must be thinking that everything has an easy way out, especially when online flower delivery in Mumbai is available. But actually, you are wrong because when it comes to wedding flowers there are many things that you have to consider such as they should not only come at an appropriate price. After all, if you are spending lots of money on flowers then basically you wouldn’t have enough money to feed your guests. And other factors I’m discussing below so that you can plan a hassle-free wedding. 

1) Seasonal Flowers 

Seasonal flowers are among the best possible choices that you can go with for your wedding. Primarily because seasonal flowers need not be imported from anywhere else if you want to import them the charges would be less because they are in the season and a bulk purchase would be cheaper. Roses are one of the best flowers especially because they are always in the season and they are available in so many colors that will always match what you will concept and theme your wedding has. Carnelia, primrose, poinsettia, wallflower, Calla Lily, Gerbera, carnations gardenia are some of the famous winter flowers available in a huge variety of colors and at reasonable prices. Some of the best spring flowers for weddings include cornflower, delphinium, Freesia, Gerbera, Iris, Hydrangeas, tulip, etc. And the best part is that one of the other flowers would be very easily available so you have a huge variety to choose from in fast you can also get a bouquet of different types of flowers combined or maybe if your reception will be held in a larger area then each area could be denoted by several different species of flowers. 

2) Quality Assurance 

One of the most important thing while you are purchasing flowers whether it is through flower delivery in Bangalore or buying it at the store make sure to check the whole lot before making the final payment because quite often in online delivery you could be fooled by being sent the wrong flowers or maybe the quality is not up to the mark so make sure whether it is an online or offline purchase in both the cases you know the florist very well or maybe it has worked for some of the other of your friends for their wedding you should not take any risk because your flowers will define not only your taste but also how organized your preparations are.

3) Allergy-free 

One of the most important things while purchasing any kind of flowers is that to take the opinion of your guest say when you send them your wedding card just ask them with an added piece, if they are allergic to the flowers that you are using in your reading and that if you should use any alternative to those flowers make sure you ask them their suggestion because your wedding is not just about you it will also be about your guests and your relatives and if they are allergic to any of the flowers ultimately you will be the one told that as a host you didn’t even have the decency to ask your guest what they will be comfortable with. Some of the allergy-free flowers include azalea, begonia, bougainvillea, Camellia, coleus, columbine, hydrangea, lilies, etc. so after you have mentioned all these flowers in the card just ask for their suggestions or if there ok with any one of your choices this way your guest would feel welcome to your wedding already. 

4) Fresh and Colorful and aligned with the Cake 

One of the last and most important things is that the flowers that you are purchasing for your wedding must compliment the cake. This is the cardinal rule of getting flowers for your wedding. Make sure that the colors on the cake and the flowers that you choose complement each other and of course in all this process the taste of the cake should not be compromised. Before you make your final purchase of the flowers and the cake make sure that you have asked your decorator or wedding planner, to get cake and online bouquet delivery and put them together as a whole setup. 


So this was my mini guide for you all to help you out with your wedding flowers purchase and definitely, there are lots of other flowers and things that can be added to this list such as the flowers should be in your budget, the decorator shouldn’t charge you too much, your wedding gown must go in line with the flowers. The whole point in purchasing the perfect flowers is that everything should be coordinated properly otherwise they would look like a haphazard setup. Of course, you can always mix and match things but there is coordination in even mixing and matching flowers and colors. Lots of patterns and contrast are used. 

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