Boycott of Chinese Products… A Success?

Are Campaigns advocating Boycott of Chinese Products in India… A success?

Since a very long time, there have been calls to Boycott Made in China products in several countries all over the world, especially India and Vietnam, thanks to the mismanagement of CORONAVIRUS DISEASE by the Chinese government. Other reasons for the campaigns motivating people to boycott Chinese products are their low quality, territorial conflicts of China with its neighboring countries, and support for separatists movement in China itself. 

A full boycott is not something which can be achieved easily, many difficult roads are needed to be travelled to accomplish this target. But yes! We are on the way to its success. China is the manufacturer of a huge number of goods which are exported to other countries of the world and widely consumed by the people living in these countries. China holds a large part of shares in the big non Chinese companies which is the significant obstacle in the pathway of boycotting the Chinese goods completely. 

Chinese companies prioritize producing goods which meet the consumers’ expectations. Due to this factor, the demand for these goods increased in the past years. As the consumers prefer to pay a low price, the quality of the Chinese products generally lack quality. 

RSS and CIAT had also called for campaigns to boycott Chinese products in India in response to the border clash between India and China in the Galwan Valley which led to the martyrdom of twenty Indian soldiers. 

daily tactics guru-Galwan Valley Clash

China has huge investment in various projects in Pakistan. Pakistan also gets support from China in various International Organizations. This is also a very significant reason for this boycott of China made products by India, because it is allegedly believed that Pakistan is a state which sponsors terrorism and China provides Financial support to the country. 

Sonam Wangchuk, an Indian Engineer and Educator appealed to Indians to use their ‘Wallet Power’ and boycott Chinese products in May 2020. He asked the countrymen to stop using Chinese softwares within one week and gradually the hardware as well. 

India is a huge market for Chinese goods and Indian people supported this move with full enthusiasm. The Indian government also banned 59+ Chinese apps including Tik Tok, WeChat, and UC Browser. As these were assumed to attack the security and privacy of the country and its people.

daily tactics guru-India Bans 59 Chinese Apps

 In June 2020 CAIT announced the boycott of 450 broad category goods with the inclusion of 3,000 Chinese products worth 13 billion dollars. Confederation of All India Traders, which represents more than 3,000 trading bodies across the country, has now become the leader of the boycott Chinese goods in India. The made in India products having superior quality will be given priority in manufacturing now. 

Chinese goods enjoy a wide purchase during Grand Indian Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja etc. CAIT is ensuring that none of the Chinese products are imported in India. And this step has proved being successful as China has lost its Market in India. Many of the Indian festivals have passed but all in vain for China. 

The whole country is showing die hard patriotism. People understand the concept of weakening China economically and are contributing in this great initiative in their own ways. 

CAIT General Secretary Mr. Praveen Khandelwal believes that Indian manufacturers play a significant role in taking this move to a further dimension and making this boycott China a huge success. The Indian consumers must not face any kind of shortage of the products in the market. At no point, there should be a scarcity of goods for the consumers. 

In recent times, the Indian manufacturers have replaced Chinese Goods with Made in India products without any setbacks. The Indian government has started various projects under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat scheme to deport all the Chinese players from the Indian market. 

daily tactics guru-Atma Nirbhar Bharat

With Total Trade volume of approximately 80 billion dollars with China, India imported several goods and services worth 66 billion dollars, even when the custom charges on imports from China were increased by the government. 

It is high time now that corrective measures are needed otherwise China would take over the Indian retail Market with well planned strategies. 

With cooperative efforts of the government and the manufacturers only, would the Chinese economy be brought to it’s floors. 

The synchronisation between the people of the country and the government has resulted in the successful banishing of Chinese companies from the market. 

The government is bound to certain protocols and cannot end the businesses in just a click. But it is in the hands of countrymen that they give preference to the indigenous alternatives in place of the imported ones. It can take time for these products to meet our expectations but it will happen soon. 

The Boycott Chinese Products campaign has already been a success, but more is to be done and will be done. 

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