Best Skype Alternatives for Video Conferencing and Chatting

Digital communication has never been easier than it is now. With new strides in technology, there is a solution for every need. So sometimes people looking for Skype alternatives. Video conferences have now replaced work meetings and group chats have replaced hangouts. In a fast-paced world, such methods of communication ensure that no one is left out. When everyone has busy schedules or has limited mobility, digital connections fill in the void left by distance. Especially since a coronavirus pandemic, which forced people globally to rethink their lifestyles, video communication has soared in usage. 

As restrictions upended the lives of students and employees, technology came to the rescue. Suddenly, attending a seminar became as easy as choosing between Cox bundles. That is, only the internet became enough to stay connected. While video calls have been in use for years, they have evolved. Earlier, families would use Skype to remain in contact across distances. In fact, the app was so popular that “Skyping” was often used as a verb. After all, it was the first mainstream app of its kind.

In 2021, however, there are a variety of services people can use to make video calls. Therefore, many individuals and organizations have made a shift to other apps like Skype. With various features on offer, these apps cater to diverse needs.

Here are some of the best Skype alternatives that people are currently using.

#1 Zoom

COVID-19 added many new words into people’s daily glossary. One of these is Zoom. From school classes to job interviews, everything suddenly started taking place via Zoom. One of the main perks of this app is that anyone can use it. You don’t even need to sign up for it! 

Zoom offers a number of features that make it so easy to use. You can attend virtual meetings with at least 100 other people. If you subscribe to a package, you can even increase this limit! Moreover, you can share your screen with other people. Also, you can schedule future meetings.

Additionally, Zoom offers the option to record any session. Users also love its chat feature. With creative options like setting up a virtual background or using a filter, this app is ideal for anyone.

#2 Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the best alternatives to Skype for professionals. As many offices use Microsoft services like Office and Outlook, Teams are very easy to integrate. Hence, those who do their official communication through Microsoft apps prefer using Teams. If you have a Microsoft email profile, you don’t need to do anything else. Instead, you can use your existing profile to connect with your contacts via Teams.

Using Teams, you can attend a video conference with up to 250 people. The app also offers an easy-to-use chat function. You can even schedule meetings and sync them to your calendar. Moreover, you can share your screen to give presentations on Teams. Therefore, this is a popular app amongst offices and educational institutes.

#3 Google Meet

Google Meet is Google’s answer to Microsoft Teams. Previously known as Google Hangouts, Google meets is ideal for those who mainly use Google accounts. If you have a Gmail account, which most people do, you can directly use Google Meet. Google is used for everyday basics, such as carrying out searches or signing up to YouTube or Google Play Store. Therefore, there’s a high chance of you having a Google account already. This means you can use Google Meet without the hassle of signing up!

You can use Google Meet in a computer tab and even switch to other tabs. Hence, you can share files via email while in a meeting. While the free version of Google Meet has a one-hour limit for calls, you can extend it by availing of a paid option. Up to 250 people can chat or video-call at a time with Google Meet.

#4 Wire

While the other Skype alternatives are better suited to office work, Wire is ideal for personal use. However, you can also use it to collaborate with a small team of workers. Up to 4 people can attend a video call through Wire. Although, 10 people can communicate via audio call.

This app is popular for its security. As it is end-to-end encrypted, all exchanges remain very secure. You can even use it to share encrypted messages! Therefore, Wire is ideal for discussing sensitive work within an exclusive group. Moreover, Wire does not keep any call data on its servers. That explains why many find this app reliable.

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