Balance Work, Family, & Life Amidst COVID-19?

Lately, with most part of the working population engraved in work from home, many people have started to feel an ache somewhere in their head due to prolonged periods of working from home during Covid-19. They are feeling a void somewhere as they may be missing their interaction with team members and dealings with clients. Some of them may be at a spar with themselves while spending an unprecedented amount of time with their family. But what else can be done, as the family members are also forced to remain bound at home due to the favor given to us by the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown? 

This Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people used to live their lives. The world around has changed drastically. 

People who even before this crisis were not really great at creating a balance between their home and work life are struggling to cope up with the sudden disparity in their lives. They are unable and somewhat unsure of how to deal with all of this and create serenity in homes. As the restriction imposed by lockdown and COVID-19 has now worsened the situation by diminishing the line of space.

Maybe a shooting star could grant the wish to reverse everything to how it was. Or some magic trick could work to expatriate the feelings of frustration from people’s minds. But, we all know nothing like this can work. But we all do need a solution to manage our personal and personal life well. 

Daily Tactics Guru is going to share some tips on how you can work in this COVID-19 situation. 

Find Some Words of Wisdom to Help You Give Your Best in Doing Your Work From Home during COVID-19. 

Find a place that belongs only to you 

Search for a place in your home where you can get least interrupted. A room of yours, a study room which is isolated from other parts of your house. Or if that’s not possible. Dedicate some parts of your room only for the office area. 

Stock yourself with all the essential stuff 

There is a need to create a workspace that helps to furnish a specific mindset for work. All the requirements like your computer, printer, files, and other stuff must be placed in proper order as they are kept in your office. This will help you enhance your work temper. 

Also, if you are new to some technologies or not so techno-savvy. Or maybe, you are not so comfortable with video conferencing platforms. Make some time for learning these techniques fruitfully and ensure that you get comfortable with teleconferencing as it has become an important part of work-life now. And we are going to remain at par from in person meetings for a long time. 

Get Ready as if you are going to the Office 

It may feel stupid to some, but this a great idea to give a boost to set a frame of mind and deliver the best of your potential. But getting dressed and putting on some simple accessories and makeup can elevate your confidence as well. Try to follow your routine style of work. 

Schedule a proper Daily Routine 

There can be some hits and trials, to find out the most appropriate schedule for yourself. A routine which allows a personal space, some family time along with the suitable hours of working may prove to be helpful. Such scheduling can keep you focused and stress free. Having a plan that you can stick to gives you the structure to accomplish what’s on your plate.

Find some ‘Me Time’ 

Self care is very important to detox your mood and free your mind from anxiety. Follow your hobbies or whatever makes you feel good. Try learning some new stuff. Music may prove to be very relaxing. This little time of the break in between can take your overall efficiency to a new dimension. 

Accept your newfound Adaptability 

It may be possible that you have become more adaptable than ever before. This newfound freedom can be intimidating to the work routine you have always followed. Although finding an ideal routine can give you a better structure but embracing the opportunity to become more adaptable can make your life more enjoyable.

Tips for Keeping Calm While Working at Home With Your Partner during COVID-19

Create some Personal Space 

As already mentioned, a separate work area must be created both for you and your partner. So, when you are engraved in your work, you don’t get disturbed by the activities another person is involved in. Or when you are having personal time with your partner, your work remains far apart from you. 

Share Responsibilities 

If all the household chore, falls on the shoulders of one person or only one of the two is responsible for taking care of kids, it becomes frustrating on his/her part. And this can result in infuriating behavior and put a grave impact on the relationship. Responsibilities must be shared to face these challenges. It also helps in strengthening the bond between you two. 

Give time to your Significant other 

Dedicate some quality time to your spouse. Create some personal moments. Do stuff that makes the other person feel special. Do fun activities together like watching movies, playing some board games. Hug your partner often. Share your feelings often to avoid the communication gap. 

Show some Patience 

We’re all human and we tend to make mistakes or make the other person feel isolated. Often things go wrong and we have the tendency to blame it on others. Rather than pointing fingers every moment or getting into quarrels. Grant some mercy to your partner. Show a lot of patience while dealing with such situations. 

Expand your Circle 

Of course, you enjoy the company of your partner and family. But don’t forget your friends and family. You can not meet them in person, obviously, but there are other options available through which you can interact with your relatives, friends, and other family members. It will freshen up your mind and fortify your relations with others. 

Tips for Staying Sane While Working from Home during COVID-19

Daily Tactics Guru shows you some best tips for staying sane while working from home with kids in the house during COVID-19. Never forget the kids. They need your attention and love. 

Plan your Day 

Your kids need the most of your time and attention. Plan your workday according to your children’s requirements. Maybe when they are busy with their online studies or some assignments, you can carry out your office work. You may need to complete your tasks when your children are asleep. Or when one of you is busy with work, the other remains with the kids and Vice versa. Every family needs a different plan. Find out some wonderful ideas to make this work. 

Talk to your Children 

Share your thoughts with your children. Make them understand that your work is also an important part of your life. Ask your children to become supportive. Communication can do wonders. Tell them about the consequences if the task given to you is not accomplished on time. Also, try to understand what they are expecting from you and negotiate to a suitable point. 

Offer Some Incentives 

After kids reach a certain age, they likely understand the principle of delayed gratification. They can very well understand that the work done today will give positive results later. Consider paying them some reward for being supportive and sticking to the plan. Some kind of reinforcement and gifts can induce motivation in them to pursue good work ethics. 

Physical Activities are a must. 

Children need a break from computer screens and mobiles. They need to be active physically for their proper growth and development. Indulge with them some kind of exercise or some sports or games. This time together will help in making the family bond stronger. And, it will help you also get some fresh air. 

Little Naps during Day

A little rest during the mid-day upgrade the energy of your kids. Children may find this idea of sleeping very vague. But, you have to ensure that they get a little sleep. During those hours, you can focus on your work. Sometimes, you can also share this mid-day bedtime with them. 

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The synonym for love is Home, Family. 

The time spent at home and family members must not feel like a prison. And, it just takes a little patience and understanding to adapt to the circumstances. Show each other care, love, and compassion. After all, you are working so hard for your family. Understand that your family needs you too. And these are the times of crisis, everything will become normal one day. And if not, then you will embrace this new normal in you. 

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