All you need to know about Tyre punctures

A tyre puncture can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. It isn’t easily repaired and may even lead to expensive damages. You may be enjoying a drive in the rainy season and a puncture may ruin it all. The next moment you will find yourself repairing the tyre all soaked in rain. Most drivers aren’t even aware of basic tyre aspects. 

Repairing a puncture doesn’t necessarily mean the tyre will work fine. It may or may not perform like earlier. A tyre may still be dangerous to drive after the puncture has been repaired. A mechanic will not tell you this. You should keep yourself aware of these factors. 

When can a Tyre Puncture be Repaired?

Punctures are caused due to sudden contact with sharp or hard objects like a nail, stone, or a pointy rock. This creates a hole or cuts the tyre from the tread area. A deep puncture will be difficult to repair. Even if a mechanic somehow manages to repair it, the tyre will never be safe again. You are advised to buy a new tyre if the puncture hole is very deep.

A puncture can be repaired when no previous puncture has occurred close to the punctured area. The tread depth should also be more than 1.6mm, which is the legal limit. A puncture will only be repaired if it is present in the middle three-quarters of the tread compound.

Can a tyre be repaired after applying a sealant?

A sealant is usually used to temporarily repair a tyre. Punctures can occur anywhere, they don’t care if you are driving in a remote location. In such cases, sealants can be your saviors. A sealant works like a patch that holds the air from escaping the tyre. Using a sealant means that your tyre will not be permanently repaired later. The sealant enters the puncture and may make it impossible to repair it later. It is used to help you reach a safer place. 

Are Run-flat tyres safe?

To get rid of the hassle of tyre punctures, tyre companies introduced Run-flat Tyres. These tyres allow you to continue with the drive even after the tyre has attained a puncture. The tread compound of Run-flat tyres is made of multiple rubber layers that are attached using a strong adhesive. This saves the air pressure from escaping the tyre surface altogether. 

These tyres let you drive the car for 50 to 100 miles after a puncture. You no longer need to carry a puncture repair kit or spare tyre with you. Run flats ensure convenient drives. These car tyres online play a key role in your safety. You can avoid stopping and fixing a puncture on a silent road. You can easily find a garage as Run flats let you continue with the drive.

Heavy damage may not let you repair a run-flat tyre. As these tyres are complex, it is advised to get them repaired only when the puncture is a minor one. The garage expert will let you know if it is safe to drive with your Run-flat tyre even after repairing it. 

What is Mobile Tyre Fitting service?

You rarely get help during tyre punctures. A damaged tyre makes it impossible to drive the car. You can get stuck in the middle of a road due to a sudden puncture. This can lead to a problematic situation. To save you from all such unwanted situations, garages have come up with the concept of the Mobile Tyre Fitting service. 

Whenever you are troubled with a puncture, you can now call a garage offering this service. They will send you a professional along with all the required tools at your location. Your puncture will be repaired without you driving the car with a flat tyre. The service is also not very expensive. Garages charge you at a reasonable price. Mobile Tyre Fitting service is a perfect help during emergency hours.

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