A Guide to the Different Types of Bookmaker Bonuses

The promise of winning money is great, but bookies offer a whole host of different bonuses to gain your business. Here’s a quick list of the different types of bonuses you’ll see:

Niche perks

A simple place to start is by looking for niche perks, such as advice on handicapping races. Betting tips on horses is certainly something you can use to broaden your betting horizons, but any odd opportunities you find may be able to boost your betting overall profit.

To get the full benefit, you’ll need to commit to opening multiple accounts, and it’s important to open the ones that are most tailored to your strategy.

Bonuses with minimal risk

As I mentioned before, bookies offer a wide range of bonuses. With that in mind, you may wonder which bet bonus is worth investing money into.

The great thing about those bonuses is that bookies have a very good reputation for providing successful customers with significant cashbacks.

The number one goal with your bookmaker bonus is to get a good return. The cashback alone may be worth a few hundred pounds on a decent wager. If that’s not enough, you can also look for any niche perks that are offered by your bookmaker.

In all honesty, those perks aren’t worth much at the moment, but the extra edge you get with the added cashback is something you might be able to justify if you’re used to playing regularly.

Bonus and promo codes

Bookies also offer promotional codes, which you can get by participating in competitions or promotions.

Doing this will help your bookmaker gain an edge over other bookmakers. These promotions tend to last between 60 days and 120 days, but the discounts available can be worth the wait.

Targeted bonuses

If you’ve already picked a sports team to bet on, you’ll probably see targeted bonuses for your chosen sport. To take advantage of this bonus, you need to invest in your sports team’s partner or affiliate bookmaker, who is usually one of the big four bookmakers.

I like to suggest selecting a sports team that is popular and local, as the affiliates are often used by local customers.

Best Sportsbook Bonus

It’s also worth checking out the best sportsbook bonuses, which will generally provide cashback on a variety of wagers.

This will help you use your money more efficiently, helping to give you a higher profit overall.

Fun features

Bookmakers also offer a variety of bonuses at a relatively low cost. This can include providing discounts for winning your bets, or special bonuses to encourage you to take on a bet that you know is going to be successful.

You’ll also sometimes get loyalty perks, such as occasional special promotions. If this happens to be the case with your favorite bookmaker, you can consider doubling up on your bonus by opening two accounts.

What’s important with these bonus offers is to read carefully, as you’ll find the minor details can significantly increase your profit. It’s also worth getting a good broker to help you with these deals.

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