3 Advanced Tips To Burn Belly Fat Faster – Based on Science

Let’s talk a little bit about what it means to burn belly fat and get a flat stomach using some unique approaches. Daily Tactics Guru covers these subjects: motivation, interval training, diet plans, supplements, and much much more.

What’s the best burn belly fat diet?

The best foods and diet to burn belly fat are high protein foods. These foods allow you to feel nice and full. And at the same time allowing you to build more lean muscle around your core waistline. Thus allowing you to raise your metabolism and burn more belly fat. The right diet for burning belly fat is high protein meats like fish or chicken (make sure they’re not factory farmed and are organic!) with lightly steamed and raw vegetables. Food to avoid is processed carbohydrates like pasta, cookies, crackers, cakes, candy, etc. Sugars of all kinds should be avoided if you want to get results with your burn belly fat diet.

Burn belly fat naturally with these quick tips!

The most natural way to burn belly fat is through hard work, determination and a complete change in your lifestyle and habits. Avoid processed foods at all costs. Don’t eat after dark. Go to bed early. Workout every day whether it’s lifting weights in the gym, doing yoga, walking or gardening. Simply live a natural lifestyle and you will see dramatic results in your belly.

Burning belly fat is easy when you live naturally by going to bed at the right times, food combining, eating the foods in season. Exercising everyday and generally living in harmony with mother nature. Nobody wants “muffin top”, a fat gut, or a flabby stomach. People want flat sexy abs that are lean and ripped. Live life naturally and you’ll see amazing results in your waistline.

I want to drill into you the seriousness of having belly fat in the long term. 

You need to understand that it’s a serious issue that can have disastrous results. Namely death in your later years by having a heart burns, diabetes or some other health problems because you didn’t put in the effort to take care of our bodies today.

Don’t end up on pills and medication later on in life because you didn’t take care of your body today!

If you want to be serious about how to lose belly fat, you have to follow this course step by step.

Tip #1- Burn Belly Fat

Eat fat-burning foods. You see no matter how many Spiderman crunches you do or abdominals exercises you do. If you don’t focus on your meals, calorie intake & nutrition, then you’re in a losing battle if you’re trying to burn belly fat. You’ll just end up with flabby loose skin jiggling around your waist when you walk around town.

Most of you didn’t get abdominal fat, a spare tire, extra flab or even a large amount of body fat because you didn’t perform high intensity resistance routines the last 5 years. You got a big ol fat abdomen because you didn’t consume a healthy intake of nutritious foods like high fiber fruits and vegetables. All you ate was junk food and then made excuses as to why you’re not slimmer than you are. But you can change that in a matter of weeks if you develop the discipline.

You could do 5,000 sit-ups a day and if you have the wrong diet full of saturated fats, you’ll get nowhere. You will not get optimum results. Having slim sexy abs doesn’t happen by accident and what most people won’t tell you is that 90% of having rock hard abs is done in the kitchen not in the weight room or gym. So the number one tip is to eat fat burning foods and get your diet under control.

The most effective foods to burn stomach fat and increase your energy levels are high protein foods. Most of the time this means meat. But make sure to get grass fed organic meat that does not have hormones in them. This will stimulate nutrition and exercise metabolism to help burn belly fat and reduce the ratio of fat to muscle in your body faster than you ever thought possible.

Tip #2- Burn Belly Fat

Focus on doing full body exercises or activities in the gym. Lots of these types of exercises include using your core abdominal muscles to stabilize yourself as you’re doing these types of total body exercises. An example of this might be lunges where you hold a barbell over your head and you use your whole body and your core to stabilize yourself as you’re doing these fitness routines. If you get the book, burn the fat, feed the muscle you’ll quickly see what I mean. I recommend doing cardiovascular and aerobic exercises in your warm up routines like jogging on the treadmill 30 to 45 minutes before lifting weights.

Tip #3- Belly Fat

Remember when I said 90% of burning your belly fat is done coming up with good recipes in the kitchen? Well if you still need to reach 100% you haven’t reached your goal. You should still be working on a solution.

If you don’t do anything to focus hard on your stomach muscles, losing the belly fat will only reveal week muscles that are hidden under the belly fat. You’re looking to tone up those flabby stomach muscles. Focus on doing a whole wide range of the best abdominal and side exercises you can find that make you burn when you’re doing them.

If you need a complete list of all the best abdominal exercises that are guaranteed to cause you to get rid of belly fat then checkout the complete workout system recommended on this page.

If you stick with these abdominal workout methods, you won’t believe the kind of results you can get. Get a full muscle building program that includes fat burning foods. It’s better than having a personal trainer.

This program has the best and most unique burn belly fat exercises you’ve ever seen. While it is important to do abdominal exercises that directly affect your core, if you only do those, you may not get the results you want. You see doing abdominal exercises alone for 30 minutes can have the reverse effect on you. Don’t waste your time doing a thousand stomach crunches. You time is better served doing a hundred crunches and then also doing a full body workout routine that has a focus on the core stabilizing muscles. burn belly fat

We’ve seen that your number one focus to learn how to burn belly fat is to get your dietary habits and nutrition under control. You could do all the abdominal exercises and full body workouts you want but if your diet is not very healthy, you’ll be spinning your wheels and not getting the results you deserve. Do full body exercises in the gym.


Do a wide range of abdominal exercises in the gym and don’t forget your cardio and aerobic exercises. Cardiovascular and aerobic exercise is key if you want to burn belly fat naturally. Generally a walk or jog is fine before a workout. After a workout I like to do a quick run then a walk to cool down. On days that I don’t workout, I like to go for a walk or run as well to get that lean fat off my abdominal muscles.

This region of the body is something you have to track and measure if you want to see progress. Pretty soon you will be healthy and fit and will even be able to tighten and flex your stomach revealing those 6 pack abs you never had before.

How to burn belly fat with exercise

daily tactics guru-Exercise

Getting rid of belly fat with exercise is critical. There are a few exercises you should focus on. The first one is some sort of cardio training like running, swimming, bike riding, the elliptical machine, yoga, and/or the stair stepper machine. These are all great for elongating your ab and core muscles to strengthen them out.

As far as other non-cardiovascular exercises to burn belly fat, you want to focus on twisting motions, planks, and regular sit-ups and sit-up variations. You can do twists with a bar behind your head and tighten your stomach and simply twist. Planks are when you lay on the ground (stomach down) and support yourself with only your tippy toes and forearms. You hold it for at least 30 to 50 seconds. Follow all that with a proper diet and you’ll burn your belly fat fast. You’ll be the proud owner of shredded six-pack abs!

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