Common Things That Might Surprise You About Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is a mixed experience in women’s life. It gives you both happiness and pain. The presence of another living soul within your body is just an amazing feeling. Women try their best to keep their babies safe during the long period of pregnancy.

This process is painful as well. It doesn’t mean that it can only give you physical pain, the main thing is abandoning your activity. At the start, everything is just like a normal routine. But with the passage of time during pregnancy, you have to be more and more careful. You have to lessen your activities and outings.

Despite all these things, many women love to have babies. It will help them to get pregnant. Many changes happen in your mental and physical health during pregnancy. Following are some unexpected things that can happen to you during your pregnancy period, and these are going to surprise you.

10 Unexpected Things Happen During Your Pregnancy Period

1. Nesting Instinct

You believe it or not, but most women can experience nesting instinct during their pregnancy. The nesting instinct is a strong desire to clean and decorate the house for an incoming baby. You can experience it during pregnancy in the form of cleaning drawers and washing walls.

2. Problem in Concentration

You can find yourself failing to concentrate on some particular things. This happens often during the first three months of pregnancy. The thoughts about the upcoming baby mask the thoughts of medical checkups, bills, and many other things. Forgetting important details and things is a common thing during this period

3. Mood Swings

Mood swings are common in almost every pregnant woman. You cannot find what actually you are feeling like. At one moment, you can feel the happiness of the entire world and consider yourself as the most blessed person. But the very next moment you can feel sadness and want to cry like a baby.

You might also get depression. If you feel that you are depressed and observing sleepless nights, mood swings for a regular period, change in your diet, you should contact your health care provider as soon as possible.

4. Change in Skin

You can observe a change in your skin as well. You might hear your friends saying to you that you are glowing more during the pregnancy. This is due to the reason that blood volume in your body increases to maximize the amount of entrapped oxygen. Your skin can also observe pigmentation and formation of dark patches, but these are due to hormonal disturbance and end after the pregnancy.

5. Acne

Changes in hormonal levels can result in acne and oily skin. Already existing moles on your body can become darker, but this will soon end after delivery.

6. Effect on Hair and Nails

You can observe your hair growing at a rapid speed due to a rise in hormones. But this growth is not permanent. It will last only till you are feeding your baby. Similarly, nails can also be stronger or might break easily.

7. Change in Body Size

Along with an enlarged belly, many other body parts also change their size during pregnancy. An increase in shoe and bra size during pregnancy is proof of this thing. It means that along with dresses, all other accessories used by you during pregnancy are not going to fit you after the birth.

8. Mobility of Joints

The release of the relaxing hormone can loosen the filaments in your joints during pregnancy. It is released to get your lower joints ready for delivery. So be careful while lifting weights or exercising, you might get injured.

9. Voice Recognition

You might get shocked to hear that the developing baby inside the mother can recognize her voice during the third trimester. This is the main reason due to which children don’t have to learn their mother tongue.

10. Troubles in Getting Pregnant

Being pregnant is not easy. In the United States, every 1 of eight couples is facing problems in getting pregnant. This might be due to infertility problems. Both female and male infertility treatment can solve this issue and help them to have a baby.

In all, pregnancy is a wonderful experience for both the mother and father. There may be challenges and discomforts, but once you hold your baby (Get Ultimate Guide to Baby Care for Parents) for the first time in your arms, all the pain and discomfort will vanish.

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